Swedish midwife loses fight to be exempt from performing abortions

elinor grimmark

Grimmark: Must choose career over conscience


From Fox News:  A Swedish midwife on Wednesday lost her years-long legal battle to be exempt from performing abortions — an act she says violates her religious freedom — and is now considering a final push before the European Court of Human Rights.

Midwife Ellinor Grimmark objects to abortions because of her Christian beliefs. But the Swedish Labor Court decided that midwives are obligated to make a choice between conscience and career — contradicting international law, which protects conscientious objection, experts say.

According to the organization Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers, “freedom of conscience” is a human right stating that no one shall be deprived of their ability to work in their profession because that person — by ethical, moral or religious reasons — cannot perform a task that “extinguishes human life” at its beginning, or final stages.

“Restrictions on the right to freedom of conscience must be supported by law and be necessary in a democratic society,” Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers said after the appeals court decision in Grimmark’s case.

In November 2015, a district court found that Grimmark’s right to freedom of conscience had not been violated, and required her to pay the local government’s legal costs, which totaled more than $100,000.

Grimmark has been commuting to Norway, where midwives and doctors are granted freedom of conscience, according to the human rights group.

“The Court has failed to protect Ellinor Grimmark’s fundamental right to freedom of conscience despite the clear legal protections that exist in international law,” Robert Clark, Director of European Advocacy for ADF International, an organization that advocates for the right of people to freely live out their faith, said in a statement. “Some have attempted to frame this case as one that pits one human right against another — however, the only person whose rights have been violated is Ellinor Grimmark.”

According to ADF, three different medical clinics in the district of Jönköping had refused to employ Grimmark because she would not assist with abortions due to her belief in the “dignity of human life.”

Grimmark must now decide whether or not to pursue her case before the European Court of Human Rights.



16 responses to “Swedish midwife loses fight to be exempt from performing abortions

  1. The Swedes are atheists and idiots and this woman is to be applauded.

    Did you know that in 30 states, for the purposes of determining if loss of life during the commission of a felony is to be considered homicide, statutory law is that life of a human being begins at conception?

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  2. Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:

    This is the perfect example of what is wrong with man’s law.

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  3. The same is happening here in America.

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  4. blacklisted for refusing to participate in murdering innocents….it’s hard to have sympathy for everything sweden has allowed itself to be put through when they won’t even protect those who want to protect those yet born….
    there is $$$$ to be made from abortions…..being “progressive” is very profitable…having “diversity” in your country means allowing savages to rape women who become pregnant and many seek abortions.
    The swedish abortion industry (satanists) is thinning the herd of pro-lifers.
    May God have mercy on all of europe as they “progress” away from Him.
    All I can do is shake my head and get on my knees to pray…..I know satan does not “win” in the end, but for now, he (and his minions) is having a lot of fun…..no partying in hell.

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  5. The idea of religious freedom in America today is as much a myth as it is in Sweden. In both countries “law trumps religion”–especially when it comes to abortion, sodomy, and sodomite marriage–, as Christopher Ferrara puts it in his Liberty, The God That Failed. Religion is increasingly characterized solely as an inward-looking, autonomous “freedom of worship,” meaning you can think but not preach or practice what you believe, while an actual “freedom of religion” to preach and practice what you believe–meaning Christianity as a practical matter–is, for example, prohibited in schools and the workplace and may cost you your business or job if you even speak out against sodomite marriage. The great Scalia himself is quoted many times in Ferrara’s book for supporting the supremacy of law over religion.

    Cavanaugh’s Myth of Religious Violence points out the the S Court as far back as the late 1940s and early ’50s began basing its religious decisions on the unsubstantiated canard that religion was the primary cause of social division and even violence in America, despite previously being always seen as the main cause of our unity, and therefore should rightly be constrained in any conflict with supposedly neutral laws legalizing today’s abominations.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Clearly it is their court (as well as our own current courts) that have a problem with their conscience.

    Conscience is the ultimate guide for every thing humane.

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  7. God Bless this woman for standing with Christ, regardless of the personal inconvenience to her. I hope that if necessary she will continue to travel to Norway to perform her duties as a midwife. Since when is it part of a “midwife’s” duties to kill the unborn? I thought their profession was strictly to help in the birthing process.

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  8. This woman stands with God and with Life, and her reward shall be great.
    In the meantime, I don’t know what it will take to kill the EUGENIC AGENDA and its EXTINCTION PROTOCOLS. Maybe God Alone knows.

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  9. We should be praying for her and others who find themselves in similar circumstances. May YHWH bless and keep them and promote the Word of life.

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  10. Sadly, this lady will get no help from the European Court of Human Rights as,.. “The fix is in”,..&, Jew inspired,..’Cultural Marxism’,..,now rules over the ruins, of, once great, Western Civilization….

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  11. ManCavePatriot

    Don’t worry, when sharia becomes the ‘law of the land’, Sweden will have found its moral and ethical roots once more.

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  12. And yet again, Sweden makes a fatal error. If I lived there, I would leave and let the degenerates have it. It seems the ignorance runs deep there.
    She would do better by being where she can bring life into the world, not snuffing it out.

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  13. WSJ article on Ellinor Grimmark…

    Sweden Blacklists an Antiabortion Midwife


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  14. The Swedish government has clearly gone mad.

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  15. I’d quit.

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