Interesting Crisis Actor Analysis

Body Language:
How to SPOT a Crisis Actor

I hope you enjoy this fun and snarky video as much as I did.

~ TD


8 responses to “Interesting Crisis Actor Analysis

  1. They couldn’t pay her enough for Sandy Hook, and her SAG membership had expired.

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  2. Was that fake-sniffing fake-crying gal mentored by Robbie Parker? /sarc

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    • I believe you are on to something.
      A week or so ago, something came on the TV about SH. I didn’t even care to watch. I put the TV on mute,and walked out of the room. Enough of this farse.

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  3. The lies increase every day, and so does the cost of believing them.

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  4. Thank goodness enough of us have been “turned onto” this kind of trickery . . . I will never forget “Robbie Parker” as I watched the video of him working up to tears, I watched it over and over again . . . to anyone who would believe this drivel, once it is pointed out to you . . . you are a major fool, and deserved to be tricked.

    Great article!

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  5. There’s a huge amount of evidence that screams “fake” with Sandy Hook. On YouTube there are videos of a male actor (David Wheeler) who played two roles……one as the parent of one of the child “victims” and another as a member of the FBI Swat team. It was hilarious watching him carry one of his rifles incorrectly and trying to stay out of view of rolling cameras. He wore sunglasses to try to hide his identity, but it didn’t work. This is a great video with some of the evidence:

    There’s so much evidence Sandy Hook was a giant HOAX, you’d think more people would know it and demand action to punish all who perpetrated and participated in it (you know, like obummer, Holder, the media, the FBI, Conn. State officials, our legislators, etc.). Do we really think our legislators don’t know the truth? We know some of them really are stupid, but surely the rest know. Literally, several hundred people were in on this charade. We could fill a prison with them. But, there are so many citizens who won’t do the simple research and others who will never believe our country would deceive us in such a cruel and corrupt way. The evil ones know this and that’s why they continue pulling these stunts.

    I believe the Syrian gas attack is a false flag in that Assad did not have any incentive to commit the attack. After the false flag in 2013, he knew there would be consequences if it happened again. Evidence……look at the videos from this recent incident. It shows adults spraying down children with faces and hands exposed. If it had been Sarin gas, anyone who breathes even the tiniest amount or has any skin exposed, or touches a victim with their own exposed skin will die quickly. Some suspect it may have been chlorine gas which can be deadly, but it doesn’t kill you if your skin is exposed. Who blew up the place that held the chlorine gas canisters? Was it ISIS rebels or did Assad order an old ammo dump to be blown up not realizing chlorine gas canisters were there too? All I know is, if you’re willing to fake the videos, then you’re willing to tell lies to hide the truth at all costs.


    • greenworxx . . . thank you for including the film on Sandy Hook. There is no doubt that the government and its cohorts continually inundate us with manufactured BS. In the case of the actor David Wheeler . . . for one thing he is just to old to portray the “father” of a six year old . . . it might be believable if he were portraying the “grandfather.” When he portrayed the “FBI gunman” . . . why would the FBI have fat, old, out of shape men in its ranks? Much less, some guy who does not have uniforms that conform with the other supposed FBI representatives. Why would someone supposedly trained in “firearms handling” be carrying “two” guns around, one of them haphazardly pointing it towards the ground. Why would it be necessary for Wheeler to “wear sun glasses” when there was no other person in these films who found it necessary to wear them? It’s just incredible that our government and the hoax masters actually expect us to believe all this drivel.


  6. Watch this video showing crisis actor (David Wheeler) playing two roles at Sandy Hook:


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