A third of American millennials live with their parents, US Census report finds

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From Fox News: Most U.S. millennials believe that education and economic security are key for becoming an adult. But fewer than half are achieving those goals, according to a study released this week by the U.S. Census Bureau, which determined that more than one third of American millennials still live with their parents.

The report, entitled “The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood: 1975-2016,” focuses on the shift in attitude and belief of today’s millennials versus their counterparts four decade ago. This report marks one of the first times the Census Bureau has paired economic and demographic data with social surveys.  The report looks at a “snapshot” of the young adult population, defined by the Census Bureau as those between the ages of 18 and 34 years old.

According to the report, more young people today live in their parents’ home than in any other living arrangement. One in three young adults, or about 24 million, lived in their parents’ homes in 2015, with the highest percentage in the nation occurring in three northeastern states: About 47 percent in New Jersey; about 42 percent in Connecticut; and about 41 percent in New York.

“Living arrangements are tied with economic characteristics, which is why we looked at the numbers by state and region,” Jonathan Vespa, the author of the report, told Fox News. “We know that there is not one national trend. The numbers vary by state.”

Vespa said one of the biggest trends in his findings was the attitude that young adults have about adulthood. “There is a big difference in what today’s young Americans believe,” Vespa said.

Most millennials believe finishing college and being employed full-time are accomplishments that are “extremely important” to be considered an adult, while parenthood and marriage are somewhat put on the back burner, with millennials today ranking those milestones as “not very important.” The data correlated with the rise in student loan debt for young families. In 2013, 41 percent of young families had student debt, compared to 17 percent in 1989.

“But several young adults are missing the bar and have not yet accomplished what they want to by the age they believe they should,” Vespa said. “The ideal age most Americans believe they should be financially independent from their parents is 21, but only 28.9 percent are actually reaching that goal.”

The report looks at the “ideal age” for millennials to four goals: concluding formal schooling; becoming employed full-time, becoming financially independent and moving out of their parents’ homes. While those goals are set for the age of 25 or younger, less than half of millennials are actually reaching that goal for each category.

“In 1975, there was one predominant adult milestone — family formation — that people largely experienced during their 20s. Today, while the milestone has remained the same, the pathways are more diverse,” the report reads. “That young people wait to settle down and start families tells us about their behavior, but not how they feel about their experiences.”

The report concludes that most American millennials believe that education and financial independence should happen before marriage. The report calls marriage a “capstone experience,” meaning that it comes after young people feel financially secure. Vespa said that only 12 percent of millennials think that marriage is an “extremely important” part of being an adult.

While young people are delaying marriage, most still, eventually, tie the knot. In the 1970s, eight in 10 Americans were married by the time they turned 30; now eight in 10 millennials are married by the time they turn 45.

The report determined that there was a “complexity” for millennials. “Taken together, the changing demographic and economic experiences of young adults reveal a period of adult-hood that has crown more complex since 1975,” the report says. “A period of changing roles and new transitions as young people redefine what it means to become young adults.”


12 responses to “A third of American millennials live with their parents, US Census report finds

  1. More psycho-babble and excuses.
    Between the ‘clinicians’ and the statisticians, we’re totally screwed.

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  2. Frankly, if these people are the hope of tomorrow . . . I think we are really in trouble.

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  3. The mortgage foreclosure epidemic has put a premium on affordable rental properties, not to mention that most college degrees are as useful as used toilet paper.

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  4. Not very heartening. When we graduated, those that didn’t have continuing education planned, landed out of school with decent jobs and a high percentage were married with good jobs within a few short years.
    Our senior year had several companies coming to the school and giving seniors tests for employment. I had my job guaranteed upon graduation at the age of 17 working at the phone company. Other landed jobs at the gas or electric company as well as others. Many kids nowadays have little or no ambition and to still be living with their parents would have been a failure a few decades ago.
    There are a number of things to blame it all on, whether justified or not, but looking in the mirror would find the truth on most.
    If you want something bad enough, it can be achieved.

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  5. In the mid-1990’s we helped host a foreign exchange student from Russia. We learned a ton from this and here are some of those things: the poor economy and low expectations for the future made the THEN reproductive parents limit their reproduction to ONE CHILD. They married later, or not at all. They waited years to have that one child. They didn’t even keep PETS…or gave them up due to economic strains.The state-run health care system fostered a HUGE spike in things like laser eye-sight corrections of every kind, sex-change operations…and abortion…but did not treat anything else with the same alacrity or gravity..and so, almost everything else from kidney stones to heart failure was ignored and treated accordingly in the STATE-run HEALTH CARE system. In the case of our student….her parents (her father was a member of the Russian military who’d not been paid in years for his “job,” but was STILL expected to maintain his duty….) and her cousin/parents routinely took a train 8 hours East every summer to camp out on their parental ancestral farm (unoccupied, unfarmed, but now “owned” by the STATE) to plant, foster, and harvest FOOD. They’d do so, can/preserve it, and take it back by the train on which they’d arrived 3 mos. earlier…..They HAD to do this in order to survive.

    I know we are “not there yet.” But, that said….we are on the way. The signs are there. We are becoming fairly well-educated as a population. BUT…we are “eduated” by the US Gov’t now instead of our parents, our community, our state. And, we have become increasingly reliant upon our “mother government” for almost anything you can name in the last decades….We have NOT honored the family or the sanctity of marriage, birth, parenting….WE do not honor our farmers…in fact, we punish farm families (our food producing farms are disappearing due to inheritance taxes…..these families are LAND rich, but their heirs do not inherit MONEY…they inherit LAND…and when they can NOT pay the inheritance taxes of a million or plus dollars of land….they SELL…and often to developers, NOT FOOD-PRODUCING FARMERS….and sadly….most of all….they do NOT continue the often centuries of family business in producing food or husbanding the land and animals that keep us alive and healthy in this country……IN FACT…FOREIGN NATIONS COME IN AND BUY THESE FAMILY FARMS. Japan owns almost all the peach and apple orchards in So. PA and all of MD now….have owned them for maybe over 30 years runninng…..Foreign nations, like China, own the vast wheat-fields of the mid-West now…..once the “bread basket of the world.” News Flash: I’m open for your contributary scenarios for the time that the US Gov’t controls your health care (which has already come to pass), and foreign nations control your food supply (which has already been happening over decades without your awareness). Any guesses??????

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  6. Half on welfare, one third living in the basement. Doesn’t leave too many workers.

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  7. In some areas, low salaries and student loan debt, leave millennials unable to pay for housing.


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  10. The Wall Street Journal has an interesting and short article about today’s college seniors, the job market, and their prospects in it. It’s a brief piece that details the results of a survey of employers and college seniors applying for jobs after graduation that highlights just how disparate their views of the applicants are…

    Ya Wanna Know Why You’re a FAIL?


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