Friday Funny: Simon’s cat


10 responses to “Friday Funny: Simon’s cat

  1. I knew I got that black eye all those years ago from that darn cat but never could figure out how she did it.

    Case solved and closed!

    Cute, thanks


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    Light time for dark moments (minutes, hours, days, …?)

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  4. Well, cats, you know…

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  5. Reminded me of my little girl. Thanks for the laugh.

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  7. I used to own that cat. What a hoot.
    He was brilliant, he used the toilet and you better close the door when you do, or if he had to go, he would come in and sit and stare at you.
    He would sit by the bed and sit quietly and stare at you and if you didn’t respond, he would put his front paws in the side of the bed and stare some more, if that didn’t work, he would stand on your chest.
    He was a massive DLH, yellow and he could have been the comic cat Garfield’s twin brother.
    He loved lasagne and would sit on his hind legs and beg the minute you took out the lasagne noodles from the box.
    We were convinced that he never knew he was a cat and we never told him different.

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    • Glenn, my heart melted as I read your remembrance of this “super” cat that you used to own. I used to have one like this who’d sit on my chest in the morning as I was waking, and gently touch my eyelids with her paws…meaning….”OPEN, OPEN…get up.” and if I did not open my eyes and ignored her…she’d touch my lips with her paw…meaning….”Well…then, at least do the human-thing & speak to me….” We were blessed to have her own us for nearly 18 years…..

      Now, among others, I have 3 brothers from a wild litter who are gorgeous (you could NOT tell them apart from Turkish Vans except for—no papers–they even want to SWIM like Vans…we have to keep them quaranteened from any access to our pool…which has easy entrance, but no easy out for them—so, they just play in the kitchen sink) and do complimentary “acrobatic tricks” for me. They will run straight for a wall….run up it….and flip in a sumersault in air, land…run away very fast and very satisfied…sometimes will do this several times in a after another.(keep in mind, these are NOT small cats…so it’s a lot of cat and a lot of silky/semi-long hair summersaulting through the air. ).Don’t know why. Just think they do it for “JOY.”

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  8. OMG that was so funny! I laughed out loud.


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