Obama meets with at-risk youth ahead of Chicago speech


I’m back. You got a prob with dat?

31 people shot in your home town over the weekend. Five died. But hey, “optimistic!”

Once a community organizer, always a community organizer.

From ABC News: Former President Barack Obama met Sunday with at-risk young men and boys in his hometown of Chicago before his first major post-presidency speech.

The former president spent time at a roundtable with youth from the organization Chicago Create Real Economic Destiny located in the Roseland/Pullman neighborhood in South Side Chicago where Obama started as a community organizer at age 25.

The CRED program provides job skills and employment opportunities for at-risk young adults.

Spokesman Kevin Lewis says Obama listened to the young men’s stories and shared some of the challenges that he faced growing up. Obama “was optimistic about their potential to positively contribute to their communities and support their families because of the services provided in the program,” Lewis said.

The program was founded by Obama’s education secretary, Arne Duncan, who also attended the meeting.

“The president and Mrs. Obama look forward to working with similar organizations through the Obama Foundation and the My Brother’s Keeper initiative that are already committed to bringing much needed expansion of opportunities in Chicago neighborhoods,” Lewis said.

Obama will speak Monday to young community leaders and organizers at the University of Chicago, where his presidential library is planned.

Obama’s first public engagement comes as President Donald Trump nears his 100-day mark in office.


12 responses to “Obama meets with at-risk youth ahead of Chicago speech

  1. Hey, the Obama Presidential Library– it’ll give a free copy of Rules for Radicals to every grade schooler who visits!

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  2. You can BET those kids are at risk-INVESTIGATE PIZZAGATE-Child Pedophile Ring involving Obama/Podesta Bros/Clintons

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  3. Like Hillary, Obama just refuses to go away.

    Good God, what have we done to deserve this unending punishment?

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  5. It is rather sad that a pathological liar, cheat, thief (I am sure there are other derogatory words regarding Obummer, but my brain is failing me at the moment) would be chosen to be a “mentor” to young people who come from dysfunctional homes. Since he exhibits every trait that we do not wish these young people to emulate. I certainly agree with Dr Eowyn . . . I wish he would just go away! Good grief! Are the people of this nation going to be subjected to having him on the scene for another 30-40 years? That thought is daunting to be sure.

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  6. Aren’t there at least a couple of people wanting to serve legal papers on him? I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere while Obummer was, allegedly, hiding out in Tahiti. Good luck with that, right?

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  7. He better hurry before they all get shot.

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  8. He’s baaaaack !!!!
    Dammit, I was hoping he would stay on that South Pacific island.

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  9. What is he up to? For eight years he didn’t give a damn about those kids or any kids for that matter. Now, he rides in on his white horse. Nope, he is up to no good.
    I think this is a front for being in town.

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  10. Yes, Obama’s put his Nixon on, but can he boil an egg??

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