Hillary Clinton Models Katy Perry’s ‘Hillary Clinton’ Shoe Design

hillary clinton


From People: Over the course of her life, Hillary Clinton has had many important titles bestowed upon her. Of course, she was the First Lady of the United States for eight years, the Senator of New York for eight years, Secretary of State for four, and the first woman to ever be chosen as a major party’s nominee for President.

Now she can add “fashion muse” and “footwear model” to the list, thanks to Katy Perry, who designed a pair of pumps in her honor, dubbing them The Hillary. And when Clinton got her hands on a pair of the baby pink pumps, she was more than happy to show them off to their best effect for Perry’s Instagram.

Perry posted a candid image of Clinton to her social media account on Monday night featuring the career politician beaming into the camera with arms outspread so as to draw the eye to her new kicks (a pro touch).

The pop star captioned the shot, “POWER PUMP your way over to katyperrycollections.com for the last few hours of the spring 25% sale @HillaryClinton is wearing #TheHillary,” concluding with what we are all thinking while gazing upon this image, “(OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH)”

The shoe in question is a soft pink pump with a suede upper, a pointed toe, and a 3.5-in. clear heel embedded with small, metallic gold stars and moons to help you, as the description on the collection’s website says, “step in and reach for the stars.”

The shoes retail for a reasonable $139 and are available in sizes ranging from 5 to 11, meaning all Pantsuit Nation devotees now have the perfect heel to complete their power ensemble. But whether you need this footwear immediately in your life or not, who could have predicted that in 2017 we would all be bestowed with the gift of seeing Hillary Clinton in a lucite heel courtesy of Katy Perry?



32 responses to “Hillary Clinton Models Katy Perry’s ‘Hillary Clinton’ Shoe Design

  1. “Over The Hillary”

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  2. Why model shoes when you got a kick in the ass! Hahaha

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  3. Raw:Shoe Thrown at Hillary Clinton During Speech

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  4. Stay in the woods.

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  5. So Mrs. Clinton has had a shoegasm! Whudathunkit?

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  6. So satanist Katy Perry “designed” a pair of shoes for satanist Hillary. How appropriate.

    P.S. There is nothing distinctive about the heels. Standard basic design.

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  7. How could Killary possibly be a good “shoe model” . . . for cryin’ out loud, many times she has to have people on each side of her to keep her from falling, and now you want to add 3.5 inch heels to the mix? Katy Perry is out of her mind, as is Killary.

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  8. svomit_100-123

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  9. These shoes will look really nice with Hillary’s “I just escaped from the asylum” frocks that she was often photographed in before the election.

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  10. She really should be investing in shoes for people who become unsteady and tend to freeze up during bouts of pneumonia.

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  11. gives a whole new meaning to the word “horse shoes”
    I like the bug, frumpy, coat that covers her tummy pouch and wide hips.

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  12. Coming Soon-The Hi8llary Concrete Clothing Collection. Justthe thing for her1qnext Ocean Cruise.

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  13. You guys outdid yourselves on snark comments. Loved them.
    Every 69 year old woman needs to wear 3-1/2 inch heels. She can’t stand now, these shoes should just about finish her.

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  14. In case you missed it… 😂

    Hillary Gets Her First Post-Political Job


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  15. Sorry about the screwed up spelling up there-my cats can’t type worth a damn.

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  16. She’s giving the Satanic “as above, so below” symbol. Here’s Lady Gaga doing it:

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  17. Wide width to support the weight on those cankles! The perfect shoes to wear when doing this: truthuncensored.net/hillary-clinton-falls-flat-on-her-face-while-boarding-plane-video/

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