Bill Nye becomes science warrior in Netflix series

bill nye

It’s Hollyweird…a faux scientist can become a real one in the land of make believe.

From CNN: Can Bill Nye really save the world? Probably not by preaching to the choir, which doesn’t make his half-hour Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World” any less noteworthy as a breezy blow struck on behalf of science, despite a few structural miscalculations.

The title alone speaks volumes: Premiering more than 20 years after “Bill Nye the Science Guy” started on PBS, the new series is pitched primarily toward adults, casting the bow-tie-wearing Nye as an advocate and science warrior, trying to beat back the anti-scientific thought and quackery that’s prevalent, especially within the political sphere.

Nye turns his attention to a different topic in each installment. They include the need to vaccinate children, the reality of climate change (inevitably) and applying a “Quack-O-Meter” to alternative medicines.

The episodes feature the host engaging in low-key, roundtable discussions with experts, and also taped pieces — dispatching a correspondent to India, for example, to document the success vaccination has registered there in preventing polio. Nye’s explanations are clear, simple and often funny, capitalizing on a sort-of nerd-chic personality that’s well suited to the program’s micro-budget, including perhaps the world’s tiniest studio audience.

The producers, however, apparently felt pressure to up the ante on entertainment value, and rather unfortunately chose to add what amount to little comedy sketches to illustrate their points. Those segments range from celebrity cameos (Zach Braff drops by to rail about the climate) to having different actors portray various diseases, modeling T-shirts with names like “POLIO” and “INFLUENZA.”

These vignettes are harmlessly goofy but also wholly unnecessary, feeling like a form of pandering in a series that seeks to arm its audience with greater scientific knowledge.

Like astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nye has a lot to offer at this moment in time, when there’s such a strong, politically motivated culture of science denial. His eagerness to deliver straight talk on these matters — from asking whether vaccinations should be mandatory to lambasting the U.S. for failing to lead on climate change — will surely feel like a tonic to those share his concerns.

While “Bill Nye Saves the World” is a relatively modest enterprise by Netflix’s standards, it is, overall, an admirable addition to its lineup. If it’s not quite a rescue mission, Nye appears to have taken to heart the concept of trying to provide a small beacon of light rather than just cursing the darkness.


23 responses to “Bill Nye becomes science warrior in Netflix series

  1. Nye is full of shit, whoring for mainstream pimps.


    • Déjà vu: Lysenkoism (Russian: Лысе́нковщина, lysenkovshchina) was a political campaign against genetics and science-based agriculture conducted by Trofim Lysenko, his followers and Soviet authorities. Lysenko served as the director of the Soviet Union’s Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Lysenkoism began in the late 1920s and formally ended in 1964. The term Lysenkoism can also be used metaphorically to describe the manipulation or distortion of the scientific process as a way to reach a predetermined conclusion as dictated by an ideological bias, often related to social or political objectives. (Wikipedia: )

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  2. Bill Nye is another pathetic dysfunctional homosexual Jew who married
    a Jewess for three weeks trying to be straight. Nye is another Jew commie
    liberal trying to give us mandatory Soviet-style pseudo-science totalitarianism. We must obey what our masters decry and comply
    immediately or be sent to the camps. His confederate, former labor
    secretary 4-foot-eleven inches tall (((William Reich))) (under Clinton) is pushing pseudo-science
    against evils like global climate warming propaganda in a recent
    article. The one-worlders are working over-time.


  3. Gary I sense a little hostility towards Bill from you , can we help you in any way overcome your demons?


  4. Nye isn’t even a scientist.

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  5. Bill Nye the Flakey Left/Libtard Guy…

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  6. My husband met Nye when he was a child. Bill Nye was my husbands hero at the time. Not only was Bill Nye Rude and vulgar to my husband but informed my husband that he hated children. Broke his heart, naturally as he was only 10 years old. The man is a jerk and a fraud.

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  7. Shill Nye the Buttstuff Guy CRASHED AND BURNED with the sick, perverse propaganda he was showing his audience. This article does not do it justice. I want to see articles about the twisted little skits he decided to feature in his show.

    Get ready to cringe, writers:
    Sex junk (child & millennial audience)

    Ice Cream cartoon (child & millennial audience)


  8. Bill Nye can just go pound sand for all I care!

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  9. ManCavePatriot

    Perhaps the ‘science guy’ can explain the efficacy of ALL the ingredients in vaccinations [nagalase, aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal tissue] , and why the pharmaceutical industry has blanket immunity from prosecution of their vaccines.

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  10. Nye is a science guy only in his own eyes. He is a fraud and a tweek.
    This reeks of a campaigne from the liberals and I can imagine who is really funding this. Let the propaganda begin.
    I heard just a bit about him being somewhere recently and they had a real science guy on the program and Nye came unglued.
    I would love for someone to start doing the counter evidence and start presenting it to the public.
    All the non believers have only said no it isn’t true. Now, it is time to present the evidence.
    Those not believing in all this BS have basically sat back and left the left roll. So naturally when people hear their propaganda enough, they will believe it.
    There are plenty of evidence to prove it and plenty of scientist that will back it up.
    Temps have barely raised in over two decades. The cap is bigger than ever before and now, NOAA has admitted fudging the numbers. Scientist is Europe have plenty to refute this propaganda.
    Those in the ground floor will profit nicely, the rest will be, just the rest.

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  11. I have never been one of those who were ready to jump on the bandwagon of climate change, or global warming as the scientists called it, before they were proven wrong. I grew up with the scientists predicting the end of mankind with the next ice age, and glaciers extending from Michigan to the Florida panhandle. And I forced myself to sit through Al Gore’s sleeper An Inconvenient Truth. The one where he predicted that hurricanes would increase to the point where ships could not even leave dock from the area around Florida, and the sea level would rise to where we would have entire cities underwater, all this by now. The fact is, I have lived through so called scientists telling us literally dozens of things, only to see them have to reverse their positions later. From where stomach ulcers are started to eating eggs and cholesterol to lower back injury treatment, to even smoking and how bad it is for you. I am a migraine sufferer, and in over 40 years, they have even gone through at least 3 different ideas of how migraines start and what causes them, and they still don’t know. So when so called scientists make another claim about something, and are quick to say the magic words that there is no disagreement in the scientific community, yet I still read papers from respected scientists saying that the data has been fudged in order to get their numbers to fit a certain set of facts that will keep the tax money flowing into the research dept., I find it hard to believe them. In much the same way that I find it hard to believe some guy who calls himself the science guy, and yet his only credential is the fact that he is an engineer by training and likes science. And of course, anyone who dares to disagree with him is not only wrong, but an idiot, and should be prosecuted for their daring to disagree with him. Maybe even taken out back and shot. Climate change supporters are almost like a religion in their zeal, and in the way that they like to shout down those who don’t hold the same position. Deniers, they like to say, how can you sit there and not believe? As if you were personally rejecting them. Climate change is perhaps the only thing that scientists are willing to accept with requirement of the full scientific method. So it should come as no surprise when others choose to deny it until more proof is given.

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  12. Nye was a mechanical engineer for Boeing. I was an Electrical engineer for a telecommunications company. I know all about gender. A man can pee on an electric fence easier than a woman.

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  13. Lol you mean Nye the science guy who refuses to debate Ken Ham?

    As to climate change, there are fossils of tropical plants and animals at each pole. You know, those poles of the earth that have miles of ice upon them in places and nothing but penguins, seals, and polar bears roam in the sub zero temps? I’d say there must have been some dramatic climate change way back in history to cover tropical plants and animals with miles of ice and snow. Did the dinosaurs perhaps cause this climate change? Or perhaps the cavemen, with their many fires for roasting dinoburgers, was the cause? Surely mankind was at fault for this climate change! Oh wait, mankind was the cause, as mankind brought sin into the world and YHWH flooded the earth and changed the face of the world forever.


  14. Bill Nye the Science Guy on gender, circa 1996. (Season 4, Episode 8)

    “[Chromosomes] control whether we become a boy or a girl.”

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