Seattle Mayor Ed Murray proposes income tax for city’s ‘high-end’ households

ed murray

A sure-fire way to get re-elected: Another tax

The devil is in the “high-end” number, which Murray doesn’t define.

And this proposed tax, combined with his alleged sexual assault allegation, just may not get Murray re-elected. But then again, it’s socialist Seattle.

From Seattle Times: Seattle Mayor Ed Murray will propose a city income tax on “high-end” households, he said Thursday night during a forum for mayoral candidates. On stage with six challengers in a Lake City church, Murray said he would send a proposal in the “next few weeks” for a City Council vote. He didn’t offer many details.

 “We all know that Washington state has a regressive tax system,” Murray told a crowd at the forum hosted by the 46th District Democrats.

“We can all argue about what we’re going to do about it. Those discussions have been going on since I was a kid in this city. But what I’m going to send to council is a proposal for a high-end income tax.”

Thursday’s event was the first such candidates’ forum in the 2017 race for mayor and came two weeks after a 46-year-old Kent man sued Murray for alleged child sexual abuse decades ago.

The mayor has adamantly denied the accusation and similar allegations made by two other men, who also claim Murray abused them as teenagers in the 1980s. Murray has vowed to remain in his job and continue running for a second term.

This week, former Mayor Mike McGinn and urban planner Cary Moon declared bids. They joined Murray at Thursday’s forum, along with educator and activist Nikkita Oliver, who entered the race earlier.

The mayor’s income-tax proposal came as a surprise to many in the crowd and seemingly to McGinn, who in launching his campaign Monday had called for an income tax.

For weeks, a coalition of local organizations led by the Transit Riders Union has been drumming up support for a city income tax under the slogan Trump Proof Seattle.

When asked about the campaign previously, Murray said he had supported the idea at the state level when he was a lawmaker in Olympia, but stopped short of backing Trump Proof Seattle, describing it as ill-fitted to pay for immediate needs.

Washington has long lacked an income tax because of a restrictive state law and voters have said no to statewide proposals before. A 2010 statewide initiative proposing a high-earners tax was defeated.

A Seattle tax likely would be challenged in court and could serve as a legal test case with statewide implications. “It’s going to be challenged,” Murray told the crowd Thursday. “It’s too soon to cheer … But if we win in court and we can get that high-end income tax we can shift our regressive taxes on sales tax and on property tax onto that high-end income tax.”

Asked after the forum to clarify his plan, the mayor said the income tax would be accompanied by reductions in other taxes that hit poorer people harder. During his term as mayor, Murray has backed a number of property- and sales-tax hikes.

The income tax wouldn’t be completely revenue neutral because some of the new revenue would be set aside to backfill potential cuts in federal funding by the Trump administration, Murray said.

“He didn’t steal it. I think he finally saw the wisdom of the idea,” McGinn said after the forum, reacting to Murray’s proposal. “Elections have a way if doing that sometimes.”

Murray said his initial plan is to propose a resolution stating the city’s intent to pass an income tax rather than an actual ordinance putting it into effect. That could potentially leave open the option of asking voters to weigh in later on the ballot.

Oliver declined to immediately comment on Murray’s proposal. Moon answered during a lightning round that she would not support a local income tax. Also taking part in the forum were Jason Roberts, Mary Martin and Alex Tsimerman.

During the lightning round, every candidate expressed support for allowing more duplexes and triplexes in neighborhoods now zoned for single-family houses, including Murray, who put forward and then quickly withdrew such a change in 2015.


14 responses to “Seattle Mayor Ed Murray proposes income tax for city’s ‘high-end’ households

  1. Ed Murray’s​ proposal is beyond ludicrous: No authority in a state without an income tax. No specifics in terms of rates or income triggers. Regressive taxes are not a community obligation. If you can’t afford it, you should not be spending and transferring your tax burden onto others.


  2. Jeesh, you’d think Murray is too busy being sued for sexual molestation of boys to conjure up more socialist schemes.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    It would at least present a good opportunity for exposing the true difference between “income” and “wages”. The greatest majority of households subsist on wage earnings alone, which nowhere what soever are wages defined as the same thing as income, including the i.r.s. tax code.

    Income refers to a gain or profit, while wage is compensation for ones labor. Claiming the authority to tax one’s wage is equivalent to claiming possession of one’s labor. We all know what that means.

    I could never help but scoff at all the fools he keep proposing some kind of “fair tax” or pecentage tax, as it is only an offer to trade one lie for another. The i.r.s. will always reject such proposals, I feel because it may well lead to debate of the issue of the true difference between income and wage. And every state revenue department could fall in the process, as that is their only argument for state income taxes; “the federal government gets away with it (actually the world bank), so should we”.

    The consumer taxes alone have always been enough to finance all true government needs.

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  4. Let’s hope that the Seattle voters have had enough of this current mayor’s shenanigans that they kick him to the curb this time around. It would see that it is high time for higher wage earners to look for digs some where other than Seattle.

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  5. The very idea of a ‘progressive’ income tax is a core element of The Communist Manifesto written by Marx who was of course financed by the internation Zionist banking elites.

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  6. stupid-burn-the

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  7. Explain to me how this is different from theft by a criminal.

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  8. Murray’s a fat, disgusting slob, so the presumption should be he’s pushing ahead with the neolib agenda not in spite of these allegations regarding his predatory homosexual past, but almost certainly because of that past and because his handlers have had a McGreevy file on him all along.


  9. I lived in Seattle before the Socialist/Communist Vermin took over, it was really a very nice city, word must have gotten out like it does sooner or later about any nice city, so here they come like starving rats to an unprotected cheese warehouse, in the case of Seattle the rats came from California and NYC.

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  10. Sounds like discrimination to me. Atlanta once tried to tax people that worked inside of the city but lived outside of the city. The courts said NO. Tax everybody or no one.

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  11. This bufoon doing everything to get the attention away from this antics, he better save his money to get counsel. Pervert, oust him for ever.

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  12. this dud will be a lucky bugger if he was re-elected….

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  13. truth be told most middle class folk are paying upwards of 75% tax. When you add in the excise tax, 911 tax, sales tax, real estate tax, personal property tax, license tax, ad nausem. Plus business pass the taxes on to their customers. That’s why you’ll never see a flat tax, or fair tax, etc. If everybody figured out that the government ends up with 75% or more of their money there’d be insurection.

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  14. So basically these would be funds to continue with his ludicrous sanctuary city bs. It would not serve much of the population at all, but to encourage more illegals bringing crime into their city.

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