Controlling Muslim company boss who bullied teenage girlfriend avoids jail because it might hurt his business

imraan hasham

Imraan Hasham and his victim, Rachel

The real war on women.

From Daily Mail: A controlling company director who bullied his teenage girlfriend by banning her from using a phone and throwing away her clothes in a bid to force her into marriage has escaped jail. 

During a hearing in Manchester this week, the court heard how 32-year-old Imraan Hasham called his young girlfriend a ‘slag’ and would tell her to put her ‘t*** away’ if she wore revealing clothes.

Rachel Essaid met the businessman when she was just 17 at a nightclub in Bolton. Hasham lied about his age, telling the teenager he was 20 and the pair embarked on a relationship which quickly became abusive, a court heard.

But Magistrates took pity on 32-year-old Imraan Hasham, who admitted one count of coercive control, after hearing about how the case might affect his chauffeuring business.  

Through a statement to the police, she told the court Hasham wanted to marry her in a mosque and preferred it if she stayed home to cook and clean. She told how she was forced to keep the blinds closed when she was in the house so people wouldn’t look at her. 

Hasham admitted engaging in controlling and coercive behaviour during a court hearing at Manchester Magistrate’s Court this week. But he was sparred jail after saying the future of his business was now ‘up in the air’ as a result of his arrest.

The victim’s ordeal began after she met Hasham in March 2016 at the Level nightclub in Bolton. They embarked in a year-long relationship which ended in March last year after police were called when Hasham threw Miss Essaid onto his bed and tried to smother her during an argument when she tried to leave his house to see her family. He bit her on the hand so that she couldn’t use her phone and later threatened to kill Miss Essaid’s stepfather when he helped her pick up her belongings from Hasham’s home.

Officers discovered Hasham had a dark past having previously served an eight and a half year stretch over a terrifying bank raid during which a woman cashier was kidnapped at gunpoint. He also had convictions for a criminal damage and affray.

In a statement Miss Essaid who has had to undergo counselling told detectives: ‘He does not like me having friends. He calls them slags. For a while now I have been wanting to end the relationship but I feel I cannot get away from him. He says that my life would be ‘s**t’ without him. I am scared of him. He has said in the past that he would get his gun and shoot me or smash me in the face with a bottle. I feel that he does not want anyone to see me. I am not allowed to open the blinds or go out. I have no self-confidence and feel worthless. I have lost all my independence and I fear I am not strong enough to say ‘no’ if he contacts me.’

Prosecuting, Matthew Treece said: ‘He told her he was 20 but was actually 32. The relationship was initially good and she started staying at his house frequently. She described the defendant as sometimes nice but controlled certain aspects of her life. He would take her to and from work and wouldn’t allow her to use her mobile phone. He would also make comments about her makeup and the way she looked. He has taken items of her clothing and thrown it away because he didn’t like them.’

Mr. Treece told magistrates Miss Essaid was scared to leave.  He said: ‘She said that she thinks he gives her gifts to have power over her and that she wanted to leave the relationship but was scared that she couldn’t get away. She was scared that he would follow her and turn up at her work and claims the relationship was not normal and the way he was with her was not normal.’

The court heard how the victim felt Hasham wanted her to stay at home and do the chores. Mr. Treece said: ‘ She said she felt that he didn’t want anyone to see her – he would force her to keep the blinds closed and wouldn’t let her out on her own.’

Police were called in last March after Hasham threw Miss Essaid onto his bed and tried to smother her during an argument when she tried to leave his house to see her mother.

‘He said he wanted to marry her in a Mosque and she said she thinks he just wants her to do the cooking and cleaning.’ On occasions, Miss Essaid had put on dresses and was immediately told to get changed and to ‘put her t*** away.’

He said: ‘Hasham would make her go and get changed out of a long skirt and put trousers on instead. He would call her a prostitute and she claims that he just wanted to her cover up at all times.

She also worked at a school he would not like the fact that she worked there with males. On one occasion when he was picking her up he saw her waving at a male PE teacher which caused an argument.’

Physical violence flared on February 5 when Miss Essaid said she wanted to go and see her mother. Mr. Treece added: ‘She told the defendant she needed more clothes as this was the only way he would let him see her. But the two of them argued and when she tried to get out of the bedroom he wouldn’t let her and he pushed her back onto the bed and her smothered her.’

‘On February 6 there were a large number of calls early in the morning which she says is normal of the relationship.

She told police on that morning, she went to the bus stop to get the bus from work outside her mother’s house and a few minutes later he pulled up in his car signalling for her to get in.

A bus pulled up behind and as the defendant was in the bus lane it was causing a scene so she agreed to get in the passenger seat. The court heard how he then pulled over and started verbally abusing her and called her a ‘slag, a low life and ugly’.

She started to cry but he continued. She then got a message on her phone and he grabbed her phone and bit her left hand so that she would let go. He then bent the phone causing the screen to crack.

Prosecution said: ‘As she tried to get out of the car the defendant grabbed hold of her and put his hand over her mouth so that she couldn’t scream. A passer by described the complainant as very distressed and said she could hear a man shouting very aggressively. The complainant spoke to the police and her step father picked her up from work and drove to the defendant’s house to pick up her stuff. After some time spent knocking on his door the defendant opened and said: ‘Why have you bought another man to my house?’

‘He then said to her step father: ‘I will f***ing kill you. If you know what is good for you, you will get back in your car and drive off.’

Read the rest of the story here.


16 responses to “Controlling Muslim company boss who bullied teenage girlfriend avoids jail because it might hurt his business

  1. silly girl….so many red flags that she ignored.
    by reading the article from the link, I saw this girl completely obsessed with selfies….she had ‘low self esteem’ issues before this creep. He knew she had low self esteem which made it easy for him to use tenets of islam on her; that’s why he was able to say and do those things to her….he was more like an abusive father, than a “boyfriend” to this girl from a broken family with a step-father.
    It’s a shame that females today have been so conditioned to only want “sex” and “boyfriend” and “sexy” instead of “love” and “husband” and “respect” and to wait to be courted instead of “dating”.

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  2. This guy is a CONVICTED Felon? How did he get the licenses to run a LEMO service ???? With his record I would NOT have had any mercy on him for attacking his girlfriend. One thing for sure, she needs a NEW BOYFRIEND!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Typical mudslime behavior. He looks inbred, judging by the mugshot photo at the top of the article. Gross.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. This puke belongs in The Gray Bar Hotel!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The religion of peace. Right!?!?!?

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  6. muslim control…i hope he get what he deserves by some alternate method and this young woman now knows “stay away from muslim men. they are abusive at most, murderous beyond.”.

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  7. Wow she’s gorgeous. Some nice guy should snap her up and treat her right.

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  8. Sadly, so many women and even countries have been conditioned to accept this kind of behavior. She was very lucky to have been strong enough to actually escape….for now.
    And the judges are not doing their country any favors by empowering these thugs by allowing it. Obviously, they have been conditioned as well into not doing the right thing. They went chicken on society to avoid any conflict.

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  9. Well now . . . let’s just face it . . . had this been a “white guy” of Western European ancestry . . . he would have gone to the slammer, particularly since he has a criminal history. Who gives a rat’s patutty that his “business is up in the air?” Who in their right mind would want to be chauffeured by a criminally insane Muslime? Why isn’t this court protecting not only this “stupid” girl, but the general public? Send his sorry butt back to wherever he came from . . . after he does a stint in the slammer! When judges fail to judge with reasonable common sense . . . everyone is at jeopardy. Just look at the fact that he prayed on this silly, nonsensical girl by telling her he was 20, rather than 32. I have little doubt that he gets jacked up by seeing her in sexually titillating clothing . . . she needs to knock off that behavior, because it may just get her killed by one of these Muslime loonies! (Let me apologize to any who are offended by the fact that I find the three parties involved in this to be a drain on society. She because she doesn’t have the common sense God gave a knat, and he is a criminally insane individual, who needs to go back to the sand dunes. Then you have the loonies sitting on the judicial bench who are one brick short of a load in allowing him to be free to pray on the rest of society. I have to admit, this story really caused by blood pressure to reach new heights!)

    Great article! I am so thankful that I do not live in Great Britain . . . they are so crazy, they are bringing upon themselves their own demise!

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  10. I think, Auntie Lulu, you are being unduly harsh on the young woman, who is, after all, his victim. Lower economic class people in the UK have very little to look forward to in terms of life betterment, women especially so due to its class system.

    It’s easy for us in North America with a larger surplus in our wasteful economic system, we can turn that to our advantage; I doubt that she has any such. I’m sure she saw him as an ‘escape’ from her trap at the time; little did she know she was about to go from the frying pan into the fire!

    Her trespasses –if any– were very small, and his were very great. The lumber in his eye made him unable to understand her plight; let us not do the same and make her doubly injured?


    • Joseph . . . I am not acquainted with the way of life in Great Britain, so I guess my only sorrow for her is that she does dress in a rather provocative manner if the attached pictures are actually representative of what she wears. We have seen news clips where Muslim men are attacking woman who are dressing in “Westernized” garb. I am fearful for her that she might meet up with a Muslime of that ilk. The very fact that she is dressing in a provocative manner does put her at jeopardy, but perhaps her family has not taught her, or warned her of the inherent dangers. Unfortunately, not every young woman has had the benefit of parent(s) who taught them adequately . . . this was the reason that I referred to her as a “silly girl.”


  11. I think an appropriate punishment for this Mudslime would be, chain him in a cell naked, put honey on his ball sack and release 1000 fire ants !!!!?

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  12. The Brits, and Europe, have lost their moral and ethical compass. Take heed, America, or this is your future.

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  13. a good ass kick by her male relatives would have set this dude straight

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    • True George . . . now that is a really, really good idea! Leave him in such a state that he could not have to worry about performing the duties of his chauffeuring business.

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  14. octavian tiberius

    a lot of women like bad boys who abuse them. it’s the “beauty and the beast” syndrome. the girls think they can civilize the monster. many of the millions of romantic novels written by women for women are full of this nonsense. just like so many men dream of being Batman or 007 or something. granted she is gorgeous and was only 17 when he picked her up but she was searching too. 17 year olds typically aren’t smart enough to seek out a good mentor and won’t listen to their parents because the media and the daycare generation disparages parents. Think of all the TV shows and movies that depict parents as dolts and kids and others who we know to generally be idiots in real life, as the wise ones who give really good advice.


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