‘Happy Days’ TV actress Erin Moran dead at 56


Erin Moran, a co-star of the TV series Happy Days, was found dead last night, April 22, 2017, in a small trailer park in New Salisbury, Indiana, about two hours south of Indianapolis. She was 56.

While a cause of death has not been determined, pending autopsy results, the Daily Mail is citing local sources who say Moran died of a possible heroin overdose.

Moran made her first TV show appearance as a 6-year-old in 1966. She had parts in Gunsmoke, My Three Sons, Death Valley Days, and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father before she landed, at age 13, the role of Joanie Cunningham, Ron Howard’s kid sister, on Happy Days. America watched Moran grow up on the program, which ran until 1983. She co-starred with Scott Baio in Joanie Loves Chachi from 1982 to 1983.

But Moran never again approached the success of Happy Days. After appearances on The Love Boat and Murder She Wrote, she had no screen credits from 1986 until 1998 and only three between ’86 and 2008, according to IMDB. In 2013, she appeared on reality TV show Celebrity Swan, in which has-beens would compete for free plastic surgery and a makeover.

In 2010, Moran lost her California home to foreclosure, and moved to Indiana with her second husband, Steve Fleischmann.

In 2012, actor Henry Winkler, “The Fonz” on Happy Days, reached out in an ultimately failed attempt to get Moran a part on his TV show Arrested Development. Moran did get some good news that year when she and Happy Days colleagues Marion Ross, Anson Williams, Don Most and the widow of Tom Bosley, settled a lawsuit with CBS for $65,000 each.

That same year, 2012, Moran and her husband were evicted from their trailer in Indiana by his mother, who was tired of Moran’s “hard partying ways.’’ Citing a source, the National Enquirer wrote: “Erin was going out to bars and coming home at all hours of the night, sometimes with her rowdy bar friends, and Steve’s mom just couldn’t take it anymore.’’

Moran bounced between friends’ couches and cheap motels. She and her husband She and her husband reportedly were booted out of a Holiday Inn for her heavy drinking and hard partying.

After news of Moran’s death, Winkler tweeted: “Oh Erin… now you will finally have the peace you wanted so badly here on earth. Rest In It serenely now… too soon.” Another Happy Days alum, director Ron Howard tweeted, “Such sad sad news. RIP Erin. I’ll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv screens.”

Sources: Page Six; Pleasanton Patch


12 responses to “‘Happy Days’ TV actress Erin Moran dead at 56

  1. I lost sight of her decades ago, but assumed from her bouncy, savvy roles during her best years that she went on to other equally good times. Becoming a celebrity is very rarely a 100% Good Thing, as many of us can attest by recall of a star’s career, or even personal knowledge. If one doesn’t have the strength of character to maintain one’s truths, s/he will likely be derailed, and sooner rather than later.

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  2. I just lost an old boyfriend (1988-1990) to an accidental overdose. We hadn’t spoken in many years, but his friends thought well enough of me to hunt me down to give me the news. (The wonders of social media).

    Brett and I had a tumultuous relationship; he was a child actor, with a famous father (John Ericson of “Honey West”, “Zane Grey Playhouse”, “Rawhide”, “Fantasy Island”, and many others in the 50s, 60s and 70s) and a crazy mother.

    Anyway, when I read about Erin Moran’s passing, I couldn’t help but think of Brett, who died on his birthday, March 25, 2017. I hope he, too, finds the peace he never found in life. RIP, Brett Ericson.

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  3. No official cause of death has been released, but DailyMail.com reports it was a “suspected heroin overdose.”

    Source –


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  4. Very sad. Another child actress…another Hollywood pedophile victim? Without Jesus, there simply is no peace.

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  5. Very sad about this. 😦

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  6. What can we take from this loss? Being a childhood actor does FAR more to RUIN a child than it does to help them. How many children who were famous actors in their youth are STILL happy,successful and healthy? Well,there’s Ron Howard,Henry Winkler,uh—I know there’s a few more,but it’s a pretty small percentage.

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  7. So many young actors do not get out of Hollywood alive or survive long after.
    It does something to them we can only imagine.
    It is a hard test on what kind of a person you are and if you are strong enough to survive. Many don’t.

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  8. That’s just sad. 😦

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  9. St. Maria Goretti has been known to help people with addiction. That is the religious angle—and I believe it totally. I pray to St. Maria Goretti—although not enough.

    On the socio-political side of the matter, heroin has been making a comeback since Bush, Jr., involved us in the Afghan debacle. Heroin’s current target market? Middle-aged women.

    The British instigated the Opium Wars in China. FDR’s family made millions off of it. The Bush Family has been credibly accused of using the CIA as their personal drug cartel, and that they made $1 billion off of it. And since we started the War in Afghanistan—who had NO ROLE in 9/11 and did nothing to us—the opium crop is up: Our soldiers protect the poppy fields. Please go through the archives of Lyndon Larouche for the “inside dope” on the matter. It’s been thoroughly documented.

    On the personal and the social levels, drug addiction is a disease that must be treated medically and not by law enforcement. Politically, the “War on Drugs” has been an abomination, and has ruined more lives than the drugs themselves. It has systemically corrupted police departments throughout the Nation.

    We have lost more people to heroin addiction alone than we lost troops in the Viet Nam War.

    The cultivation and distribution of this poison has corrupted government. Some have opined—with some justification—that it upholds the economies of a number of nations. The drug problem is yet another extinction protocol in the eugenic agenda of the Trans-Atlantic Empire. The oligarchs don’t want drugs legalized: “Competition is a sin,” said John D. Rockefeller. (I don’t want opiates legalized either, but for different reasons.)

    For more research on this, I would highly recommend the National Review special issue of 1968, “The War on Drugs Has Been Lost,” republished in 1986. I am no friend of Buckley, but he was right on this one.

    In the meantime, let us pray to St. Maria Goretti, and let us give thanks that but for the Grace of God, there go we.

    God Rest Erin Moran’s soul.


    • American troops routinely burned opium crops in Afghanistan under Bush 2. Our government actually paid Afghani farmers to not grow poppies. And the majority of heroin (much of it synthetic) now flows into the U.S. through Mexico, ultimately from China. I got that from that vast right-wing conspiracy show on T.V., 60 Minutes, but it can be found everywhere online these days.


    • I have a question. We’ve heard the Bush name woven into nearly every unspeakable act since the Nazi Death Camps;Why wasn’t a word said about them until long after the last Bush Administration? I know there have been quietly released articles and stories published in sparsely read media,but really-why wasn’t anything brought to the PUBLIC? If they were THIS bad,when Bush Sr. ran the Democrats SHOULD have been screaming it from the rooftops and running 2 hour special TV programs about it. So how did this,and the skull & bones,Bilderburgs,etc ALL been kept a secret for all these years? Or are just the current scapegoats for everything people don’t like?

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