Avoiding making eye contact or asking where someone is from are signs of racism says Oxford University


From Daily Mail: Avoiding making eye contact with someone or asking where they are originally from have been deemed as racist micro-aggressions in a newsletter issued by Oxford University.  The institution’s Equality and Diversity Unit states these two common behaviours could potentially cause the listener ‘mental ill-health’. 

The Trinity term newsletter claims asking someone where they are ‘originally’ from implies that the questioner does not believe they are British.  The Trinity term newsletter also mentions ‘not speaking directly to people’ and ‘jokes drawing attention to someone’s difference’ as possible forms of everyday racism.

It says people doing these things are often ‘well-meaning’, but insists they are still reinforcing negative stereotypes and making people feel like they ‘do not belong’.

But Professor Frank Furedi, author of What’s Happened To The University, said the advice was ‘Orwellian’ and called on Oxford to ‘wake up to reality’.  He told MailOnline: ‘To go from simply stating someone is racist based on what they say to assume they are unconsciously racist is a very Orwellian turn. Microaggressions empower the accuser to say that it doesn’t matter what you intend by that look, I just know by the look of your eyes you are racist.

‘It is a very insidious way of thinking. Universities used to understand the reality that humans are complex.  It would be nice if Oxford could wake up to reality.’

Oxford University said the advice was part of an attempt to fight discrimination and encourage equality of opportunity. Students at the university recently took part in a campaign called ‘I, too, am Oxford’, to raise awareness of unconscious racism.

At one college, Pembroke, students are advised by their representatives to report ‘macro and microaggressions’ to a welfare officer. She will then deal with the issue by ‘mediation with the other party’ or ‘through the harassment policy’.

Professor Furedi said giving advice on avoiding microaggressions happens at ‘virtually every’ university in the USA, but is fairly new to the UK. The Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Kent University urged British students to resist the trend, adding: ‘A minority of students make it their own cause. ‘But there are usually a lot of people who think it is stupid but they acquiesce to it and eventually the influence of these ideas becomes more prominent.’

An Oxford University spokesman told MailOnline: ‘The Equality and Diversity Unit works with University bodies to ensure that the University’s pursuit of excellence goes hand in hand with freedom from discrimination and equality of opportunity.

‘The newsletter is one way of advising and supporting staff towards achieving these aims.’

The row comes two months after a Cambridge college was accused of ‘cultural misrepresentation’ by students after serving ‘Jamaican stew’ and ‘Tunisian rice’.  Students argued the dishes served at Pembroke College were not authentic to countries they were described to be from, The Sunday Times reported.

The original complainant said: ‘I’m used to as a minority student being constantly invalidated when flagging up specific issues but if people feel their cultures are misrepresented they have the right to address this. Micro-aggressions are a reality of the everyday exist­ence of many people of colour.’


24 responses to “Avoiding making eye contact or asking where someone is from are signs of racism says Oxford University

  1. It’s now racist to not hand over your money to a person of color even when they don’t have a gun pointed at you

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  2. Stupidity grown greater every day. Some people are shy and don’t make eye contact. Some come from a part of the world where eye contact is considered a sign of aggression. Now you want to say they are guilty of racist micro-aggression !! Screw you! My son in law is Asian and as are my 4 grand children. I spent time in Vietnam and Taiwan and find it interesting to learn what part of the Asian world people are from. I learned from my son in law that thinking all Asians are Orientals is false as the only Orientals are people from the Orient part of China. I am learning, not being micro-aggressive or even overly aggressive. People GROW UP you can not avoid being offended. The only time you can be offended is when YOU LET your selves be offended by simple things people say! WE spent years teaching our children NOT to speak to strangers and now you want to say not talking to someone you don’t know or maybe don’t like is raciest!The way things are going it will so be against the law not to speak to someone you don’t know.

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    • David . . . I think you have pointed out very well why people may well end up refusing to speak with or interact with people that they do not know. I don’t think this kind of PC BS is going to do society very much good.

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    • People with autism or Asperger’s syndrome also avoid eye contact. So, if someone accuses them of the microaggression of not making eye contact, does that make the accuser a micro-aggressor against victims of autism spectrum disorder?

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  3. Racism again… these idiots know how to beat a dead horse.

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  4. Well, I say that Oxford U’s BS is a form of racism! (We can all play that game)


  5. This madness is fueled by two things, the desire of globalists to snuff out individualism and critical thought, and the money pouring into all Universities to create a sub-class of controllable “equals” that forget their heritage and unique abilities, and become answerable only to a false new reality of multi-cultural existence.

    This is a global push to condition people of all races and abilities to accept the controlling voices of a new world order, which consists of only two types of people – a new “god class” and a mass sub-class of humanity that complies.

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  6. I ask people what their native country is all the time. Why? Because I’m interested in learning something about people who are from outside our country. I don’t get a chance to travel on my tiny budget and in my old age. If I don’t recognize someone’s accent I just HAVE to ask. No one ever seems offended at all. I find it delightful to speak with them, and often ask more about their country, and what they think about life in our country. They always seem happy to share–and I thank them for it, as the only time I’ve been anywhere outside the continental U.S. is a few years in Puerto Rico as a teenager, and short time on the island of Guam. I’m sorry Oxford is so ignorant regarding this sort of thing. That’s just too judgemental.

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    • Somehow it makes me believe the ONLY people offended by any of this is the Liberals who wish to destroy the Moral Character of our Country’s GOOD people.

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  7. Its Just Getting Too Pathetic

    Oxford? Isnt that the same university that houses the Rhodes Scholarship? When diamond magnate Cecil Rhodes died over 100 yrs ago and gave all his wealth to the Rothschilds to start a scholarship to recruit enemy soldiers to place in positions of power to steer the jwo. You mean the same Oxford / Rhodes soldiers like Bill Clinton, Susan Rice, Rachael Maddow, George Stephanopolous, and/or David Kendall (clintons lawyer). You mean all these whores that are known to lie to your face? The list will make you puke. Yes, EVERYTHING is to control you or limit your freedom. Freedom is a threat to control.



  8. They keep forgetting-setting all these PC Rules on the simple everyday act of communicating with people is “MICROAGGRESSION”,too.

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  9. I don’t know where these folks that come up with this crap are “from” but It makes me not want to “look them in the eye”.

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  11. But movie stars can explicitly state in their movie contracts that extras and crew can not look at them, must not make eye contact, nor engage them in a conversation/interaction? Hope these Oxfordians don’t trek out to Hollywood for a job….

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    • During Bill Clinton’s administration, Hillary terrorized everyone by ordering people not to look at or talk to her if they encounter her in White House and Congressional hallways. By Oxford U’s definition, Hillary Clinton is a racist.


    • Exactly. This was the same attitude Hillary had when she was in the WH with Bill. No one was allowed to look her in the eye or even approach her. If they met her in the halls, they were to make themselves invisible.
      And look at what a sweet little witch she is today. Her behavior has long been documented in her treatment of others. Even her helicopter pilot.

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    • I just thought something else about “OFFENDING” some one. What about the day some guy ask a girl out on a date. She doesn’t like him for some reason or another, last time i checked we still have a right to PICK our friends, and she is accused now of being a raciest or anti what ever just because she doesn’t want to date him! All this accusations and rules about micro- aggression are part of the NWO way of mind control so they can eventually take over. Most religions think differently and most don’t care if you believe their way. BUT muslims , given a chance, will kill you if you don’t believe their way.

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  12. Great comments above.
    I am calling BS on Oxford. According the good standards, we were taught to look someone in the eye when addressing them to not do so was disrespectful.
    As for not asking people where they are from is also major BS. People love to see how small the world is and if the person they are speaking to has any friends or relatives in the same area. It shows interest in the other person.
    I have been asked many times and was never insulted.
    People in Hawaii ask people all the time where they are from and even what nationality. I have heard people from Korea asking people if they are Japanese. Many of the cultures are looking more blended everyday and even they can’t always tell. No insult was ever taken.
    Many countries have different protocols from others and if you follow them when you visit, no problem. It shows great respect.
    I don’t care just how intelligent Oxford thinks they are, they are off base with this one by trying to disrupt normal communication and turning it into something vile and nasty.

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  13. Being a guy who takes his Political Vorrectness dead serious I suppose I’ll have to resort to the classical Moe Howard two fingered poke in the eyes whenever I’m at Oxford. Should they also ask me where I am from I’ll reply, My mothers womb, just to a avoid the appearance of racism. One must develop the proper stupid actions when dealing with this crowd in order to stay on their level.


  14. I have often asked people with accents I couldn’t place where they were from.

    Not one of them ever seemed the least bit offended.

    In fact, it was quite the opposite, as they seemed happy that I was curious enough to ask.

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  15. I think policies like these are not the result of long, thought-out processes among many people, but rather are instigated by one or two who have felt offended, who then push the issue relentlessly via somebody they know who is in a position of power to make changes by forcing others to go along, perhaps in tit-for-tat for support on some policy that person feels strongly about (or in return for not exposing that person’s closet skeletons). The same way things seem to get through Congress these days… legislation by the loudest minority. Or the violent rioters (or flash mobs) in the streets, for that matter. Thanks for that, social media.
    The person being manipulated in this manner might be a lover, teacher, boss, student, sibling, child, friend, partner, or somebody else personally important to the one being manipulated, to the point they act not on the merits of the policy, but on their feelings for the manipulating person directly.
    Think about Trump’s own turn on attacking Syria recently… that wasn’t from any re-consideration of the various factors involved; it was from Ivanka telling him how he had to save the “poor, beautiful babies being gassed by Assad”. And because he loves his daughter so much and wants her love in return, and because he values her feelings above what the available information tells him, he went ahead and ordered the attack.
    This way of mandating reform seems especially common on liberal campuses, where administrators will do nearly anything to make tuition-paying students continue to be happy and thus be paying students. And in government, it’s seen as a a way of securing voting blocks…

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