Seattle, King County councils approve $1.3 million in legal aid for immigrants

lorena gonzalez

Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher: Proposed using your tax payer dollars to defend illegal aliens

Suck it, taxpayers. Your hard-earned money is going to defend illegal aliens whether you approve or not.

From Seattle Times: The Seattle City Council on Monday voted to create a $1 million legal-defense fund for immigrants illegal aliens whom the federal government attempts to deport. And the Metropolitan King County Council approved $750,000 for immigrant and refugee programs, including $300,000 for the defense of people in immigration court.

The city and county will distribute the money to nonprofit organizations such as the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project to do the legal work.

City and county leaders have said local immigrant families need the help because of President Donald Trump’s plan to step up deportations.

Immigration-court cases are civil proceedings because living in the country illegally is a civil violation rather than a criminal one. Unlike in criminal cases, people who can’t afford to hire an attorney for immigration court aren’t guaranteed a public defender.

More than one-third of people with immigration-court cases in Seattle and more than 90 percent of those with cases in Tacoma lack legal representation, according to Councilmember M. Lorena González, who proposed the city fund with Councilmember Tim Burgess.

People convicted of crimes wouldn’t be excluded from getting support through the city’s fund in their unrelated immigration-court cases, according to Gonzalez and Burgess. Burgess said Monday that everyone should be afforded due process, including people facing potential deportation.

The city’s fund is separate from $250,000 Seattle is spending to help immigrants and refugees navigate life under Trump, with a focus on children in the city’s public schools.


13 responses to “Seattle, King County councils approve $1.3 million in legal aid for immigrants

  1. Liberalism really is a severe mental disorder.

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  2. Almost a century ago Conrad warned that behind a liberal’s sugary rhetoric hides a deep-seated hatred of Western Civilization and desire to destroy it in any way he can. Nietzsche thought that what motivates this type is resentment of one’s betters and the desire to punish. Dostoevsky saw through their rhetoric a century and a half ago–that their real motive is hatred, not love, and that all it takes is an excuse for them to express their real motive by violent overthrow of the existing order. And now we read that the Left is openly calling for blood in the streets, which is what they were always about and always have been.

    American workers are getting their jobs taken or at least their wages slashed at the low end by these Hispanics and at the high end by H1b workers. It’s demonstrably false that the Hispanics dominating construction sites or H1b types pushing Americans aside in high tech are more cost efficient than Americans or needed because of a lack of competent Americans. It’s also true that dozens of people could be helped for the cost just one of these immigrants in that immigrant’s own country. In other words, these liberals don’t give a damn about disadvantaged Americans or even the people suffering economic hardship abroad. Disadvantaged American blacks, who’ll be hit the hardest by Hispanic immigration, now mean nothing to the Left and for the obvious reason that they never did. The Left aren’t necessarily sick, but their true motives are always hatred and resentment dressed up as humanitarianism.

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    • Churchill said it best…
      ” this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing.”

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    • Dan…and there is another cost to hiring illegal aliens to do “work that no one else in America will do.” (And this is poppy-cock b/c the examples I am going to list in my OWN experience would have NORMALLY been handled by American Construction Workers who were then and are now always desperate for work):

      My present home was a new construction 30 years ago. It has taken us 30 years and numerous water-damage insurance claims and inconvenience /damage /etc to FINALLY repair a roof that was HUGELY and improperly installed by random illegal workers picked up down on the hardware-store corner by the builder. When I had to replace my first dishwasher….we found that the REASON we couldn’t talk on the phone in the kitchen while the dishwasher was running due to the over-the-top noise was b/c….the illegals who installed it in the first place tore off all the insulation, probably thinking that it was “packaging.” My second dishwasher, installed by legal Americans from a big-box store, is so quiet with it’s insulation around it, that I don’t even KNOW if it’s “ON” or not. The plumbing and poured concrete for my foundation were improperly installed at the “get go.” This “grunt work” concrete work was largely done by the same illegals the builder picked up in the mornings down at the hardware store corner….and they crimped my plumbing lines in the process. When we moved in…we had NO WATER. They had to blow air through the lines in my brand new home to see where the problem was….and it blew up my foundation in the kitchen, throwing concrete all over the family room carpeting, destroying the carpet that I’d paid thousands of dollars “extra” for on my mortgage. After the builder fixed the plumbing and patched the poured foundation….they did NOT replace my high end BRAND NEW carpet….but only paid to have it “cleaned”. Of course, we had to pay out of pocket to replace it within months….it was so NOT “restored” to useable, let alone restored to “new.” These are the BIG costs I PAID b/c the builder used illegals instead of our own American, trained, citizens for his construction jobs. My only solice in all this is the flim-flam builder was sued by a ton of people in finance and in the building/supply industry, and so on…and went bankrupt…but, we have been, through all our years in this house, paying for his use of “cheap illegal labor,” esp. in those areas that could compromise structure and function in a building…..

      No one ever talks about these sorts of “contributions” of the illegals to our “economic system.”

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  3. There is no doubt that this is a monstrous attack on the USA. I just don’t understand why any politician cannot see that the shifting of taxpayer monies to the use of non-citizens is nothing short of embezzlement.

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    They are nowhere near “immigrants.” They invade a nation and rape ALL social services here in Texas as they buy TWO brand new cars, a new housse. When Texas Citizens tried to get a ONE TIME electric bill paid in the summer, we were actually yelled at. They were totally broke. Several of us checked around for more agencies….THEY WERE “ALL BROKE.”
    it wouldn’t bother me so much IF they had at the very least taqken classes to lhern about our history…takie a test and pass to really belong here
    We had a Civil War years and years ago. Why wouldn’t the3y fight for their own country to fchange?

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    Oooh, nooo, there4 is no edit key. Sorry.

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  6. Due process,she says….All the due process needed is to read all the federal laws already on the books and now being enforced.
    She is all about skirting the laws and staying here illegally.
    Believe me, the illegals know our laws better than we do and know how to skirt them and how to abuse all our systems, to where they end up making more than the citizens living here.

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    • True,but that couldn’t happen without the legion of political lowlifes who are complicit in helping them monkey the system. If Trump can find the time,he needs to choose a bunch of STRONGLY ethical people to form an investigatory committee whose only purpose is to find these weasels and flag them for prosecution for Crimes against America. (Not sure that’s an actionable crime,but you see what I’m aiming for…) Then,when the Department of Justice can slide one of these onto the Docket,prosecute the hell out of ’em. Wouldn’t be long before the word got around,the DOJ is hitting Departments RANDOMLY and “removing” the corrupt individuals from the Government payrolls,and adding them to to Prison roll calls. Following would be the start of a new era of “self-policing-to-stay-out-of-Prison”.

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  7. The influx of foreign labor has all but unraveled middle income families. It is way past time to halt all immigration, whether entry is legal or illegal. The President has begun to halt the importation of foreign workers, more needs to be done.

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  8. May be that the key lies in making illegal entry/ residence a criminal offense rather than a civil offense. For that matter make it a felony: here in Florida it is legal to use deadly force any time someone is in the process of committing a felony.


  9. Amen to that,filia.aurea!


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