Trump makes 180° reversal on WikiLeaks, now called ‘a hostile agent’ in collusion with Russia

Donald Trump owes WikiLeaks no small amount for his winning the 2016 presidential election.

Were it not for WikiLeaks‘ publishing of Democrat emails — those of Hillary Clinton, Democratic National Committee (DNC), and John Podesta — the voter would not have known the corrupt pay-to-play Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s illegal private email server, the DNC’s corruption and betrayal of Hillary’s primary rival Bernie Sanders, and the satanic practices of Podesta and Pizzagate.

Throughout, Trump had been supportive and never critical of WikiLeaks. As an example, on January 4, 2017, Trump tweeted this:

In a speech on October 10, 2016, Trump declared, “I love WikiLeaks!” (New York Times)

Before he became the Trump administration’s CIA director, Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kansas) similarly was approving of the WikiLeaks emails. On July 24, 2016, Pompeo tweeted this:

Then was then, now is now.

Then, Trump needed WikiLeaks. Now that he’s President, WikiLeaks has become “a hostile agent”.

Matthew Rosenberg reports for The New York Times that in his first speech as director of the CIA yesterday, April 13, 2017, Mike Pompeo attacked WikiLeaks as a stateless hostile intelligence unit eager to do the bidding of Russia and other U.S. adversaries. Pompeo said, “It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: a nonstate hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.”

“It’s time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is: a nonstate hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia.” You would think we’re still in the Obama administration or a Hillary Clinton administration.

To support his assessment, Pompeo cited as evidence of WikiLeaks‘ hostile intent the latter’s release of Democratic Party emails — the exact same emails that Pompeo had promoted in July 2016, but now insists had been stolen by Russian hackers, although both WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and hacker Guccifer 2.0 maintain the leaker was a DNC staffer named Seth Rich, 27.

On early Sunday morning, July 10, 2016, Seth was shot dead in the streets of Washington, DC. His assassination remains unsolved.

Pompeo also cited how WikiLeaks encouraged followers to join the C.I.A. and steal secrets, and how “it overwhelmingly focuses on the United States while seeking support from antidemocratic countries.”

Pompeo’s harshest words were reserved for Assange, whom Pompeo calls a “narcissist,” “a fraud — a coward hiding behind a screen,” and a “false wizard”.

There goes our hope and expectation that a President Trump would commend Assange and provide him political asylum and a safe refuge in America.

The 180° reversal is because the Trump administration now finds itself on the receiving end of WikiLeaks disclosures. Last month, the group released thousands of pages of documents describing sophisticated software tools and techniques used by the C.I.A. to break into the American people’s smartphones, computers and even internet-connected televisions.


27 responses to “Trump makes 180° reversal on WikiLeaks, now called ‘a hostile agent’ in collusion with Russia

  1. William Brandon Shanley

    I continue to pray that that the events of the last week are a nightmare from which we will all soon awaken!

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  2. Trump has had positive and negative comments for WL for years e.g., “Trump’s Praising Assange Today But in 2010 He Called WikiLeaks ‘Disgraceful,’ Called For ‘Death Penalty.’”

    During the debate Trump said he appreciated the info getting out but he couldn’t condone it. I wish Trump had lenient stance on Assange, and I’d love to see him safely out of the embassy, but this is not new information – and not even accurate.


    • “this is not new information – and not even accurate.”

      Please point to the factual inaccuracies in my post. Did Trump and Pompeo not make approving tweets of WikiLeaks in the past?
      Please give us your source for Trump calling for death penalty for WikiLeaks in 2010. Assuming that’s true, it just shows that Trump’s stance on WikiLeaks (or anything) shifts in accordance with his self-interests, instead of principle.

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  3. Assange is a HERO our politicians are LIARS TRAITORS AND CRIMINALS

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  4. Pompeo is not Trump


  5. I am beginning to think that Trump has had a breakdown and that daddy’s little girl Ivanka and her husband Jared are running the government. If these 180 degree changes continue it won’t be long before Trump’s supporters also have a breakdown.

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    • One former supporter, @Cernovich, is being accused of having a meltdown, 1-min. video clip with tweet (his full periscope link is in the replies):

      The replies to the tweet are running approx. 50/50 in correcting the tweeter’s erroneous interpretation that Cernovich has threatened Trump. He was threatening, instead, the neocons/elite/globalists/establishment/whoever, that if they dump Bannon, Cernovich will release a bunch of dirt on them.

      @Mitchellvii has condemned Cernovich & any who side with his “Presidential threat,” & Mitchell is aghast that people would trust Bannon over Trump.

      @JackPosobiec will no longer be on Mitchell’s YourVoice Radio as guest host, per another Mitchell tweet.

      It’s getting weird out there.


  6. I don’t know what to believe about Trump at this point but still trying to give him the benefit of the doubt despite his 180s on Obamacare, tax reform, prosecuting the Clintons, no more neocon wars, etc, and now this, his shocking betrayal of players taking grave risks to their lives helping him fulfill his campaign promise to drain the swamp.

    What’s ominous is that our country cannot possibly afford one more major engagement let alone all-out wars on two or three fronts against real adversaries this time around. On the strength of its physical resources and savings the US is bankrupt many times over, it’s military exhausted, the petrodollar will become electronic confetti, and yet the swamp is planning for more squandering of these resources and savings on war, which must entail extraordinary taxes on savings and wages, even if covertly by expropriating them through inflation, and more selling off of America’s resources to the Chinese as booty for standing aside.

    Trump must realize this, and a few Potemkin Village economic projects may just be blowing smoke in our eyes. Whether Trump has a gun to his head or is willing, total and final bankruptcy of the US has nothing to do with MAGA and everything to do with the imposition of the NWO, which will be literal hell on earth for 99% of mankind, including Americans.

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  7. Is Donald unaware of the role Wikileaks played in his victory over the Clintons?!!!

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  8. is Trump deliberately trying to bring his numbers down?
    he’s become so rabidly anti-Russia, it just offers fuel to the anti-Trumpers that want him thrown out…not even a word about Seth Richards (may he RIP…another victim of the clinton cartel)
    Trump needs to evict the Kushners from the WH.

    not even 100 days in office…

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  9. Hey Trump, who is squeezing your balls?


    • My guess is ha mossad. Trump flew on lolita express and has been sued by women claiming he abused them when they were young. So I imagine Epstein/mossad has vids/pics of the proceedings just as they should of killary and bill. Then there’s the theory Trump is Jewish. Trump could become the tyrant 0bama and killary could only dream of being, plus it seems he has a kardashian daughter.


      • You are probably right Josh, but given all those illuminati hand gestures he has displayed, I think he may not have to be blackmailed, but is just one big fat liar to begin with. It is looking to me like he has been playing us all for the fool. My take is, he is not stupid enough to NOT know how things work……he has made allusions to the Kennedy assassination etc. So while Kennedy was naïve in what he thought he could accomplish, Trump in no way is naïve. Anyone applying for the job of Prez and knowing they are only going to do the bankers bidding is complicit.


        • Agreed, especially considering that until he decided to run as a rep presidential candidate Trump was a NYC dem that bought and sold politicians to include the klintons. The only thing going for him at this point is he’s not killary, but even that benefit is fast fading. We the people are waking up more and more every day, Trump’s victory over killary was evidence of that, and patriotic Americans are still here, watching the proceedings as they unfold, unchanged other than more enlightened to just how slick Trump really is.


  10. This is bad…

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  11. i agree, kushner should get out of the NSA,s area. also, Trump must be careful as assange and wikileaks like to tell the truth rather than general fuzzy b.s.

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  12. I found this all so disheartening. WL had so much to do with Trumps victory and this is the thanks they get? WL has been correct on everything they have given us the last decade and made the people aware of things we would never have had a clue to otherwise.
    Sometimes, he should not even open his mouth, he has been doing so much flip flopping. At least we wouldn’t know about it. He is trying to go with too many flows. Take a stand and stick with it. Like all the promises made.
    Many don’t like Assange and maybe he is a little over the top sometimes. But he has put his life in danger for years, gave up his life as he once knew it, all for what? I hope he continues, I think there is much more out here.
    I am not sure who is giving Trump advice or is pushing his buttons, but I wish they would dry up. They are not serving him right. I think there are multiple agendas going on at once in our White House.
    I will probably catch holy hell for this, but I think Snowden should be painted in a different light also. He has brought to light many things we would not have known about also. We would never have known about all the spying done on us. He did what whistle blowers are suppose to do.
    Maybe one day soon, we can turn on all media and all the news on there will be about a race or something.

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  13. Can’t say this is unexpected, after all trump is just a “right leg”. What I mean by that is that over the past 30+ years there has been a cycling of servants of the devil, one plays one “side” and the other plays the other “side” (bush sr. [right] clinton [left], bush jr. [right], obama [left], trump [right] ). Left pushes the devil’s agendas overtly, touting it as “progress”, while “right” pushes those same agendas more covertly, with an attempt to cater to the “conservative” minded people, sometimes doing minor “concessions” (of lesser-value agendas or ones they don’t intend to push yet) to keep their attention and make them think some legitimate progress towards good is happening, the point being both are “legs” which are used by the puppets of evil to march their agendas forward, only putting on a stage show of opposition between them, to keep people in the two-party farce. Its a game played to keep the citizenry from doing anything, to keep them “spinning their wheels in the mud”, so to speak.

    Expect to see more disappointments from trump, and remember He and clinton were buddies, never have been any different. Perhaps a good thing to reflect on is Pslam 118:9 “It is better to take refuge in the LORD Than to trust in princes.” That is, don’t go expecting trump to do any favors to Christianity or yourselves, or to “dump the banksters” or anything like that. I’d suggest if you want things to change, take charge in your local towns in opposing the satanic elements, expose the evils in the small towns, ruin the plans of evil therein, clean the places up, and the more towns this is done in means eventually the county can be cleaned up, and after a certain number of counties, theres a chance for cleaning up the state, and so it goes from there up to the federal level.

    To Clarify, I don’t mean anything like hurting people in the sense of “clean up” I mean in the sense of getting out the filth and dirt by exposing evil, giving it no place to hide, per Ephesians 5:11.

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  15. Roger Stone does not agree w/Trump/Pompeo. Several sources covered his opinion that Pompeo needs to QUIT his new job asap over his erroneous opinions re WikiLeaks:


  16. One more, at least some one-person sees the obvious…


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