U. of Alaska exhibits professor’s painting of Captain America holding President Trump’s severed head

Despite complaints from the public, the administration of University of Alaska – Anchorage (UAA) refused to remove from an exhibition in the university’s fine arts gallery, a deeply offensive, vaguely-homoerotic painting of a naked Chris Evans (an anti-Trump actor best known for portraying Captain America on screen) holding the severed head of President Trump.

Blood from the severed head drips onto a ridiculously young Hillary Clinton in virginal white, clinging to Evans’ left leg, while on his right is the carcass of a dead buffalo with the words “Make America White Again” inscribed on its torso.

Amber Athey reports for Campus Reform that the painting by Assistant Professor of Painting Thomas Chung, is displayed as part of a month-long faculty art exhibition that ends today, April 20.

Thomas Chung, who claims a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Yale University and a B.F.A. from San Francisco Art Institute, said he had wavered about putting the painting on display out of concern that it might make some students feel uncomfortable, but defends his painting:

“It’s an image of the actor who plays Captain America, and two eagles are sort of screaming into his ears, and he’s holding the severed head of Trump, and there’s a young Hillary Clinton clinging to his leg. I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.

I was really torn about putting this piece up a faculty show, because I would never talk about my own political beliefs to my students. But I realized that I feel very strongly about this, and I think even students that might be pro-Trump supporters could benefit from having a conversation with me about why I feel this way—why I painted this.”

Paul Berger, a former UAA faculty member, points out that Chung’s painting is visible from outside of the gallery entrance and is the first thing people see as they enter.

Steven Godfrey, the chair of UAA’s Fine Arts Department, said they would “protect” anyone who made a controversial piece of art: “I guess the people are upset about the work that’s being shown. If they were taking a class at the university and made art that was considered controversial, no matter what their political or religious bent is, we would do our best to protect them and protect their rights to make that kind of work in the institution, whether it would be a student or faculty.”

UAA Chancellor Tom Case defends the exhibition of Chung’s painting on the grounds of “protected expression” and the university as “a place for free exchange of ideas, diversity of thoughts and of opinions”.

For his part, UAA President Jim Johnsen also defends the art exhibit as free speech: “A vital and vibrant university, regardless of the campus, must be a place of ideas, opinion, and debate. Not all ideas, opinions, or artistic expressions stand the test of open debate or time. “he dust bin of history is filled with such ideas…I can think of no better place than a university to test ideas, especially those that are highly controversial and objectionable, through open and rigorous debate.”

But Professor Berger, who calls himself a conservative,questions if the administration and students of UAA would approve of the painting if it depicted Obama’s severed head instead of Trump’s. Berger also asks if such an art display is appropriate for a university that is funded by taxpayers.

Quite aside from the offensiveness of Chung’s severed-head painting, it’s not even a good painting from the point of view of artistry. Any number of amateur painters can do better.

Chung’s other paintings show an obsession with demonic images of death, snakes, and homoeroticism. Here’s a sample from his Facebook page (h/t FOTM‘s CP):

Thomas Chung can be reached at (907) 786-1738 and tpchung@alaska.edu (email).

UAA President Jim Johnsen can be reached at ua.president@alaska.edu; 907.450.8000 (phone); 907.450.8012 (fax).

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47 responses to “U. of Alaska exhibits professor’s painting of Captain America holding President Trump’s severed head

  1. Is that a poached polar bear tooth necklace around Chung’s neck in that picture there?

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  2. What would happen were Ann Coulter to be contracted for a speaking engagement there?

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  3. America’s university darlings are the stupidest people on the planet. They’re sooooo stoooopid they don’t even know that they’re just being used.

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  4. “Quite aside from the offensiveness of Chung’s severed-head painting, it’s not even a good painting from the point of view of artistry. Any number of amateur painters can do better.”

    Those were the first thoughts that came into my mind too!

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Looks to me like he just has a thing for naked men, and a dislike for straight , strong leaders.

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  6. Now lets turn this question around . . . would I be able, providing I was either a student or a member of the faculty, to display a picture of Hillary Clinton, upon which someone had “relieved themselves” (as in had a big, very big BM on their face?) Or, we could even remove the brain from a chicken and display it on the forehead of either of these two. Any one who truly thinks that that kind of art would pass muster, must be deluding themselves. I feel 100% sure that anything that shows this kind of disrespectful depiction of a liberal would absolutely not be allowed to be shown. I am sick to death of the standards to which liberals stoop in their desire to defame others.

    Another thing that I find interesting. Mr C-H-U-N-G has chosen to wear a necklace made of polar bear teeth, I suppose this is to make us think that he is of Alaskan Native heritage, rather than Chinese, or far East heritage. I don’t see all that many Alaskan Native’s who have a traditionally Chinese surname. Of course, there is the possibility that a man of Chinese origin married an Alaskan Native . . . to bad, so sad for the introduction of such obviously bad genes being introduced to their gene pool.

    This man is obviously rather dishonest on several levels.

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  8. If another student were to submit a painting of Captain America holding Ass’t Chung’s severed head would the university be willing to display it?

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  9. This is “snuff pornography.” Period.

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  10. They truly are anti-American and indecent, and they need all federal funding to be withdrawn. What’s more, this needs to become a major campaign issue in Alaskan state elections, a symbol of all that’s wrong with higher education.

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  11. I wonder how much “Pull” Sarah Palin retains in State Government. It’d sure be good to get HER involved in this issue.

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  12. Naturally this bozo Chung will hide behind his First Amendment Right to issue not-so-veiled threats against our President. (50 years ago this would have gotten him ARRESTED.)

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  13. I’ll take a velvet Elvis over that any day of the week…

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  14. He lost me when he called himself an artist. This disgusting POS needs to rethink his ideas.
    Shame to the university for not removing something that Is very uncomfortable for people and is in direct violation of moral compasses.
    He is hiding behind art to vent his hatred for the President.

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  15. Check out the buffalo laying next to Captain America’s leg…

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  16. Yale, depressed gay chinese art students a plenty, sfai, angela davis used to teach philosophy there… Not to worry, the art stinks…

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  17. This is NOT art. It is political garbage and self loathing!

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  18. Something worse than naked Obama unicorn art…

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  19. The garbage that passes as “art” is just ridiculous, how do these hacks expect to be taken seriously,,,,,

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  20. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Symptoms of a very sick body, part of general afflictions that include all areas of society: popular culture, the arts (two and three dimensional), music, entertainment, education at all levels, many churches, moral standards, greed, pride, indifference to human suffering,”news” reporting, … Feel free to add to the list.

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  21. Feel free to contact the University directly to express your thoughts: 907.786.1707.

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  22. If he would have used Obambo head then he would be right on.
    Instead he showed that he is just another brain dead libtard.


  23. The Secret Service should pay a visit to this commie !

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  24. The real only way to fight these degenerate leftists is to create South American style “hit squads” of the 1980s. Have a few hit men show up in the middle of the night to these MSM journalists or people like this “professor” and knock on their door at 3am. Just like the Terminator movie say “John Doe?” And if they say “yes” it’s lights out for them and they disappear never to be found.

    You do that a few times and I guarantee you all these journalists would go into hiding. They are a paper tiger. You would turn on ABC looking to watch that homosexual David Muir and it’d be announced he’s ‘on vacation’ aka in hiding. You wouldn’t have these universities putting up offensive garbage anymore. Hit squads are the only way to deal with these bullies.


  25. “I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.”

    I am SO confused… does Chung not even understand the imagery that he is copying and reusing here?

    This is obviously a pitiful take-off on some great artist’s painting or sculpture of Perseus, holding the head of Medusa, with a grateful (and usually nude) Andromeda at his feet. Instead of a placard, Perseus should be holding a sword, since that’s what he used to cut Medusa’s head off; and instead of the bull or buffalo or whatever it is, there should be a dead dragon. The eagle wings should be the wings of Pegasus, the flying horse.

    This is an ancient Greco-roman myth. The young princess Andromeda was chained to a rock near the shore, as a sacrifice by her reluctant royal parents to a dragon in the sea; Perseus saved her in time by flying to the scene on Pegasus, and showing the head of Medusa to the dragon, which then turned to stone. Perseus himself had avoided the turn-to-stone thing by slaying Medusa using a mirror, so he never looked at her directly.

    Andromeda and her parents were all soooo grateful that she instantly wanted to marry Perseus, and they lived happily ever after. The Andromeda character is weak and helpless, and if Hillary-supporters even understood the bare elements of the story-line they would be very offended at the comparison.

    Cutting off Trump’s head to kill the bull/buffalo thing makes absolutely no sense, so the parallel is completely wrong. The goal of this part of the story was to kill the dragon, not to kill the Medusa.

    Not only is this political garbage and bad art, but it’s not even original. And the “artist” doesn’t give credit to whichever original great art-work it was that “inspired” him, suggesting instead that he simply got this from “80’s rock posters.” Seriously?

    So does ANYBODY who looks at this stupid picture even get this? Honestly, I think that Western civilization is dead…

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  26. I think Mr. Chung qualifies for an ‘Art Exhibit’ at Comet Ping Pong.

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  27. I have a painting of Mohamed’s severed head wrapped in bacon will you display that? oh and the Koran is being urinated on.


  28. The most bigoted and closed minded of all people are the “liberal progressives” who have appointed themselves “Gods of Mankind”. They are all-knowing and have a self-appointed right to manipulate Other People’s lives and offend any and all. But They must never ever be questioned, offended, or opposed in turn.

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  29. What a lousy painting, what a poor loser, how embarrassing for the university as a whole~

    Thomas Chung your art sucks ass!

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  30. Sick! Sicko!
    Where’s the secret service?

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  31. What a Liberal Cheek-Spreader…… Go to your safe space little snowflake F******………


  32. Just another Satanic, Liberal GOOK MAGGOT !


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  34. I’m seeing a trend here. Is this a message of some sort? Kathy Griffin, whopper goldberg? Are the elite telling us something?



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