Yet another reason to boot the UN

BREITBART: United Nations Elects Saudi Arabia to Women’s Rights Commission

by Joel B. Pollak – 23 Apr 2017

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. This sick perversion of justice is happening right in your face. 

This is mad. It is insane and suicidal. 

17 responses to “Yet another reason to boot the UN

  1. We are a stupid nation, in that we keep throwing monies at this inept, lopsided, money sucking machine. When has the UN ever done anything for the US? At no time that I can ever think of . . . just get rid of them, and let’s invest our monies in promoting the well fare of our own country.

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    • I think everything the UN does is for the express purpose of taking away ALL Liberty,Freedom and Choice throughout the World and replacing it with the One World Government,managed and controlled by GUESS WHO….
      But what do I know-I’m just a dumb Biker…

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  2. That’s like having the fox guard the hen-house.

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  3. I was similarly-disturbed back when they put Mohamed ElBaradei in charge of the UN’s IAEA to inspect Iranian nuclear development in the late 90s – 2000s. I’d thought he was Iranian, but he’s an NYU Law-educated Egyptian, so I suppose it’s so much better.
    Many criticized the agency for allowing Iran to continue development of nuclear weapons during that period (and continuing), as well as for allowing N. Korea to rescind their agreements to be bound by its goals.
    And look where we are now. The UN can create policy and pontificate all it wants, but in the end, it doesn’t have the ability to enforce anything…
    Similarly, the UN also issued roughly one edict per year against Saddam Hussein to prove he had destroyed the chemical weapons of mass destruction he’d used against his northern Kurds prior to his invasion of Kuwait, but Hussein repeatedly refused and showed Blix and Kay the door when they came to inspect… resulting in Bush 2 taking us into war against that madman at a time we really needed to be focusing on flushing out Osama from Tora Bora, but due to agreements with our allies in Pakistan, we did not go in (to help preserve peace in that nuclearized part of Asia).
    And then of course, Obama threw out that agreement, went in, and got Osama (if you believe that account). Just as he dismissed our alliance with Egyptian leader Mubarak during the “Arab Spring”, resulting in his being jailed wrongfully the past decade, and the Muslim Brotherhood at least temporarily being put in charge of the country, previously used to stabilize the Middle East and Israeli relations. So I stopped trying to understand it all.

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    • I don’t believe we got OBL at all. We knew he was on kidney Dialysis several years before. And when they showed the rooms in the house, there was no medical,supplies, rubbish or a machine anywhere. It would seem if there had been one, it would have made big news. One of the Seals on the mission said he thought his hair looked darker than expected.
      The quick burial at sea was also suspicious. Did they really do a DNA test and was it one of his sons we haven’t heard from for years?

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      • Benazir Bhutto said in an interview that 0sama was killed years before the alleged SEAL raid, and then she herself was murdered. Also, 0sama was in the US for a time as a man named Tim Ozman, who spent time with Ted Gunderson and Mike Riconosciuto, trying to get weapons for the Afghans to fight the Soviets. 0sama was instrumental in the cia creating al qaeda and isis, and other slamic false flag operations. Gunderson is dead, 0sama is supposedly dead, and Mike Riconoscuito is to be let out of prison this year.
        Perhaps some of you recall the promis software/inslaw case of the 80s and 90s? All of that was tied up in Iran/contra as well as funding/arming the Afghans. Mike Riconsciuto took the fall when he wouldn’t go along with the plan anymore so they incriminated him and steamrolled him in court. He could use our prayers to get out of prison and return to his family, if he’s not out already.


  4. ” Obama threw out that agreement, went in, and got Osama (if you believe that account).”
    I believe there’s been a couple of prior Presidents,Secretaries of State,etc who put that operation together,and just about the time they had it workable,Obama stepped in and pushed the button and claimed the credit. (REPEATEDLY)

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  5. Had the UN been around earlier, it would’ve involved Nazis and Tojo in this “impartiality”…

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    • Agreed, however back during ww2 the “united nations” were officially the allies. You know, US, UK, Russia, etc. I find it interesting to compare today to the ww2 era in so far as the slamic invasion is concerned. If you replace the word islam with the word nazism, muslim with the word nazi and so on and apply that to today’s news stories you find an interesting effect.

      ” President Barack Obama, focusing on a message of religious tolerance and unity, called for all Americans to stamp out anti-nazi prejudice during his first presidential visit Wednesday to an American nazi center.

      “An attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths,” Obama said, adding that “we have to be consistent in condemning hateful rhetoric … none of us can be bystanders to bigotry.”

      The president thanked the packed auditorium at the nazi Society of Baltimore for standing up against extremist acts by thw SS and other terror groups who have given a “hugely distorted impression” of nazism, he said.

      He also acknowledged how nazi Americans must routinely swear off the actions of one extremist, while other ethnic and religious groups don’t have to answer for what one person in their community does — such as when white South Carolina man Dylann Roof killed nine black parishioners at a church last June. ”

      Now picture Roosevelt and Truman coddling and making excuses for the the enemies of America in ww2.

      Imagine Roosevelt saying:
      “We must support moderate nazism and reject radical nazism.

      More from 0bama;
      “”Groups like SS and Wehrmacht want to make this war a war between nazism and America, or between nazism and the West. They want to claim that they are the true leaders of over a billion nazis around the world who reject their crazy notions. They want us to validate them, by implying that they speak for those billion-plus people, that they speak for nazism. That’s their propaganda. That’s how they recruit. And if we fall into the trap of painting all nazis with a broad brush, and imply that we are at war with an entire type of socialism, then we are doing the terrorists’ work for them.””

      The slamics have been at war with America since before America was founded, they hijacked a pilgrim ship sent back to England loaded with goods from the new world to be sold for support of the colonists, slamic pirates boarded the ship and stole it right in the English channel.. The first war America fought after the revolution was against the slamic nations raiding our shipping. This is where the Marine Hymn mentions “From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli” if you didn’t know, out Marines fought in Tripoli against the slamics in Libya.

      ““The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco,” stated President Obama in Cairo, Egypt, June 4, 2009.

      Morocco began recognizing American colonists in 1625. Governor William Bradford described an incident in the “History of the Plymouth Settlement.” In 1625, the Pilgrims sent two ships back to England carrying dried fish and 800 lbs. of beaver skins to trade for much-needed supplies. What happened next?

      Bradford related the fate of one ship: “They … were well within the England channel, almost in sight of Plymouth. But … there she was unhappily taken by a Turkish man-of-war and carried off to Morocco where the captain and crew were made slaves. … Now by the ship taken by the Turks … all trade was dead.”


  6. How I wish we could drop the UN like a hot potato…

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    • Many who think as we do lament,”But we CAN’T get rid of the UN-they’re so intertwined in our lives and Business…” Probably,but if we cut ALL ties between the US and UN,what GOOD things would we lose?…..(crickets chirping)

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  7. Well, isn’t this just a hoot. A country that has prevented women from having Any kind of rights and will stand there while a man beats and beheads his wife In a busy intersection. Yeah, I want to work with them.
    We must send the UN on it’s merry overpaid way and find a reuse of their building.
    I have read in several places now that the UN is sneaking terrorist into our country without notifying the authorities. They seemed to have the impression they have the power the BLM or CAIR now have.
    Now the UN is giving power to a country that doesn’t value lives.
    We have a rancher on the Southern border that has found Arabic dictionary wrapped in the ME cloth they use. I hardly believe the Mexicans had it.

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  8. The UN should not be seated in New York, moving it to The Hague is the ideal place for all to gather, socialists and non socialist. All the named UN secretaries have been leftist socialist, they have turn a blind eye to all the atrocities committed daily by the dictators ruling their countries. UN delegates are free to come to our country and enjoy the good life without obstruction. They are against all United States represent.

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    • Do UN Delegates also enjoy “Diplomatic Immunity”? I’m sure there are other Countries who have similar policies,but I’m also sure none are at taken advantage of as the US. People with this protection literally get away with MURDER here. I vote to END the policy here,or,at the very least,not extend it to anyone with criminal activity on their records.


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