Chick-fil-A announces two more Seattle-area locations

chick fil a lynnwood

People camped out for the opening of the Lynnwood Chick-Fil-A

Liberals hardest hit.

From Seattle Times: The extremely popular (and sometimes controversial) Chick-fil-A chain has announced plans for two new Seattle-area branches: Bothell and Federal Way (exact locations TBA). Kirkland and Puyallup are still slated to get their own outlets for the fast-food fried-chicken-sandwich in 2017 as well. The company had promised an announcement of four to five more Washington branches at the beginning of this year, but no word on any others yet (nor on opening dates for the ones in the works).

The Bellevue franchise of Chick-fil-A opened to camping-out crowds (and subsequent traffic problems) in the spring of 2015, with Tacoma, Lynnwood, and Vancouver, Washington, branches following.

And the obligatory anti-Chick-fil-A statement from the liberal Seattle Times:

If you’re interested in exploring other options, here are four great local fried-chicken sandwiches that aren’t Chick-fil-A. And here’s one more that might just be the best around.



12 responses to “Chick-fil-A announces two more Seattle-area locations

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Now I’m really confused….Do they want to be respected for their minds and valued for their worth, or just thought of as sex toys? Can they really have it both ways?

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  2. If I am ever up in the Seattle area I will opt for visiting Chic-fil-a. At least I would know kinda how the profits would be spent. If you note the picture of the chicken sandwich from some other restaurant in that area . . . I am not sure how one would go about eating it . . . those sandwiches look to be 4-5 inches thick. This would make for difficult eating in my opinion. It tickles me pink that the liberals are really getting a run for their money!

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  3. I looooooooove Chick-fil-A.

    We have them all over the place around here. 😀

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  4. It’s a nice company, and all-BUT the chickens are not free range. I cannot eat a chicken raised in a cage. 😡

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  5. octavian tiberius

    who camps out for something like this?


  6. They will be a long overdue positive influence to Seattle. They will do just fine.

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  7. We had a grocery here that was closed on Sunday & didn’t sell alcohol and they were hugely successful. In fact all of their locations had big signs that said ‘See You In Church On Sunday’. Treated their hundreds of employees like family and gave back generously to the community. Once bought up by a big conglomerate they immediately opened on Sunday and started selling beer & wine, turned employees in to numbers instead of people and shot customer service in the foot. Less than 10 years later they’re either selling the stores or closing all of them.
    Perhaps this is why Chic-fil-a does so well. Good ethics. Practiced proudly.

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