Something Lighter

suntrust parkI have gotten a little tired of serious subjects today, so I thought it might be nice (and far less stressful) to share some pics of the Braves’ new digs with you guys.

I have not ventured down there as yet, but am hoping to very soon, as the new ballpark is about ten minutes down I-75 from my domicile.


– Dave

9 responses to “Something Lighter

  1. Great pictures,Dave! If nothing else at the Stadium you’ll EAT well!

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  2. Looks nice…and they have a Waffle House? Bonus!

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  3. Very interesting, Dave. Did you know that Babe Ruth played for the Braves? Boston, that is. Couldn’t stay away, but did not return to the team that sold him to New York so his team owner could finance a musical, “No, No, N a nettle.” As the world knows, Boston was deservedly cursed for many decades. The Red Sox had a pitcher who won a World Series championship ring, but not for the Red Sox. He played for the Milwaukee Braves. And, as a pitcher, he was a highly rated hitter. Like Babe Ruth. Also played for the Phillies. Old joke when Philadelphia had two Major League baseball teams, the Phillies and the Athletics, “Are you a Phillies rooter or an Athletic supporter?” He also won a ring for the Boston Celtics, went to Milwaukee with the rest of the team, then to the Knicks. His name was Gene Conley, and he very recently passed away in his home in Foxboro, MA. He was paid very little by today’s standards, and we didn’t have a field anywhere near as great as yours in Atlanta. Even today in Boston, we get along with history, Fenway Park. Enjoy your city.

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  4. My secretary can’t or won’t correctly type my dictation! Fourth line, I said most clearly, “No, No, Nanette.” Stella, one more time, and I will call the temp agency! Lucky for you, you make a good cup of coffee!


  5. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    A salute to Atlanta and in memory of Gene Conley.


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