Islamist Threat In Your Face


South Dakota files charges 12 days after livestreamed Facebook video at Christian conference

by LEO HOHMANN 04/22/2017 at 11:45 PM

After a week of growing controversy and public pressure, authorities in South Dakota on Friday arrested a Muslim man who livestreamed a Facebook video in which he made threats against Christians while showing off an arsenal of weapons.


So let’s get this straight.

This happened in Sioux Falls, SD!!! Not Dearbornistan Michigan! And everybody is okay with this?A muslim walks into a Christian conference with murderous intent, is blocked, then threatens American Christians in a Facebook video, and the police can’t find anything to charge him with?!!! Who are these police? Did they move here from England or Germany?

Finally a week later, after calls for his resignation, the police chief decides to act? He must be an Obama/Clinton voter.

How long will it be before we see scenes like this Yazidi woman for sale for $10 America?


…where all the women wear trash bags, all the goats are good looking, and all the children are more murderous than average.

13 responses to “Islamist Threat In Your Face

  1. If a person of any other religion, or of no religion at all, were to do this, they would have been arrested within hours and charged with being a terrorist. No question about it.

    I have been reading about the attacks by the “Antifa” lowlifes that continue to spread across the country with seemingly no resistance on the part of law enforcement. People are being hit over the head with bicycle locks, wine bottles, clubs, etc., while those who are paid by the citizens to defend them just stand by and watch. The right to concealed carry has never been more important than now. Has the second civil war already started?

    This may or may not be off-topic, but the Susan Rice story has practically disappeared. Was all this violence used to distract the public? There’s no doubt in my mind that these thugs have been bought, paid for, and trained by the radical left.

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    • I have followed this story since it became known, it’s a fact the powers that be were forced by an angry public to at least acknowledge this maniac, as you stated if anyone other than a Muslim maniac would have done the exact same thing, they would have been arrested immediately, the double standard for Muslims has become quite clear and if something isn’t done it will get worse and even acceptable. This is just one story and it became high profile only because of who was involved, most of these kinds of crimes committed by Muslims never get covered nationally, just a mention by the local news and usually gets dismissed by the politically correct local authorities for some trumped up reason, just as they tried at first to dismiss this crime committed by this maniac. I hope the people at this site stays on top of this, watch the well financed alphabet Muslim organizations come to his rescue, if they can do so without being exposed for defending a Maniac.


  2. This is called “Laughing at Authority”. If these flakes want to do this crap to cause fear and intimidation,bring it-we’re NOT afraid of ’em-we’re ready to end their miserable lives. The Cops-even the GOOD ones,won’t protect ’em. This BS needs to END.

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  3. And to the jackass who posted the video showing all his “firepower”,YOU be afraid,be VERY afraid-trust me-you DON’T wanna open THIS canna worms! There’s a segment of America that’s REALLY tired of your cowardly wrong-minded ways.
    Charter Member
    Basket of Deplorables
    Nevada Chapter


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  6. Conservatives have been, well conservative for too long. We have stood back with the patience of job trying to keep peace. Well, that time is gone. If we don’t start demanding protection and start pushing back, it will get worse. The UN is sneaking Muslim deplorables into out country and most likely most of our conservatives in office don’t have a clue. It is time for them to get a little nasty in DC.
    The people have to unite,and stand up and remind the, how they came into office.
    The world has turned so bad, they can’t comprehend someone being fair and balanced and even nice.
    I really hope the people in SD keep pushing to keep this guy in jail, but I won’t hold my breath.
    And why they haven’t connected Soros to these thugs and arrested him for inciting is beyond me.

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    • Back in Dec ’15 the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society, now just HIAS, sponsored a letter signed by 1,000 rabbis welcoming “immigrants” to America. What’s really worth noting is that HIAS’s main source of funding has been our own government, with the State Dept and HHS fronting it with literally tens of millions of our own taxpayer dollars to do exactly what Soros has been doing here and abroad to undermine civil society and destroy human fertility.

      Soros’s operations have the same objectives as the US government deep state, which is eventual annihilation of the US and melding the fragments into a NWO enslaving 99% of mankind–for real. In fact, NSSM-200, the Kissinger plan going back to the 70s, is still official US gov policy and calls for the elimination of vast swaths of humanity in the Third World to provide a more reliable stream of natural resources, using Planned Parenthood, e.g., to covertly carry out population control, just as our gov uses fronts like Soros and HIAS to preposition enemy combatants within our borders.

      The neocon junta still running the federal government today (and its owned bureaucracies like State, Treasury, the Fed, etc) is not only bankrupting us to serve another country, but actively positioning those many thousands of Muslim paramilitary sleepers in the heartland of our country and cities, who right under our noses have been given cash incentives to come here and put on Soc Sec disability and welfare so that they don’t have to work another day in their lives and can go about organizing for mayhem without a care in the world, least of all from police interference.


  7. Twelve days?

    It shouldn’t have taken twelve minutes.


  8. More on the Christian conference and participants…

    South Dakota Muslim brandishes weapons, Qur’an outside Christian conference, says “Be f**king terrified,” isn’t arrested


  9. Looks to me like somebody is having a sugar low… need a pacifier? A little candy to make you happy again? DAMN, son, try losing some baby weight!
    The only thing about you that scares me is the thought of you having a coronary right here in our parking lot, and us having to huff and puff trying to haul your dead carcass out of that econobox and into the dumpster before pickup tomorrow morning… But hey, props on the really-awesome t-shirt.


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