Canadian SJW destroys college pro-life display at WSU

Watch the video to obtain all the details about this SJW’s butt hurt and how he used his “white male privilege” to destroy the display.

If you are on Twitter, be sure to send the SJW Keaton a tweet. Here’s his Twitter page.


13 responses to “Canadian SJW destroys college pro-life display at WSU

  1. Tweeted my contempt.

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  2. Here is keaton’s twitter response:
    “I already talked with the police and apologized and the WSU Students for life said they would not press charges if I agreed to stop”

    hey keaton! how’s about putting all the crosses back and while you’re doing it…think about how one of those crosses could’ve been you.

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    • It’s almost too bad that it wasn’t! What was the trade-off here . . . “Students for life said they would not press charges if I agreed to stop” As far as I am concerned, the fact that this bonehead got a “free pass” on his behavior has not taught him anything. It would have been a better lesson for “HIS education” if charges had been pressed. Unfortunately, in our current society, the weirdos seem to get away with just about anything. . . . and that is a cryin’ shame

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  3. This guy is an A$$-HOLE. He should be made to replace every cross just as it was and then be DEPORTED to where ever he comes from. His remarks about his white privilege re-enforce his status of being an A$$-Hole!

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    • Grand idea, David! Be sure I know where he’s destined and when he’ll arrive, so I can organise a ‘Welcome Home’ party….

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      • Joseph . . . I will love you forever if you could be instrumental in organizing a ‘Welcome Home’ party for this goofball! I know of no one who more richly deserves to be sent home in shame!

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    • David . . . I just read your post. Thank Heavens you have saved me from feeling like I was a hard A$$! I felt he definitely should have had to make restitution, both in money, and having to put up each and every one of the crosses he store down . . . and then his boney butt should have been deported to Canada!

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  4. I wonder if this ‘jack wagon’ hates his parents for making the same decision?

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  5. It’s VERY difficult for me to restrain MY feelings about this moron, and the fact that as a Canadian [probably by birthright] he dares do this evil stupidity which will no doubt reflect poorly on all of us at home. But he never thought about those feelings, did he?

    And while I completely oppose abortion, as murder is murder is murder, I FEEL as though I’d make an exception for such as he, but I won’t, as it would violate Kant’s Principle of the Moral Imperative. Still, he’s an ignorant fool and has performed as repulsively as possible [to my way of thinking].

    I’m pleased to see that everyone who posted is a strong-minded, principled opponent of abortions. My thanks to all of you.

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  6. This happens quite regularly on campuses, sometimes led by professors:
    It was reported again just last Winter:

    No tolerance from the Left… or whatever the opposite of the Right is.


  7. I think he should have been made to work in a late term abortion surgical room for 3 days, then be made to make another 1000 crosses. But that is just me.

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    • Glenn47 . . . that is the very best idea ever. I cannot believe that working in a late term abortion surgical room for even one day would not make him sober up! Very good call on your part!

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