Deported felon arrested in sexual abuse of 12-year-old girl at Virginia daycare


Illegal alien child molester/Fairfax County Police photo

From WJLA: HERNDON, Va. (ABC7) — A man who had been deported from the U.S. has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl five times at a home daycare at the house where he lived in Herndon, police say.

Fairfax County Police say Oscar Perez Rangel, 40, of Herndon was a “previously deported felon” who was in the country illegally. He is charged with three counts of felony animate object sexual penetration and two counts of felony aggravated sexual battery in connection with the abuse of the girl between October and December of 2016.

According to ABC7’s Jeff Goldberg, Rangel’s girlfriend was running the daycare at their home in the 13100 block of Kidwell Field Road. Rangel allegedly committed the abuse after re-entering the country.

The girl told school officials of the abuse and Major Crimes Division Child Abuse detectives got the information on March 28 and began investigating. Rangel was arrested Friday at his home.



Fairfax County Police say they do not believe there are any other victims at this time.

Rangel is being held in the Fairfax County jail without bond and police are working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and say they will turn Rangel over to ICE at some point in the future.

Police are asking anyone with information on this case to call Det. Elizabeth Melendez at 703-246-7885.

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8 responses to “Deported felon arrested in sexual abuse of 12-year-old girl at Virginia daycare

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  2. Do they turn him over to ICE before or after he has served his jail sentence? If I had a child that needed daycare, and I saw this individual on the premises, I would pull my child out of there. He just plain looks creepy!

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  3. The fact that so many of the illegals busted for crimes are REPEAT OFFENDERS makes me think that repeat offenders,and those busted for DIFFERENT crimes but second time (or more) Border-jumpers,should be returned to their home Countries in a body bag.

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  4. This is what obama and the Dems brought on this nation. Thank God we have a president who is changing things.

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  5. Ain’t multiculturalism grand…

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  6. Hope they castrate him as a deportation gift.

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  7. I hope he spends 20 years in prison and registers as a sex offender before he’s turned over to ICE.


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