Hundreds of immigrant detainees at Tacoma ICE facility on hunger strike, activists say

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From Seattle Times: As many as 400 immigrant detainees at the Northwest Detention Center have refused meals for a second day, according to activists, while federal immigration officials prepare to invoke a hunger-strike protocol that could result in forced treatment of inmates who continue to refuse nourishment.

A group of immigration and Latino activists rallied outside the Tacoma detention facility for the second night while inside they said hundreds of detainees facing deportation have refused to eat. Some of those with jobs inside the privately run facility have stopped working, said Maru Mora Villalpando with the group NWDC Resist, an anti-detention group led by undocumented immigrants illegal aliens inside the detention center.

On Monday, the group presented the detention center with a written list of demands, mostly involving living conditions in the detention center, including the quality of food, access to medical care and lowering of commissary prices.

What began with a handful of protesters has turned into a hunger strike involving hundreds of detainees, Villalpando said Tuesday. “So far, so good,” she said. She said the estimated number of participants has been determined through telephone and email contacts with detainees throughout the facility.

The detention center, operated by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) through a private contractor, GEO Group, contains more than 1,500 detainees.

Rose Richeson, a spokeswoman for ICE, has referred to the protest as a “meal refusal involving a number of detainees who have chosen not to eat meals provided by the cafeteria.” Some continue to eat food purchased from the commissary, she said.

Richeson said Tuesday that the “number of detainees refusing prepared meals at the NWDC continues to decline.”

So far, she said, “none of the detainees has missed a sufficient number of meals to be considered on a hunger strike.”

Those who have refused any food are being monitored. Once they have gone 72 hours without food — sometime Wednesday for those who began the strike Monday — the agency will initiate a hunger-strike protocol that will allow the detainees to be referred to the medical department for monitoring “and possible treatment.”

“Individuals on a hunger strike will continue to be offered three meals daily and provided with an adequate supply of drinking water and other beverages. They will also be counseled about the related medical risks,” according to Richeson.


12 responses to “Hundreds of immigrant detainees at Tacoma ICE facility on hunger strike, activists say

  1. Saves on the overall food bill.

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  2. I’m just all torn up over this.


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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    And just why do they even care??

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  4. you all need to just know that our own citizens,,, who are inmates in any jail / prison in the USA have those same complaints…food is low quality, greasy, and they never see fresh green or fresh fruit. The com prices they pay is double what the ‘free people’ pay and while medical care IS there, and fairly good…mental health care too… it is often a long time before they get seen. SO…bottom line is…just why would we want to put a group here illegally and due to be deported ahead of those?? I’m unimpressed with those who want then to stay here and then get coddled


  5. Do these illegals really think that I care about them refusing food? Nope, I really don’t care. They don’t like the “quality” of the food being served to them, then they should have stayed in their own country, thus allowing them to purchase and prepare any “quality” of food they could want, and or afford.

    Great article! It just tickles me pink!

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  6. They all bought this treatment as soon as they crossed the Border ILLEGALLY. Sucks being wrong,dunnit?

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  7. There they go again: Resorting to advertising their self-pity to the world when their indignation didn’t work! Starve on, morons!

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  8. Why isn’t the illegal-alien-loving billionaire George Soros feeding them lobster & caviar served by waiters in tuxedos?

    Let all the Dem/Libtard Eateries donate food. You Wanted Them, You Feed Them … with Your Money.

    <br />Three days w/o food will not hurt you.  Your body only then begins to really detox, so you may feel detox symptoms but not "dying" symptoms.  Don't neglect pure water, however.  A gallon a day while fasting is usually recommended.  And rest (vs. activity) is also recommended so your body can use all its energy for cleansing vs. running around doing whatever.  Breaking the fast is also important (no burgers, fries, pizza, but juicy fruits, juices, raw veggies, etc.)
    "Hunger Strikers" (& the medicos & public reaction to same) always makes me laugh because they have no clue what they are talking about.  Gobs of people fast all the time, 7-10-14-21-30-40 days on purpose to detox, cleanse mind-body-spirit.  (Daniel fasted 21 days; Elijah & Jesus fasted 40 days, etc.)  For serious illness like lung cancer, Dr. Herbert Shelton (old-timer, deceased) had fasted people up to 90 days.
    Let 'em fast if they want.  They will be more loving & happier afterward, & feel better physically, too.  (On 2nd thought, ship 'em out, asap!)

    GEO sounded familiar… the founder, George Zoley, is buddies w/Rick Scott, FLA Governor; has donated $$$ to his campaign. A quick google scan shows he also donated $37,500 to Mike Pence.

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  9. From many of the pictures we see of these invaders, most could do with a little dietary change.

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  10. This hunger strike has George Soros written all over it. Check out the NWDC Resistance press page (below) and you’ll find a links to BuzzFeed, Democracy Now!, The Seattle Times, and Univision (all with connections to Soros).

    NWDC Resistance press page

    Related links –

    Soros-Funded Media Launch Site for ‘Documenting Hate’

    Over 30 Major News Organizations Linked to George Soros

    Organizations directly funded by Soros and his Open Society Foundations (OSF)


  11. They can stage whatever they want to call attention, I say they better fatten up because when they go back nobody’s going to know where they ate last. Let’s see how long their stomachs can hold the hungry strike.

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  12. These illegals need to go to prison. They deserve nothing.


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