Billionaire George Soros fuels Democrats’ push to lower voting age to 17

George Soros walking dead

The meddler who will not go away…

Legal capacity not an issue when it comes to getting an abortion or a kid to vote demorat. But owning a gun?  Fuhgeddaboutit.

From Washington Times (March 9, 2017): Stung by recent election defeats, Democrats are leading the charge to lower the voting age to 17, with a little help from liberal billionaire George Soros.

In California, Democratic legislators introduced this week a landmark bill, ACA 10, that would give the Golden State the nation’s youngest statewide voting age by lowering the threshold from 18 to 17 in the name of reversing the slide in voter turnout.

“Young people are our future,” said Democratic Assembly member Evan Low, the measure’s sponsor. “Lowering the voting age will help give them a voice in the democratic process and instill a lifelong habit of voting.”

The proposal comes as the most ambitious of a host of efforts to chip away at the 18-year-old voting age as Democrats seek to bring into the fold younger voters, who traditionally support more liberal causes and candidates than do their elders.

Mr. Soros is on board: His Open Society Foundations is among the left-wing philanthropies backing FairVote, which has pushed to allow 17-year-olds who will turn 18 before the general election to vote in presidential primaries and caucuses, a policy now on the books in 21 states and the District of Columbia.

Also gaining popularity is preregistration. Twenty states and the District of Columbia allow certain minors, ranging in age from 16 to 17 years and 10 months, to register to vote before turning 18, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla appeared Thursday at John F. Kennedy High School in Los Angeles to announce the state’s online preregistration system for 16- and 17-year-olds, joined by the program director of YVote.

The group, which had advocated for preregistration, also has a Soros connection. YVote is a project of the Movement Strategy Center, which receives donations through the Funders for Justice, whose work is funded by left-wing philanthropies including Open Society.

In November, voters in Berkeley, California, took it a step further by lowering the voting age for school board elections to 16. Two Maryland cities — Takoma Park and Hyattsville — have in recent years allowed 16-year-olds to participate in municipal elections.

Proponents argue that the 18-year-old threshold is unfair and arbitrary, but there is little doubt that lowering the voting age disproportionately benefits one side of the aisle, and it’s not the right.

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21 responses to “Billionaire George Soros fuels Democrats’ push to lower voting age to 17

  1. I have a better idea. Lets restrict voting to TAX PAYING citizens since were are the ones getting screwed by non tax payer when it comes to taxes. You have to show your tax returns for 4 years to vote. By the time people are paying taxes they have learned to think for themselves and not be sheep!

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    • I agree 100% David, these Marxist “Useful Idiots” shouldn’t be allowed to vote, they have aided the likes of Soros far too long and have caused irreversible damage to this country, I believe in helping people in need but we have way too many people living off the taxpayers today that are too lazy to work and far too many in this intrusive, overbearing bloated thing we call government. “Trump must be impeached” Why? 1. Aims to make government Lean. 2. Aims to make it more Accountable. 3.Aims to make it more Efficient. Yep the Karl Marx crowd are running scared.

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    • What a great idea David! It will never happen though. We seem to move deeper and deeper into this hideous darkness that the controllers have planned out for us each day…and only too many stupid sheep happy to follow. Sorry to sound so negative but seems like only an act of God can turn things around at this point.

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    • David . . . you have hit on a solution that would solve many many of the problems we have today. The fact that those who are amongst the “takers” can out vote those of us who stand to pay into the system. Frankly, I see nothing wrong with this . . . although the looney left will have heart failure at the very thought of it.

      Why would any person really think that 16 or 17 year olds are mature enough to vote . . . since their brains are still growing up until age 25!!!!

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  2. We need not continue to emancipate the youngsters anymore, the future is not in the hands of the young people but those who teach the wrong ideals, no one at home to guide and there are those who manipulate them with drugs, sex and pornography, look at what went on during spring brake, girls naked, boys stoned, another generation lost.

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  3. Arrest Soros the TERRORIST shut down all the front organizations working under his influence confiscate their assets and redistribute them to his victims

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  5. He didn’t get enough Statist tyranny collaborating with the Nazis…

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  6. “Lowering the voting age will help give them a voice in the democratic process and instill a lifelong habit of voting.”\
    Why do they ALWAYS refer to it as the DEMOCRATIC process? Since the DEMOCRATS destroy everything they touch,why do THEY have THEIR name on our Government? Am I the only one who feels the vomit rise every time I see the Word Democrat anywhere?

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  7. BTW-since I’ve been on SSD,I’m tax exempt,so I won’t have a vote anymore. I HATE that,but if that’s what it takes to achieve MAGA,I’ll just pester all of you to vote MY way. LOL

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    • truckjunkie . . . that would be okay with me. I see a very decided difference between people who have worked, but due to disability can no longer work . . . that is in no way the same thing as seeing 4-5 generations of “Welfare Queens” scarfing up all they can get their hands on. If you think about it, you know I am correct on this issue. No one decides that they “want to go on SSD because it is going to allow them to live the high life!” They go on SSD because there is no alternative except starving to death since you cannot physically work any longer. After having the pleasure of knowing you and your views for quite some time now, I do not fear your vote, because you have your head screwed on straight! It’s the folks whose sole aim in life is to be taken care of at the expense of others . . . these are the people who should not be voting.

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  8. Captain Morgan Rum sponsored a billboard for a website: UNDER35POTUS.COM
    I never bothered to look at the site but could you imagine electing a President under the age of 35?!

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  9. Here is metrosexual Assemblyman Evan Low –(hmm…Low, Lowe, Judea, Inc. gets around)
    This was Low’s statement after one of the (hoax) bomb threats were phoned into his district (district 28). Of course, he did NOT issue a retraction of any kind once it was discovered that the threats were being phoned in by an Israeli in Israel, to stir the ever bubbling holoco$t pot.

    And then there is CA State Atty General, Alex Padilla who is proud to have taken a part in CA’s same sex marriage legalization and who approved the language for the “Yes California” ballot initiative to gather signatures for the secession of the state of CA from the U.S. Padilla stated Trump’s “unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud in California and elsewhere are absurd.”

    And then there is Louis J. Marinelli who is an intelligence services operative if there ever was one. Marinelli is the ‘president’ of the “Yes California” movement.

    See his wiki(spooks) page.

    Remember: part of the many agendas the U.N. labors toward is a breakup of the U.S. into 10 regions with 10 ‘governors’.

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  10. Messenger At The Crossroads

    Wow. They must be hard up for votes.

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    • Glenn47, I think TJ was being facetious with his SSD remark. If people that have NEVER filed a tax return can vote you know TJ being on SSD won’t keep him from voting. I’m waiting for some one to call me a raciest for my voting requirement suggestion!


  11. I think David is on to something. But, I also think a full voter ID must be implemented ASAP.
    I am not sure the dems have thought this through unless they plan on running a lot more Bernie Sanders. I don’t think more Hillary’s will make it.
    I also agree with the working part because if you don’t have a dog in the fight, you might not care.
    I am not sure 17 year olds have they mental capacity to weigh all issues. Many can barely pull their pants up.
    TJ, are you saying because you are on SSD you can’t vote? Why is That?
    When they are wanting to give inmates their right to vote.

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  12. This is yet another assault on our Electoral System. The voting age should be raised, not lowered. Teenagers (generally speaking) have little concept of what they’re really voting for. Most lack a historical perspective on issues, and what the sanctity of having a vote really means. They do not associate “free” anything with the loss of personal freedom of choice. This nazi throwback Soros is hell-bent on causing continuous chaos, and he has far too many ill gotten gains to be roaming free. He owes billions in taxes, both he and his money need to be stitched up.

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    • Absolutely! Teens are young enough to fall for a few slogans and catchy tunes. I used to be left leaning because I was influenced by school and TV. By the time I was 25 I had done a 180° because I felt tricked. I became a comitted conservative.

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  13. In Soros’s perfect world, the only ones who will be able to run are democrats who are triggered by the American flag.


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