Sick: Cosmopolitan magazine touts cancer for weight loss

Mara Siegler reports for Page Six that Cosmopolitan is the recipient of “mountains of backlash” after the magazine, on April 11, 2017, tweeted out an article by Elizabeth Narins, titled “How This Woman Lost 44 Pounds Without Any Exercise”.

The only problem is 31-year-old Simone Harbinson, the woman touted by Cosmopolitan for having shed 44 pounds without any exercise, was suffering from cancer.

After being diagnosed with a severe kidney infection, doctors discovered Harbinson tested positive for a rare form of cancer — malignant carcinoid tumor of the appendix. She underwent multiple surgeries and endured harrowing complications.

Too much information! – Simone Harbinson shows off her cancer surgery scar

Harbinson was also diagnosed with “post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by her cancer diagnosis”. She turned to food for comfort and put on weight. She then lost the weight on a diet called The Bod instead of exercise, because she was still recovering from the cancer surgeries and wasn’t physically able to work out the way she used to before her cancer diagnosis.

The reaction from social media was swift. Here are two examples of scathing tweets directed at the magazine:

“Good to know that ‘several life-threatening setbacks’ (*cancer*) is the key to weight loss. Do better, Cosmo. Do better.”

“Well, sure. Get cancer and spend a significant amount of time in the hospital and the weight just falls off. Come on!!”

Cosmopolitan has since changed the headline of the article to: “A Serious Health Scare Helped Me Love My Body More Than Ever.” It also edited out the second-to-last line in the original article proclaiming, “Simone’s weight loss success is proof that ANYONE can lose weight without breaking a sweat simply by eating more mindfully — no gym required.”

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17 responses to “Sick: Cosmopolitan magazine touts cancer for weight loss

  1. Cosmopolitan has always been whacko. Thanks for letting us know that whoever took over after Helen Gurley Brown, is just as nuts as she was. What a bunch of crass fools.

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    • More like relentlessly subversive since the days of Helen ‘Brown’, and not so much whacko as too clever by half in ridiculing Christian morals and decency. This Elizabeth Narins simply attached the ridicule/cleverness tactic to the wrong subject (i.e., not Christianity) and got that big schnoz of hers tweaked for being too clever by half.

      It should go without saying that the original intent of the First Amendment was never meant to protect alien and morally subversive agents like Cosmopolitan, although the S Court has as a practical matter followed Locke’s dictum that “virtue and vice are names pretended,” to be defined by the “will of the people.” The will of the people, outside of elections, in turn becomes a legal conflation with “public” opinion, conjured like magic by these alien agents through “experts,” bogus opinion polls, and publications like Cosmopolitan–despite this “opinion” being almost the opposite of what the (unrepresented) majority in America privately and actually believes and wants.

      One of the great ironies, and a farce for the ages, is that Fox News’ talking heads love to rend their garments and wring their hands over this sort of outrage while Fox’ entertainment shows as a matter of fact make Cosmopolitan more suitable for viewing by children. Same with the Republicans, who no more represent Middle America than Cosmopolitan does but are worse for their hypocritical rhetoric.

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  2. Very sick…next they’ll be promoting the tapeworm diet.

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  3. Didn’t Mariah Carey make an ass out of herself a few years ago, when, after witnessing starving children in Africa, she said it would be nice to be that skinny…? I can’t remember the exact quote, but that was the gist of it. I’m not even positive that it was Mariah, but I think it was.

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  4. Sick for sure. Not that their magazine has any decency or standards so shouldn’t be that surprising. I’ve never bought or looked in Cosmo, just seeing their covers. (I’m in my early 30s btw) I’m amazed they’re allowed to be on full display at grocery store checkouts.

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  5. F Cosmo, the Playboy-for-women magazine! Their May cover features verified Land Whale Meaghan Treanor, looking beached as ever.

    Did you know that it’s been shown in studies that leftists have a much higher disgust threshold than do conservatives? They literally don’t realize how disgusting they are. We need to shame them into irrelevance.

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  6. This is a RARE EXAMPLE of the Good Lord COMMANDING the Devil to reveal his malignant hand. Cosmopolitan Magazine, feminist mental pornography that it is, is a Rockefeller-originated idea. Feminism is a joint Rockefeller-CIA ideology, derived directly from Leninist communism, that has set men and women against each other.
    Long Story Short: The Rockefeller Foundation has remained true to its eugenic ideological roots. Like its recently deceased patron, David Rockefeller, these Sabbatean-Frankists want us all to die—so they can enjoy life without us.
    This recommendation that cancer is an effective weight-loss method is their stated desire that we all die. It is beyond detestable: It is of SATANIC ORIGIN.

    This Cosmo article is a Personal Attack upon Our Lord and His Blessed Mother! And thanks is due to FOTM for publishing this intel: It is another reminder that we are not alone in this “game.”

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  7. Another Left Wing Freak Show!

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  8. Good grief, did Cosmo fire all their editors?

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