Joe Biden called out men who don’t stop sexual assaults

joe biden and bill clintonTHIS. IS. RICH.

From Yahoo (via Teen Vogue): There’s a whole lot of reasons we love Joe Biden. The former Vice President has stolen our hearts many times over with his compassionate politics. His beautiful friendship with Barack Obama and the memes it created got us through many days. On top of that, he’s been a champion for women for a long while. Lately, he’s been continuing this awesome work with his campaign “It’s On Us”. “It’s On Us” encourages men to step up in preventing sexual assault.

Biden recently sat down for an interview with Teen Vogue to talk more about It’s On Us, and it’s amazing!

There’s so much good in this interview, and it just backs up why Joe Biden is the greatest. First of all, he consulted young women on how to best move forward with the It’s On Us campaign!

It might sound like a no-brainer, but with current politics it’s all too familiar to see decisions that affect women decided by only men. This obviously makes no sense, because if you’re trying to help women, you should listen to women. Biden spoke with thousands of girls in high school and college to figure out how best to combat sexual assault on campuses. Here’s what they told him:

“The overwhelming, spontaneous response without any prompting was, get men involved. Get men involved…that’s when we started the “It’s on Us” campaign, going out to college campuses because bystanders who see something happen, in my view, if they don’t holler, scream, pick up the phone and call and intervene, they are complicitous in the commission of a crime. They are complicitous.”

Biden, as a politician, has given voice to something women have understood about the nature of preventing sexual assault for basically all of human history. You cannot put the pressure on victims to prevent their own assaults.

A lot of the advice people hear about preventing sexual assault is put towards the victims. By calling out male bystanders who see an assault about to take place and do nothing, Biden is putting the pressure to prevent assault in the right place.

Biden pulls no punches when calling out the men who see assaults about to happen and do nothing. He really calls out the men who hear other men perpetuating rape culture, by pointing out that silence will make them complicit. By not speaking up when they hear someone talking about assault, they become complicit. Biden puts it this way:

“Being a man means respecting a woman’s autonomy, not invading a woman’s autonomy. You want to be a strong man? Respect.

Biden also reminds college leadership that they need to step up to prevent campus sexual assault. He acknowledges that colleges might be scared to report the numbers, since it might downgrade their standing. However, he points out that their students’ safety is way more important.

Many colleges act this way, and that’s part of why campus sexual assault is such a widespread problem. Biden puts this into chilling perspective with this quote:

“No father or mother should drop their kid off this late August, early September at their first day at college and drive away worried [if she is] going to be safe.”

We cannot thank Joe Biden enough for being a spokesman for this important campaign. Calling out men who see their friends participate in assault, and college leadership who aren’t doing enough to prevent assault, are steps that need to be taken!

(H/T to Teen Vogue)



15 responses to “Joe Biden called out men who don’t stop sexual assaults

  1. It is unbelievable that Teen Vogue doesn’t know about Joe Biden’s groping of minors, which makes the magazine part of America’s vast pedophilia sex-trafficking network.

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    • Spot on Doc !!! Him ,,,, of all people to make those statements ! He’s damn lucky no father has taken his advice ; mistaken his head for a baseball and taken a Louisville Slugger to it .
      He must have had a senior moment and forgotten about the young ladies he has groped .
      What’s next ? Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner coming out and saying ” We shouldn’t think of women as just sex objects ” ?

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      • There’s nothing anyone can do with or about Joe Bidet’s [sic] head; one can, however, have fun playing baseball, which makes the baseball 100% more valuable in every respect.


    • Did they get a testimonial on why Biden’s so great from Podesta?

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  2. Ha-Ha-Ha…The ad that came up on this page was hilarious.

    “Meryl ties the knot at age 67 – What made it possible?”

    I’d say alcohol…….

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  3. Creepy Uncle Joe must be playing by Alinsky’s rule of accusing others of your own sins.

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  4. Creepmeister Supreme is now Mr. Chivalrous? Ahahahahaha.

    And Teen Vogue knows ALL about Biden’s proclivities, I’m sure. This is just another in-your-face fluff piece for adolescent fools whose fool parents allow this crap into their house.

    The Teen Vogue article online states: “Biden helped draft the Violence Against Women Act, which was passed in 1994.” Shouldn’t that legislation have been titled, “STOP Violence Against Women Act”?

    The ‘It’s On Us’ site (another NGO Biden is fronting) is simply another way to siphon money off of unsuspecting dupes. The video is amusing because it presumes men are all depraved and don’t know the difference between consent and rape. I was waiting for the suggestion that consent forms should be obtained. Of course, the video also presumes that women don’t know when they’ve overstepped the bounds of decency and need to place blame for their own choices.

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  5. I’m not sure anyone should be taking advice from someone who advocates stepping out on the porch and firing a couple of rounds from your shotgun into the air to deter an invader.

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    • truckjunkie . . . that is a great point. “Uncle Joe” lost me back when he disclosed the supposedly secret residence (safe house) of the Vice President one evening at a dinner party he attended. He is so damn dumb, it just escapes me that anyone would listen to any of the blather that emanates from him

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      • Auntie, amen, it escapes me why he was voted in so many times. Good grief, who was running against him, Godzilla?
        This is precious coming from a man that can’t keep his hands off anyone over 10.
        This is the same guy that proclaims to be so brilliant giving out info on our seal team six. He should have been kicked to the curb right then.
        And shame on Vogue for this BS article possibly putting girls in danger.

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  6. Out of sight out of mind? Not Cool Hand Joe! Now that the dust at the household has settled, Uncle Joe wants to come back into politics once more. NOT A FAT CHANCE OLD MAN, you made your mark and there is no revival for the liberals and their demo party, like any seasoned swamp croc you are waiting for the opportunity to get your foot in. Bye bye, birdie!!!

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  7. They ought to start calling him Joe the Octopus because his hands go everywhere.

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  8. Why would anyone get involved in affairs that is not their business? This is one of the reason why we have Police. Domestic violence is complicate a male may step in to stop an assault. But when the woman sees he boyfriend or Husband getting his ass beat she will turn on the Good Samaritan to help the same person who was assaulting her.


  9. Joe Biden and Walter Dunham are Twins!

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  10. I’ve never met Biden, but I know this guy by his type, and he’s a real sc**bag. Behind the too easy by half smile, the prissy tasseled loafers and pastel socks, lies a reptilian mind calculating its own advantage with every thought, which this article proves in spades for a groping, dirty old man like “Joe.”

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