Tom Perez: The new foul-mouthed face of the DNC

Excellent choice demorats!


15 responses to “Tom Perez: The new foul-mouthed face of the DNC

  1. Keep this up, Demonrats, and you’ll keep losing.

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  2. When you have to yell, cuss lie,and use intimidation tactics, you have already lost half of the battle.
    This nut job is whacked out and doesn’t seem to be able to handle important jobs.
    So far, I have seen nothing impressive about him.

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  3. Hey, let’s hear it for Tom Perez and his mouth…

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  4. leeann Springer

    He has disturbed and evil eyes. To me, he has a look of someone who tortures animals. His affiliation with Casa de Maryland proves that he is another anti-American nut-job/Marxist. For some reason, a Hitler moustache would look appropriate on him. He definitely has that creepy crawler persona going on. Leeann

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  5. This isn’t even shocking any longer. I think they have pushed the envelope so far now that we don’t even realize it. The commercials on TV are obscene and even the cartoony ones are disgusting. I didn’t have to think about a cartoon bear’s skid marks, however now I do. I didn’t want to think about wallpaper in the bathrooms’ thoughts on what happens there, but now I do. Some of the ones out now I am not even sure I “get”. Horrible.

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    • Dear christy, I haven’t watched commercial TV for more than 6 yrs, so I don’t really know what adverts on TV are about these days, BUT I noted that the ram’s skull on Skeletor’s staff looks to me a very similar icon to a Dodge truck’s ram badge. More Bizarro New World Disorder!

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      • You’re right…..we are being bombarded with evil. My daughter is 6 and one of the cartoons she was watching even mentions “The Trump”, and not in a good way. Its a PBS show….our tax dollars at work!

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  7. Since the 2016 election, Democrats have proven time and again that they simply don’t understand how Donald Trump became president of the United States, and the following story only shows that nothing about that has changed…

    Dems’ New Plan to Take Back Gov’t Can’t Be Carried Out in Front of Children… No Joke

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  8. This marxist is obviously ‘pissed off’ because he expected to be Hillary’s Attorney General.

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  9. Trump is getting stuff done (after 8+ long years of otherwise), and the desperate Dems keep radicalizing themselves. As Camille Paglia recently suggested, the Dems have overplayed their radical cards, and are alienating a large swatch of the electorate. Look for things to get ugly, because the only thing they have left is the weaponized politics of personal destruction. Keep praying for Trump, his family and advisers.

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  10. Foul mouth, ugly, leftist, in a blender and you get a Demo.

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  11. ‘grab ’em by the p*ssy!’


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