Ivanka Trump’s fashion line confirms a sales boom

ivanka trump

Shannon Coulter hardest hit.

From Telegraph: Ivanka Trump’s fashion label has defied its critics, posting a 61% increase in wholesale revenues despite a turbulent year in the press and a boycott from consumers backing the #GrabYourWallet campaign.

G-III Apparel Group, the manufacturing firm behind the First Daughter’s company, as well as other fashion brands including Calvin Klein, DKNY and Tommy Hilfiger, has released its annual statement, noting that sales of Ivanka Trump licensed products rose to $47.3million in the year ending 31st January 2017.

This performance contrasts dramatically with statements released by department stores such as Nordstrom, one of many big names to drop Ms. Trump’s products, citing weak sales. Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, also dropped the label, and Trump’s merchandise was relegated to clearance bins. It is still stocked by Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Dillard’s in the US.

President Trump himself felt compelled to Tweet when Nordstrom dropped Ivanka’s line, stating “My daughter Ivanka has been treated so unfairly by @Nordstrom. She is a great person — always pushing me to do the right thing! Terrible!” on 8th February.

Ivanka distanced herself from the label later that month, taking a leave of absence from her role as CEO after her ethics were questioned, as she was frequently wearing and promoting her own products via presidential platforms. This month she confirmed her new role as Assistant to the President, meaning that she has officially halted all ties with her namesake label for the time being. It is unclear how this detachment will affect sales in the coming months.

“We are proud that our business is growing rapidly and that our brand resonates strongly with women who are inspired by our messaging,” company president Abigail Klem told The Telegraph back in November, just after the election. ‘Over the past year many more women have discovered and become loyal to the brand, leading us to experience a significant year over year revenue growth.’

Despite its impressive growth, the brand is still one of the smallest within G-III’s total business. Its entire company sales hit $2.39 billion in the last year, meaning that Ivanka’s line accounted for just under 2% of revenue.



5 responses to “Ivanka Trump’s fashion line confirms a sales boom

  1. The credit goes to patriotic Americans who defy the Left’s boycott of Ivanka merchandise. Ivanka herself, alas, wields far too much power and influence over U.S. policymaking. According to her brother Eric Trump, Ivanka used her influence over their father to encourage the Donald to attack the Syrian government with cruise missiles on Shayrat Air Base.


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    • I wonder if patriotic Americans knew of her strong liberal/pro-homosexual Christian apostate background if they would support her much?


  2. The world as a whole is in need of new faces, new ideas, whether Reps or Dems. a rebirth is needed. Either of the Kushner’s, Jared’s or Ivanka’s Trump future is been carefully prepared. Although they are young and whether in government or private sector they are tested every day, they are in the winners circle, I knew Ivanka would eventually rise above the negative propaganda and the jealousy, let’s remeber she holds THE TRUMP CARD, and I hope their millions quadruple.


  3. I won’t be buying any Ivanka merch soon…


  4. Not knowing Ivanka personally, she does seem like a beautiful and level headed young woman that loves her children. I like seeing her handle the children and not a nanny all the time.
    What she believes personally, is not my business. I may not agree, but that is what’s so wonderful about our country. Free to think…..so far. And she does not try and cram it down our throats.
    It is wonderful that she will survive in business, otherwise, the left wins. The people have proven, once again just how powerful we can be.
    She is at the age and still under the influence of her college years brain washing.
    I am praying with time, she will change her feelings. Many have. Our youngest came home from school with some liberal thoughts and has gradually changed. There is always hope.
    Until then, I will support her when able. I am not ready to fold to the left.

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