Trump Slayer (not)

Jon Ossoff takes fakes a victory lap

In another lapse into wishful thinking, FAKE NEWS celebrates a new hero prematurely

Have you ever seen anyone make so much of an eight million dollar participation trophy?


18 responses to “Trump Slayer (not)

  1. The dems sure love propping up their losers. Brilliant strategy. Hahahahaha.

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  2. Big words for some guy who, as he doesn’t even live in the district, is ineligible to run or vote for himself.

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  3. Nothing celebrates failure quite like liberalism.

    I live in the 6th District, and I know the people here.

    Trust me, Karen Handel is going to mop the floor with Assoff in the runoff.

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  4. After listening to him talking about living 10 minutes down the road to support his long time girlfriend of like 12 years, who is studying to be a doctor and now he wants a cushy position, I am thinking he is looking for others to support him.
    He is running for public office and she couldn’t move with him to the district he wants to represent? This stinks.

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    • Ah, but of course!

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    • Glenn47 . . . I think you have pointed out something of significant note . . . . “to support his long time girlfriend of like 12 years.” How many people of his age “go steady” for such a protracted period of time, without going ahead and getting married? If he is unable to handle just this aspect of his own life . . . I would hate to have him handling the business of the citizens of the State of Georgia, or the citizens of our country as a whole. When looking at the various pictures of him, he seems to really like to pose himself as being strong, decisive (look at the picture of him as shown at a table with others.) He reminds me of the infamous “Weiner.” He’s goofy for sure . . . let’s hope that the electorate is not fooled by thick head of hair!


  5. Did anyone else but me see this? I turned the sound off when the news showed his “victory speech” for his Dem nomination….and saw his posturing and head/eye inflections/jaw/mouth movements, and, BY GOD, I thought I was seeing Anthony WEINER….the disgraced governmental sexual pervert, husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s best bud, friend, assistant…..Putting this bad blood together with him NOT being a resident of the district of the area from which he is seeking to become a Congressman…but, to which he claims his “girlfriend” lives……yatta yatta…AND not to forget, all the bazillions of dollars of Hollywood dollars going into his “election,” MY RED FLAGS ARE FLYING LIKE IT’S HURRICANE SEASON!!!!!

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    • CalGirl . . . I had not yet read your submission when I wrote a reply to Glenn47, in it I mentioned that he looked very much like Anthony Weiner. I am sorry . . . there was no intent to “steal your thunder.” I do so agree with the fact that he is really, really into “posturing.” I think he is a man who is short of substance, and I can only agree with you when you wrote . . . “MY RED FLAGS ARE FLYING LIKE IT’S HURRICANE SEASON!!!” I could not agree more . . . this joker is a good one to just pass over, he’s got no real substance to him. . . . and REALLY, why should he be allowed to run for a seat in a district that he does not currently live in? Methinks he is rather balmy!

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  6. Takes 8 million dollars from left wing asshead actors who wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere in the south, then complains that the Republicans used “outside monies” to sway voters in “his” district. Probably never worked a day in his life. Note pasty white complexion on unretouched photos and general pantywaist attitude. The new sensitive, inclusive, caring American man. I think i will go vomit now.

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    • “…When the Son of Man cometh, will He find any [Testosterone] on the earth?”

      –Luke 18:8 slight variation … after reading about too many beta-boy, pajama-boy, metro-sexual males.


    • He has no real world professional career: Ossoff worked as a national security staffer and aide to Rep. Hank Johnson for five years where he drafted and managed legislative initiatives that passed the House and Senate. He had top-secret clearance for five months. Since 2013, he has been managing partner and CEO of Insight TWI, a small business which produces investigations targeting corrupt officials and organized crime for international news organizations. In 2016, Ossoff was an executive producer for a documentary film by Insight TWI for BBC Three; the film exposed atrocities committed by ISIL in Iraq.

      Shocker, not.


    • Pretty much sums this guy up in words that I SHOULD have searched for…but you did it BEST and first 🙂 I esp. LOVED the note that 8million bucks came from left wing assheads in Hollyweird who wouldn’t be caught DEAD IN THE SOUTH……and yet, they are sinking their money and baring their bias and stupidity/diplicitous in the DEEP South of Georgia….Pretty much I hope he’s connected to a metaphorical image of “Assoff” instead of his given surname of “Ossoff.” Don’t need to search far-afield to document the shallowness of this “documentary-maker.”

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  7. Locally we refer to him as Jon Asshat.

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