This is sweet: Ultrasound shows twins kissing in mother’s womb

ultra sound carissa gill

Carissa Gill’s ultrasound

From Fox News: Carissa Gill, a Croydon woman who is 24 weeks pregnant with twins, shared a special moment with her boyfriend on Tuesday while visiting Fetal Vision Imaging in Levittown (Pennsylvania).

When it came time for Carissa’s ultrasound, they witnessed something extraordinary: their identical twin babies, Isabella and Callie, snuggled up in Carissa’s belly, appearing to share a kiss.

“I would love to share this story with the world,” Carissa told Fox 29. “Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to capture, especially when you get to see moments like this.”

This article first appeared on Fox 29.



12 responses to “This is sweet: Ultrasound shows twins kissing in mother’s womb

  1. But, but, the kissing twins are just inanimate lumps of tissue! /sarc

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  2. Dr. Robert Christopher Laity

    Today is Siblings Day in several States. April 10, 2017 was National Sibling’s day. Aww!!

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  3. It’s a nice story but it is a shame our culture doesn’t think twice about these being illegitimate children.

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  4. ahhhh, “boyfriend” a special kind of way to become “daddy” (sarc)…
    I pray he steps up and does “right” by his new family.

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  5. I would be surprised if this were true. Her babies would have to be in the same sac, which is rare, and such a pregnancy is quite higher risk, so she would likely be having regular ultrasound (every week even) at her OB. Why would she pay to have more? Doesn’t ring true to me.


    • Sara, yes the babies are in the same sac meaning they are identical as opposed to fraternal twins. Knowing they were going to have twins, I suspect the parents chose to use Fetal Vision Imaging to hopefully get more detailed images than what they would get from their physician. Click on the FOX link in the post to see some really great images and proof this is not a “fake” story.

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  6. When an unwed mother was pregnant in my era the entire family would have been dishonored. Today society has sunk to this level.


  7. Whatever the circumstances, the babies are innocent. I am 74, and I hope that their father will care for them all for their lifetimes. Unfortunately, a forever commitment through marriage isn’t very realistic or popular these days. It was when I was a girl.

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  9. Hmmm…. ‘Just blobs of cells.’….right? Not so!


  10. Even though the parents aren’t married, they are bringing forth life that God wants here. With so many being aborted, the parents are blessing this earth with more of God’s children. This is a blessing!

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