After losing 2016 election, Democrats are defecting to Communist Party USA

People’s World, the bilingual news site of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), reports on April 19, 2017, that CPUSA “has been receiving membership requests ever since Donald Trump was elected President.”

Emile Schepers, CPUSA’s International Secretary and an anthropologist by profession who was born in South Africa, told Granma International that “Although the phantom of the McCarthy era still looms across the U.S., there is growing interest in communist ideas. The global financial crisis affected many people and left the sense that today’s youth are worse off than their parents. Neither recent Democratic nor Republican administrations have been able to resolve the serious problems affecting the majority of the country’s citizens. Although the United States is in no way experiencing a pre-revolutionary situation in the communist sense, capitalism is showing terminal signs worldwide.”

What Schepers neglected to say is that Marxist intellectuals have been insisting that “capitalism is showing terminal signs worldwide” for more than a century.

But how to explain the 2016 U.S. election that voted uber capitalist Donald Trump as president?

Schepers attributes that to an “ideological manipulation” that unleashed a right-wing upsurge because “popular discontent doesn’t always take a progressive route.” Even in his current home state of Virginia, not only the wealthy, but also many poor whites with “false class consciousness” voted for Trump. Schepers blames Americans’ “false class consciousness” on the corporate mass media and “local news stations in the interior of the country [that] only broadcast preachers announcing the end of the world.”

Schepers is convinced that if Bernie Sanders had been Trump’s opponent, Sanders would have won — the same avowed socialist Sanders who is a millionaire with three homes, including a $600,000 lakefront estate purchased just five days after the 2016 Democratic National Convention that selected Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential candidate.

Schepers admits that the great challenge for CPUSA continues to be organizing American workers and trade unions.

CPUSA stopped offering its own candidate in US presidential elections years ago. Instead, CPUSA has endorsed Democratic Party presidential candidates in every election since 1988, beginning with Michael Dukakis to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The CPUSA opposes U.S. militarism and supports the Palestinian cause, the Cuban Revolution and more recently the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela — the same corrupt regime that mismanaged and destroyed the Venezuelan economy, and ignores and suppresses the tens of thousands of Venezuelans who protest and march against the government. Way to go, CPUSA!

Unlike Emile Schepers, the Democrats who have gone over to the Communist Party USA at least are honest, as the Democrat Party long ago had morphed into the communist party in all but in name. See:


31 responses to “After losing 2016 election, Democrats are defecting to Communist Party USA

  1. Freedom of Expression should not apply to fools or traitors.
    It is time for these individuals to learn the error of their ways from us with
    greater enthusiam (severity) than they demonstrate in their protests.

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  2. I hate stinking commie pukes.

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  5. Now they are showing their true colors!
    Showing they are true losers!

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    • No offense, fruitfirst, and I know what you mean, but they’re not showing their true colors given that while they talk of fair wages, women’s rights etc, they have decades of cover of the media and academia that enables the CPUSA to conceal the fact that communist regimes with objectives no different than the CPUSA killed upwards of 150 million people during the last century. A former Stalinist and closet communist like Sanders probably would have won and ushered in hell on earth in America–giving new meaning to America First–and not in the N Korea he so lavishly praised that Kim Jong Un endorsed his candidacy. And, I wouldn’t count them out since they’ll be refining the Sanders candidacy to the next level so it’ll sound like utopia’s just round the next Left turn.

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  6. No surprise because the goal of socialism is always communism.

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  7. Hey-they’re chronic LOSERS. They’ve just discovered a new WAY to lose.

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  8. WE THE PEOPLE ; shall support, protect, defend the CONSTITUTION against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
    Socialist, leftist, communist, dems, rinos, all who want destruction of our nation, by CONSTITUTION you shall be meet by force to eradicate all from this nation.
    Want to be a commie, we will send you to a communist nation of your choice.


    These traitors wanting to destroy our nation will be meet with force to arrest, prosecute, and imprison or death penalty of them no exceptions.

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  9. If these folks are serious about their beliefs, why not go the whole way, reject their US citizenship and move out of the country? Oh right, because they still want the wealth of benefits provided them by our great country, government, and capitalist way… the exact same reasons folks leave communist and socialist countries to move HERE.

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  10. If only everyday Marxist followers would see what their leaders would do to them. Total Jade Helm Mastering the Human Domain. The proles will sink lower than they are today and society becoming a class of serfs tyrannized by absolute power-corrupted dictators.

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    When told to move forward, prog leaders mean “move them forward,”
    everyone else, fall far back.

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  12. Richard Raymond

    Not to make a case for Communism but this article makes clear our collective no win position:


    • No one here on FOTM ever said capitalism is perfect, as there’s no utopia in this mortal world, Marxism’s promise notwithstanding. But if Paul Craig Roberts (or you) really think capitalism and communism are morally equivalent, why hasn’t he defected to Cuba or North Korea?

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  13. ManCavePatriot

    This is the TRUE political party of Obama, and the zombies are just following their spiritual leader.

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  14. Communist promoters talk about sharing the wealth. What they plan to do is take the earnings from those who earn it and keep it for themselves. They are a growing race of parasites feeding off producers. They are identifiable by their lack of knowledge or concern for real workers and their declarations that no o need has a right to be wealthy while some are impoverished. I wonder if BHB and David Geffen spent most of their time discussing these matters on Geffen’s yacht worth hundreds of millions of dollars while vacationing w with the ex-Pres. Communistic community activism at sea far away from the masses.

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  15. I don’t think the Democrats are defecting, as much as they’re just coming out…

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  16. I guess Joe McCarthy was right all along, even though he was chastised repeatedly.
    This proves the lack of real history not being taught in our schools.
    Everyone of these miserable little commies should be made to sit in a room and watch reels, what little we could get, of what it was like to live under communistic Russia back in the 40s and 50s. And how it really is living in NK.
    If these commies think they will have choices, can live and work and play where they choose. They had better read up on what happens when the leaders become in charge.
    Think you will have a car, phone or computer, think again. Freedom to shop where you want or even shop, think again. Think the products and foods will be there when you finally enter the stores after standing in line all day, think again.
    Think you will have free choice of what jobs you will have, and you will work,
    Think again. You will have the profession chosen for you at a much reduced rate of pay, pennies on the dollar. Think you will sit home in mommies basement, think again. You will work or die. Sick days, won’t happen.
    Social services and food stamps and unemployment, think again.
    Vacations or sick days, think again.
    I remember going to school while people actually had to live like this. I remember little to no contact with Russia and I remember the drills to hide under our desks or run to the tunnels. I remember watching the rare reels and it was heart rendering to see women standing in line all day for a loaf of bread and no bread would be there.
    Want to be a commie because it sounds cool, do your homework.

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    • Your next to the last sentence helps me remember stories of people who left the Soviet Union and walked into our supermarkets and broke into tears. Both Wm. Clinton and H. Kissinger have told of the need to control food in order to control people. At that time, the USSR was our greatest enemy, and we spent fortunes for a defense budget for protection. Use your imagination to find a reason for our doing this, but we regularly sent the USSR wheat with which to feed their people. Of course, that increased money and manpower for their military industrial complex.

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  19. And the street violence we see is one of the signatures of communist revolutions. I stopped arguing with communists a long time ago. They are not stupid or dull witted. They are willfully ignorant, which is a moral flaw, and thus guilty of all the harm they commit.

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    • I think the ONLY possible benefit to being a Commie is that it relieves you of the stress of thinking. Your “handlers” do that FOR you.


  20. I applaud the move, the smartest move ever, leaving the Democratic Party the real democrats can regroup and make the party wholesome. For the rest of us a step above identifying each of them whenever they disrupt our daily goings with their marches, violence and what the left pays them to do, SO, BRING IT ON, WE CAN TAKE CARE OF YOU!

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    • We can certainly hope so-Even those who would leave the Party have years of indoctrination to un-do. The Democrat Party has been Evil Incarnate for so long I’m not sure that CAN be removed from them.

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  21. If one were to follow the successes of the Communist Party in America it would soon become obvious that they are the most successful party in terms of their defined goals…especially with goal #15, “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.” (Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963). However they have had some competition in recent years by those who would have neither a Democrat Party or a Communist Party. Its a no-brainer that the Communist Party has taken over the Democrat Party and some would argue a large portion of the Republican Party; it’s the Muslim parties that have made inroads…especially with the election of Barack Hussein Obama. Both the Communists and the Muslims have defined their goals in statements or written declarations that omit any reference to immediacy but instead seek the more successful route of the long term (i.e. The Muslim Brotherhood stated their goals back in the year 1928). The recent elections of the leadership of the Democrat Party with an openly Marxist and closet (partially opened) Muslim further enhance my point but the rank and file democrats have yet to see the disconnect from our American way of life…one wonders if they’ll ever wake up. …CONTINUE READING HERE:


  22. William LaSalle

    No, America is not ready for Gun Control or being controlled by Islamic Law or Socialism.

    Just as radical Islamic Terrorists like CAIR, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the Hezbollah and nations like Iran, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Libya give Muslims and Islam a bad name, criminal Socialist Traitors like Hilary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarrett, John McCain, Barack Obama, and each Democrat in our Senate and House in Washington, DC give American Politics and American Politicians a bad name.

    As long as the United States has one Democratic Liberal Socialist Senator or Representative in Washington, DC and belongs to the United Nations, the United States like Iran and Turkey has no respect for Human Life, women, or children.

    Our Media would not recognize the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the ass.

    Obama you are fired.

    Obama 2.0, the Witch, lost.

    Get over it.

    Facebook, John McCain and the Traitors, CNN and our damn Media, our politicians, and the crazy liberals have not recieved the Memo.

    The Witch lost. Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood and his crazy Jew Hating, Socialist, Anti- Constitution, Anti Christian, evil, money grubbing, war mongering, Terrorist supporting, rioting, Democrats are no longer making policy in the United States.

    Facebook’s, Google’s, Yahoo’s, and our Social Media’s campaign of listening to Democrats, Liberals, and Terrorists and blocking patriots, conservatives, and Christians is still wrong and evil.

    Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Youtube, and other Social Media Sites continue to harass and block Christians, Conservatives, and Patriots, following HIlary Clinton’s, Barack Obama’s, our Media’s, and the Democrats’ examples.

    The Administration changed when Trump was elected. Our Social Media remains the same.

    CNN, the Liberal’s Choice for Fake News today.

    The only thing we know about CNN, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, the CIA, and liberal Democrats is they lie.

    Democrats gave us Voter Fraud in 2008, 2012, and 2016.

    When Liberals want to build a wall all the liberals are happy as a pig in shit, when a Patriot wants to build a wall it is the most evil thing ever considered. When Bill said he wanted a wall everyone cheered. When Senator Obama said we needed a wall to control the flow of Illegal Alliens he was aplauded.

    Why didn’t Bill Clinton or Barack Obama build the wall they said we needed?

    Liberals are good at making promises and telling us what we need, they are horrible about doing anything useful.

    Aren’t you glad we are finally getting Bill Clinton’s Wall Built ?

    Hollywood, Islam, the EU, the United Nations, the CIA, the NSA, George Sosos and Hilary Clinton and their lies, Communism and Open Borders, Evilangelists, and our Democratic Party.

    Under the tinsel thin silver lining all there is is one deep dark cloud.

    Once you get behind the speeches, the money, the beauty, and the lies all that is left is pure evil.

    Get a real job NSA guys and quit targeting Patriots, Conservatives, Veterans, and Christians, the Witch lost.

    You see the face on the TV screen
    coming at you every Sunday
    see that face on the billboard
    that man is me

    On the cover of the magazine
    there’s no question why I’m smiling
    you buy a piece of paradise
    you buy a piece of me

    I’ll get you everything you wanted
    I’ll get you everything you need
    don’t need to believe in hereafter
    just believe in me

    Cos Jesus he knows me
    and he knows I’m right
    I’ve been talking to Jesus all my life
    oh yes he knows me
    and he knows I’m right
    and he’s been telling me
    everything is alright

    I believe in the family
    with my ever loving wife beside me
    but she don’t know about my girlfriend
    or the man I met last night

    Do you believe in God
    cos that’s what I’m selling
    and if you wanna get to heaven
    I’ll see you right

    You won’t even have to leave your house
    or get outta your chair
    you don’t even have to touch that dial
    cos I’m everywhere

    And Jesus he knows me
    and he knows I’m right
    I’ve been talking to Jesus all my life
    oh yes he knows me
    and he knows I’m right
    well he’s been telling me
    everything’s gonna be alright

    Won’t find me practising what I’m preaching
    won’t find me making no sacrifice
    but I can get you a pocketful of miracles
    if you promise to be good, try to be nice
    God will take good care of you
    just do as I say, don’t do as I do

    I’m counting my blessings,
    I’ve found true happiness
    cos I’m getting richer, day by day
    you can find me in the phone book,
    just call my toll free number
    you can do it anyway you want
    just do it right away

    There’ll be no doubt in your mind
    you’ll believe everything I’m saying
    if you wanna get closer to him
    get on your knees and start paying

    Cos Jesus he knows me
    and he knows I’m right
    I’ve been talking to Jesus all my life
    oh yes he knows me
    and he knows I’m right
    well he’s been telling me
    everything’s gonna be alright, alright

    Jesus he knows me
    Jesus he knows me, you know…

    Words say nothing, listen to the actions of Criminals, Hollywood, Islam, the EU, the United Nations, the CIA, the NSA, George Sosos and Hilary Clinton and their lies, Communism and Open Borders, Evilangelists, our God Damn Media, Black Lives Matter, the Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, the Hezbollah, and our Democratic Party


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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The oil is rising to the surface. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for a communist.




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