The result of radical islam

Seen on Facebook, this is one of the most heartbreaking pictures I have ever seen. This woman could be any one of my friends and relatives. Please keep her in your prayers, as well as all the people in the path of islamic murderers.

Black banner: “there is no God but Allah, Muhammad is Allah’s messenger ”
White sign on her left: “Yazidi Woman $10”

Where are all the feminists??? Linda sarsour? Ashley Judd? Maddona? Scarlett Johansson??? No-one??? Yeah, didn’t think so #StopIslamization

If you think ISIS is cool, think again.

17 responses to “The result of radical islam

  1. Indeed, where are all the western feminists — NOW, Gloria Steinem, Hillary Clinton?

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    • Eo, I saw this much earlier today, when I was girdling my raggedy-assed loins for another day in the salt mines; it was a 2X4 hit to my head. I concur w/Tony, below: “I feel downright homicidal after seeing that image. When will these pigs pay for their unimaginable cruelty?”

      I’ve witnessed bloody deaths in front of me, seen gunned down bodies outside theaters in Chicago, police AND crowd brutalities, severely injured people that needed my help [friend puts chainsaw nose into his boot above the steel toe, et al.], car crashes in front of me, etc., but for some reason I find this UNRELENTING EVIL incites me to lash out at her villlainous captors. I know I lack the resources to do this, but isn’t this enough for our ostensibly moral gubbermints to at least send in the Marines?


  2. Yes, please pray so that these poor people are liberated en mass. Pray that everyone who is imprisoned unjustly or enslaved is set free. Pray for their protection and liberation, the reuniting of their families. meanwhile, the US gov is arming and aiding isis and its allies, Mccain and other rinos and neocons as well as cia are still rallying for them against the Syrian government, but the facade is crumbling;
    Former Afghan President Karzai Calls Islamic State ‘Tool’ of US

    Mr Trump, why haven’t you named CAIR and the muslim brotherhood as terrorist organisations as you said you would during your campaign?

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    • I have heard personally from an insider that LtGen McMaster, Sebastian Gorka and General Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis have all bought into the idea that the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t all bad. I can’t verify what I’m saying, but it presents another reason to pray that the Lord will guide our President and his advisors.

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      • it would come as no surprise to me to discover most all of the 0bama-era military and int agency leadership were secret muslim converts. At the very least they’d have to be nwo shills to pass 0bama’s sniff test. And here Trump has brought them into his cabinet. Should have known.


  3. Where was that photo taken? How can we rescue the woman?

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  4. May the Lord comfort and deliver these people.

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  5. This picture should be required viewing for each and every high school student in this country, so that they have a very graphic idea of what Islam is all about, and what the “soldiers of Allah” are willing to do. I am filled with the most profound sorrow for this woman . . . I pray that Our Lord will ease her burdens so that she cannot feel the full impact of them. as He did with the children of Israel while they were in bondage.

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  7. I feel downright homicidal after seeing that image. When will these pigs pay for their unimaginable cruelty? I will say a prayer for her tomorrow morning at church as well as the countless people they have burned alive, tortured slowly, beheaded etc……………….

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  8. Yes. And slave blocks are being held in the Middle East as I post this.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE: Islam could not have come to the forefront as it has, since the death of Mohammar Gadaffi, on its own. This has been planned.

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.”

    Hillary Clinton, this is on your hands. You’re not the only guilty party here, but guilty you are. Go to hell you will.

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    • Absolutely correct. Clinton owns this.
      We can only pray they will hit her home first.
      With all the fires to put out and all the things on the to do list for Trump, when will we see something done to the BLM, CAIR, MBH and the UN, who is now bringing them into our country by the hundreds. They are working to infiltrate this country all over.

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  9. TD, thank you for bringing this into the forefront. This poor women, bless her and please God protect her until she is freed.
    Someone asked where all the feminist are, I am sure you will find half of them at their homes full of invaders and the other half down working at the food kitchen.


  10. Moooooooooooooooslims have no place in a civilized world.

    Kill them all and let Allah sort ’em out.

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