Is Italy still Italy if the inhabitants are black Muslim migrants from Africa?

In the ongoing migrant invasion of Europe — an invasion that is welcomed by the governments of western Europe — the village of Sant’Alessio in Calabria, southern Italy is a microcosm.

See if you can spot the propaganda in the following “report” by Fanny Carrier of AFP (via France24), April 16, 2017:

In the foothills of the Aspromonte mountains in southern Italy, the silence of a once-dying village is broken by the laughter of a small group of refugees.

Tiny Sant’Alessio has been welcoming families and vulnerable migrants here for three years in a project which not only provides humanitarian assistance but brings with it invaluable economic and social benefits.

Over the years the village has dwindled to only 330 inhabitants, many of them elderly. The steep cobbled streets are deserted and most windows are shuttered, residents having left over the years for better work opportunities in Turin, Milan or as far away as Australia.

In an attempt to reverse the trend, however, since 2014 the council has been renting eight of these empty flats to house up to 35 migrants at a time as part of the national SPRAR network (Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees).

Everything is done to help the newcomers get back on their feet, from Italian lessons to legal, medical and psychological assistance, vocational training and social activities such as gardening, cooking and dancing classes.

The village is currently home to an Iraqi Kurdish family, a Gambian couple with a baby and young people from Ghana, Nigeria, Mali and Senegal.

There is a special project for the most vulnerable, including HIV-positive people, diabetics, victims of prostitution networks, a deaf and dumb couple, and a young woman whose toddler son was shot dead in Libya and husband is feared drowned.

“Our mission is both humane and humanitarian, that’s the most important thing,” said Stefano Calabro, a 43-year-old police officer who has been mayor of Sant’Alessio since 2009.

“But there is a significant economic benefit too.”

The state allocates up to 45 euros (47 dollars) a day for each migrant, most of which goes to the organisers to cover costs.

The project has created full or part-time jobs in Sant’Alessio for 16 people including seven locals — from social workers to Italian teachers and cultural mediators.

And it has prevented the closure of the village’s basic services — a bar, small supermarket, doctor’s surgery and pharmacy.

With funds to spend on services, the council has been able to open a small gym open to all residents and upkeep a lush sports field overlooking the valley, where migrants regularly challenge the team from a nearby drug rehabilitation centre.

After six months to a year here, some of the refugees managed to find work in the region, others headed elsewhere.

Ghanaian Salifu, 23, decided to stay on and has been living off odd jobs like helping with manual work in the fields.

Sant’Alessio may not offer bright lights or much in the way of career opportunities, but a cheerful Salifu says “we’re not going anywhere”.

After months in Sicily’s notorious, overcrowded Mineo camp, just small things like quick doctor appointments here seem a luxury.

Sitting in the sunshine and watching the world go by from his front garden, 89-year old Antonio Sacca — who spent 54 years working in a Turin factory before returning home — says he likes his new neighbours.

“They behave well. They live independent lives but often lend a helping hand,” he said.

Bar owner and widow Celestina Borrello, 73, whose son left years ago to find work in Belgium, says “the village was emptying, so if there’s a little movement now, it’s a good thing”.

“We know what it means to leave our land,” she adds.

The project has been such a success that Coopisa, the association behind it, is opening others in four villages nearby.

And there is another benefit: those that join the SPRAR network and take in small numbers of refugees are guaranteed not to have to host an emergency reception centre, such as the one in the nearby ski-town of Gambarie, where 120 migrants are massed in a hotel.

With just 26,000 places available, the network is only a small part of Italy’s reception system, which hosts more than 176,000 people.

While most are housed in large groups, often angering or frustrating local communities, this dusty village is seen as a quiet triumph.

Sant’Alessio has been our prototype,” said Coopisa head Luigi De Filippis, who points out there is scope for the project to go across Italy and beyond.

There are vast areas affected by the same depopulation in northern Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

Here are some facts on Italy and migrants from a June 20, 2015 article by Nicholas Farrell in The Telegraph:

  • In 2013, Italy’s unelected left-wing government decriminalized illegal immigration, which means that none of the boat people are arrested once on dry land, but are taken to ‘Centri di accoglienza’ (welcome centers).
  • In the welcome centers, the “refugees” are given free board and lodging plus mobile phones, €3 a day in pocket money, and lessons — if they can be bothered — in such things as ice-cream-making or driving a car and Italian. Their presence in these welcome centers is voluntary and they are free to come and go, though not to work. Each “migrant” costs those Italians who do pay tax €35 a day (nearly €13,000 a year). Although the “migrants” are supposed to have their photographs and fingerprints taken, many refuse and the Italian police do not insist.
  • In 2014, the Italian navy “saved” about 194,700 migrants:
    • The majority of whom were Muslims.
    • “Hardly any” migrants were actual refugees, i.e., from war-torn countries such as Syria or Iraq.
    • 70% of the migrants were from sub-Saharan Africa: Nigeria, Mali, Gambia, and Senegal.
    • Most were young single men.

So what’s the reason for the Italian and other European governments’ welcoming of these Muslim invaders?

Like other countries of western Europe, Italy’s population is aging and shrinking, with a population growth rate in 2016 of an estimated 0.23%, which is less than the replacement rate.

That anemic 0.23% population growth rate is a computation based on:

  • A surplus (or deficit) of births over deaths
  • The balance of migrants entering and leaving a country.

In other words, even with migrants, Italy’s population barely grew at all in 2016. We can only imagine what its births to deaths ratio must have been.

In 2014, Italy’s birth rate of 509,000 births was the lowest in 150 years, since the modern Italian state was formed in 1861. That prompted Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin to say: “We are very close to the threshold of non-renewal where the people dying are not replaced by new-borns. That means we are a dying country.” (The Guardian)

Abortion partially accounts for Italy’s low birth rate. In 2014, nominally Catholic Italy had 97,647 abortions — an abortion rate of 16.25%, i.e., 16.25% of pregnancies ended in abortion. (Johnson’s Archive)

So if anyone is committing white genocide in Italy, it’s the Italians themselves.

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29 responses to “Is Italy still Italy if the inhabitants are black Muslim migrants from Africa?

  1. I’m first generation Italian. My parents legally immigrated in the late 1950s. I’m heartbroken and infuriated.

    What was once the Catholic Church is no more. It has been infiltrated, subjugated and altered beyond recognition. It may bear the name ‘catholic’ but it is neo-pagan and I lay the blame for the ills of Italy and all of formerly Catholic Europe at its feet.

    The article states: “The project has created full or part-time jobs in Sant’Alessio for 16 people including seven locals — from social workers to Italian teachers and cultural mediators.”
    WHERE were the full time jobs and projects for native Italians for the past 100 years to keep them in their hometowns??? My mother was a school teacher but couldn’t find work in Rome. The closest city where she could find employment was Naples. Nepotism is rampant. So eventually, my parents left. They’d been sold a bill of goods about this country and how things would be better. This story is repeated millions of times in Italy. No work. No apartments. But now there is suddenly money to help ‘immigrants’ (aka usurpers) who will utterly change the character and complexion (yes, complexion) of the country.

    We’re supposed to believe in the accidental theory of history and that none of this was planned. But, this is payback for 70 A.D.

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    • As you are, I too am the first one born here of Italian & Sicilian immigrants. My father landed age 22 first in Halifax, 1927, due to the USA’s new restrictions on immigrants from below a line drawn through Spain into Ukraine: people North of it were welcome, those below need not apply. So he didn’t get here until 1933-34, sponsored by my aunt Philomena, a ‘mail order bride’. I was born in Mother Cabrini Hospital, Chicago, as were my 3 siblings.

      Italy, unlike the USA, is an ancient nation and folk, one which has seen every reasonable and madcap governance possible. The great majority of citizens are cynically realistic as what to expect of its feral gubbmint: best to trust in one’s commune or municipality! That is in line with the traditional Italian value hierarchy: God, family, commune/village/city/feral gubbmint, the latter whatever the Hell it is this time!

      These people state clearly how they feel about their past; the present at least has hope of a positive way forward. Remember that the Romans, and then what we know as Italians, have very little racism: a Libyan African, Lucius Septimius Severus, (ruled 193-211 AD), was Emperor in the declining years of the Empire [].

      The conquerors were in their turn conquered, so present-day Italy has no vestige of ‘pure’ Italian gens/genes/folk today. These residents are realistic in wanting some kind of a future communal life, and see this present situation as a probable chance. That’s it; that’s all.

      As for the role of the HRC Church in this history and present, let’s be honest and accept that the Church started to retreat as an act of self-preservation after the Inquisition. The Reformation and the emergence of modern nations overwhelmed the Church’s ability to deal w/it all, so it chose survival over ceaseless confrontation. While we may not like that decision and its outcomes, we are saddled /it Until Further Notice.

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    • St Longinus, I am second generation Italian on my mothers side and I feel the way you do, i.e, WHY WASN”T ALL THE MONEY BEING LAVASHED ON THE AFRICAN MUSLIMS USED TO HELP ITALIANS??!!! A friend of mine and her husband left Italy because there were no jobs (she now lives in Australia) and many young people continue to do the same. But then again you have answered our question too…Payback for 70 AD. Have you ever seen any other people who carry a grudge for two thousand years and have the that level of thirst for revenge?
      All our beautiful heritage gone, and pretty soon everything Italy ever gave the world will be gone too. I feel so bad about all the cultures of Europe- so beautiful and almost gone forever.
      To Dr. Eowyn’s question, can you find the propaganda ? … I almost couldn’t find anything that wasn’t.

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  2. It cannot possibly be a good thing when the majority of illegal immigrants are young males. Do young males have traditional family values? I think not. It always astonishes me that the Italians are so busy handing their country over to foreigners. Since those who are fleeing Africa in many instances are “economic refugees” not refugees fleeing war. Whats up with the Italian Navy bustin their buttons by patrolling the Mediterranean for survivors of downed boats? It would seem that they wish to hasten their own demise. Although, I have always thought it would be wonderful to vacation in Europe . . .why would anyone want to pay that great an expense just to see these hoards of invaders?? Not Me!

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  3. Let’s ask Pope Francis if Italy is still Italy…………

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  4. Insanity. If the government doesn’t change the way they do business by reducing taxes for citizens, businesses and corporations, then of course the young people will leave. But, do bring in a majority of unskilled young muslims and pay them for sitting on their rear ends except when they’re raping the livestock and native Italian children. Yep, that’s just what the globalists want.

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  5. This is sad for sure. We were blessed to be able to visit Italy a few years before this invasion. The worse we had to watch for were the gypsy beggars and pickpockets.
    Italians are welcoming, almost to a fault. They will realize too late they are giving their culture away, never to return.
    So what, if the birth rate is slow right now. Spend that money and develope reasons the young would want to stay and have families. They are investing in the wrong things. Those invaders care not one bit about saving any Italian culture, it is all about their free ride.
    They come from crappy countries not in wars, so what, there is enough of them to work on their own countries and take their own lives back.
    I keep praying that the young will wake up and realize what they are giving away and losing forever. Before it was families, food, church, wine.
    I am curious as to where that resettlement money is coming from? Southern Italy is way to poor to afford it. Is the money coming from their federal funds, or even maybe the UN.
    Have they chosen the south by bribing the locals to accept it is the right thing to do, hoping it will keep these invaders out of the richer north?
    I think we are witnessing the demise of once beautiful cultures and individuality all over Europe.

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  6. Possible tragedy unfolding in this world; the devil’s world order growing like a massive boil. It will explode.

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  7. That’d make it an “INNO”. (Italy In Name Only)

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  8. ManCavePatriot

    The Somali pirates would make excellent gondola rowers.

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  9. Importing another people makes it another country.

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  10. Looks like the migrants revived a dying town. On a whole the Europeans should stop the crying because they are directly responsible for the conditions and events that is taking place in the regions where the migrants are fleeing from. Now its the fall out. Europe should put solutions on the table and help clean up the mess they made

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    • Rubbish. Their governments decided all of this. The people did not want it. It was foisted upon them. Why are Italians responsible? And even if they were the citizens had nothing to do with it.

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        • Poor Luigi, this is heart breaking. I have seen where some of the Muslims that have taken over hotels there are trashing them and just hanging around not trying to find work.
          Many of these invaders are not coming from war torn countries and should go back and fight for their own country.
          In many places only 10% or less are Syrians.
          The people are being led to believe, these people are in danger, when in fact, they are looking for monetary gain.


      • Is it rubbish? You need to face facts for example who is responsible for destabilizing Libya? Who perpetrated the Arab Spring? We can go back further in time and point out the European misdeeds that set up the events of today….


        • George. Come on. I have NO SAY in what my government does. I vote for people who promise no war but it’s always lies. Governments have long since done away with even pretending they are acting for the people!
          This is all pre-planned. Believe it or not, europeans aren’t just one homogenous mass of a hive mind. Most don’t trust their government.
          You need to face facts George. Should I avenge my ancestors deaths in a Russian gulag by demanding tiny villages take in South African white refugees? Because that’s what you’re saying more or less.

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          • Yes, I know the individual have no say what gov’t does. I agree agendas are pre-planned. The call goes out to go plunder those who have no say so heed the call. I would say the European Leadership are the master minds, everyone else follows.
            Should you get revenge for Russian on Russian misdeeds. Well there are those who hold grudges the reason why in some parts of the world families are targeted to discourage revenge. Most are satisfied if some sort of justice is handed down, thus they won’t go out looking to avenge a wrong did to their fore fathers.
            South Africa have been desecrated by the white settlers already they are still recovering from Apartheid.
            I’m saying Europe should take responsibility for what they did in the past. Taking in refugees is not a solution. In fact the refugees and migrants come to Europe because of European policy.


    • And by saying “Europe” to whom, exactly, do you refer?


      • The parasite Europeans that exploit, plunder and rape everywhere they went. Imposing foreign gov’t standards. Pick a European country and look at its history…..


        • Oh I see what you are. I wouldn’t have bothered writing a decent reply if I read this. You’re here to spread lies and division. You’re the kind of fool who will help usher in a One World Government. And then, trust me, no one will be bothered to hear any of your complaints. Even now your new Chinese overlords in Africa won’t give a damn about history either. Have fun arguing with them. They’ll only laugh at you. Bye.


          • Leave China to the Chinese they would do what they are doing if the Western world did not rape them in the past…..


            • Tell me you’re joking. China is a superpower! They are imperialists in the extreme. Noone messes with them George, you fool, or ever has really. They would never play the victim card either. They aspire to be the victors. While you’re moaning and groaning about whitey and chasing shadows they’re taking over Africa and they don’t give a damn about your sad sack stories.


              • Looks like you need a lesson in Chinese history. Who is talking about victim card? China has now bounced back and is flexing right now. They’re taking off economically and they don’t trust whitey……


  11. Here there are a number of Haitian “refugees” and most of them I’ve met are very nice people. That being said, there are some who visit where I work and they behave like task masters who own us as slaves, with truly ridiculous demands being made. It’s actually comical at times and I wonder where they get the idea from. But the Haitians by and large aren’t muslim, many of them are christian and are wearing their best when they come in on Sunday after church, just like many of the rest of the customers who have been here all their lives. That being said, if I lived in western Europe or even the UK I’d very much consider leaving.


  12. The answer to this posted question is “NO.” It becomes Black Muslim Africa—just in a “new” geographic location, for whatever legal, social, economic, political etc etc reason.

    What do people NOT understand about this????? I attended a CA graduate school that MADE ME take a course in order to graduate that (more than 15 years ago) brow-beat me into “accepting” (HA! MY ASS!) that we were no longer a “melting pot” that became an identity of “American” but, instead, we were a “tossed salad” We were NOW a “salad” of many cultures who did NOT combine into any identifiable “Americanization” or culture, but, rather….we only ‘brush up against each other in a common geographic,” one against another, & that thusly, we are comprised of many many cultures who come here to practice their own values and culture under ONE banner of ” the USA.” Think about it…how ELSE could the idea of “Sharia Law” EVEN BE BROACHED in this country??????This has been taught for the last at least two decades here in CA graduate schools….probably in the undergraduate as well……(Please, please….anyone with an interest in our future under this sort of banner/thinking….study the downfall of the Roman Empire……)


  13. These sub humans should be sent back to africa.


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