What Trump said about U.S. military attack on Syria in 2013

Quod Mutatum?

What changed from 2013, Mr. Trump?



7 responses to “What Trump said about U.S. military attack on Syria in 2013

  1. He became President. None of us can understand what the position can do to someone, and how it can change ones mind.
    Being the most powerful man in the world, with all the responsibilities, can make someone see things differently.


  2. Patrick Cornell

    There’s a little bit of difference between what John Kerry was calling for back in 2013 and what Trump ordered last week. John Kerry in 2013 was calling for a decapitation strike against Damascus, the capital of Syria and major population center. 50 cruise missiles would have been devastating to the city and it’s inhabitants. Trump targeted a deserted airfield after he for warned the Russians who no doubt warned the Syrians and gave them a hour to get whatever planes and personnel they could out. Not that I agree with the decision to make the missile strike, I didn’t buy it was different from the attack proposed in 2013. I have a gut feeling Trump is going to compound this blunder! Just when we thought we were out, they drag us back in!

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  3. Absolute power changes everything.


  4. Dr. Henry Makow reported today that BOTH Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have connections to the Chabad Lubavitch, whom he thinks has undue influence on world events (behind the scenes, as I see it).
    When German troops invaded Poland on September 1, 1939, no one called it “The Second World War.” For a while, the conflict was known as “The Phony War.” Once hostilities really got going, people knew it was a real war. It took Harry Truman to coign the term “The Second World War.” (Until that time, WW I was known as “The Great War,” and WW II had been called by many “The War for Survival.”
    If hostilities commence in Syria—where it can get 130 degrees in the summer—World War III will be here. It might take a while for everyone to realize it (due to human nature’s propensity for denial), but WW III—The Great Culling—shall be upon us. Freemason Albert Pike’s dream of Three World Wars will have come true. From this hopeless and prolonged conflict (which I believe will go nuclear quickly) the Anti-Christ will emerge.
    Some in the Chabad Movement seem to believe that their Messiah is here. I agree: Everything seems to be SCRIPTED.

    Donald Trump’s Day of Reckoning with the Dustbin of History shall come quickly, like a thief in the night.

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  6. Off-topic but spooky:

    4/10/17: “Close Call for Air Force One as Military Plane Flies Dangerously Close Before Veering Off”:

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