Boyfriend forced to watch as refugee rapes his girlfriend at knifepoint during camping trip in Germany


From Daily Mail: A refugee from Ghana has been arrested for dragging a young woman from her tent and raping her while she was on a camping holiday with her boyfriend.

The young couple were on a camping trip in the Siegaue Nature Reserve, north of the former German capital of Bonn, when they were approached by a machete-wielding man at about 12.30am on Sunday last week.

The boyfriend was forced to watch as the attacker violated his 23-year-old lover. The boyfriend, 26, who had also been threatened by the man, contacted police and medical responders took her to hospital.

A photofit picture of the attacker led to his arrest on Saturday and DNA testing confirmed his guilt, according to police.

He tried to flee when police moved in to arrest him, flinging a rucksack at one officer. It turned out that the backpack was stolen from a barbecue party shortly before the rape occurred.

The rape was one of the most high-profile sex attacks laid at the door of refugees since the migrant crisis began, prompting hundreds of tips from the public.

The 31-year-old asylum seeker was arrested in Siegburg after a walker recognized him from the police wanted poster.



23 responses to “Boyfriend forced to watch as refugee rapes his girlfriend at knifepoint during camping trip in Germany

  1. And yet, despite this latest rape and other atrocities committed by “refugees,” it looks like German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be reelected.


    Merkel’s party comfortably won an election in March in the small southwestern state of Saarland — a vote seen as a bellwether for the national election in September. Merkel’s center-right Christian Democrats (CDU) won 40.7% of Sunday’s vote, a solid 5.5% increase on four years ago and a convincing win over the center-left Social Democrat Party (SPD,) which only took 29.6%.

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    • What happens when progressives tell your kids “diversity is our strength” (you suck, you racists) and “all violence is wrong” (especially self-defense) since birth, then multiply that by a whole country for 70 years.

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    • Eo, this whole monstrous event is SO degrading that I’ll volunteer to go there and confront that black PoS. And I’ll take him down, because it must be done before IT breeds or breathes again. Justin Time Trudeau, have you seen this? How about sending your wife on a feel-good mission to this native?

      I cannot read anymore. Good night and good luck to all under the spell of MCBS: yes, Multi-Cultural Bull Shit.


  2. Teufele Merkel, you and all your supporters will have to answer for every tear shed, every drop of blood fallen, from those who suffered because of you.

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  3. Hard to believe Merkel may be re-elected. Something is rotten there.

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  4. “I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don’t have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.”

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    • Love that movie and the exact stance that should have been taken.
      It is already happening here and media is complicit in keeping it quiet.
      A mid 50’s year old woman was gang raped by five invaders in Colorado Springs a few years ago, doing so much permenant damage, surgery did not repair her and she is now in hiding.
      Just how do we explain to our daughters, we didn’t prevent this? We could have, but chose not to.

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    • Understood & Amen.
      It is HORRIBLY clear something is 150% rotten in Germany.

      Germans & Germany MUST act NOW to save themselves, as comsymp Merkel never will. What a gas bag, even worse than the Hindenburg!

      I pray she too goes down in flames, but only hurts herself & her egomania!


  5. Amazing. First they used Hitler to ruin Germany, when Germany rebuilt itself they used Merkel to ruin Germany once again. How long does it take for people to wake up?

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  6. What kind of men do they have in Germany today? My guess is that the girlfriend will look for a new boyfriend who isn’t a snowflake.

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    • We had the same problem here in Canada in 1989; I was in WA state at the time, didn’t hear about L’ecole Polytechnique slaughter until the next day. I was so devastated by the ZERO response of the men in the room I stayed indoors all day. Beyond disgusting, it was a demoralising example to young men on defending ANY woman anywhere!

      My long analysis & essay about it was published by the Victoria Times-Colonist as an Editorial Page Special. I kept one copy for my daughter, as I wasn’t proud to have had to write it. Shame on every man in that room: your failure to act let part of Canada die there.

      Must stop, my BP’s starting to make my head throb.


  7. Whenever I read one of these stories about Muslims or black Africans raping or otherwise abusing Europeans, I find myself hoping that the victims were, at least, of the type who support Angels Merkels’ policies when such policies are what made the assault possible, or even inevitable in the first place.

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    • iconordic . . . you are right on the money! No one deserves to reap the rewards of Merkel’s policies more than those who support her. I used to have a desire to travel in Europe, but no more. I would be scared to death to visit as long as they have these out of control hoards roaming the country side.

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  8. A few things. First, I believe the former Islamic POS POTUS Obama talked Merkel into letting all this subhuman trash to settle into Germany as well as the leaders of all European countries. Second, they should be all expelled by any and all means necessary. To me, eliminating all of them would include burning down their mosques, korans, stores, homes, as well as dish out mob justice to anyone who hires them. It’s high time that the Crusaders arise from the ashes and retake what was stolen by these filthy vermin.


    • I fully concur. This was all preventable and those we elected to protect us. Failed us miserably due to their own agendas.


    • Merkel wasn’t following Obummer’s lead. They and many others are only puppets of the NWO elite. Soros is also a puppet of the NWO.


  9. Before the same black savages do their torture and tape in South Africa they cut the eyelids off the husband so they are forced to watch. I know, I probably should not have repeated it, it’s so horrific, but this I heard before I had any warning either from a White South African. We should know what we are up against as this government also ships in savages from Africa all over this country. It will just take longer for the problem to become a crisis since we are a bigger country than all those of Europe. I don’t know what God was thinking when he put two races on this planet that seem to be millennia apart from each other in evolution.


  10. Revival or judgment. Those are our options. And revival seems to be the less popular option. God save us!


  11. The boyfriend should have shot that bastard-Oh,wait-no Guns.

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  12. this…is…what’s…wrong…with…europe.
    the whole scenario is a metaphor for what is wrong with europe.
    the rapefugees are doing what they do best…terrorize.
    the european males are eunuchs.
    the females need to learn self-defense and how to carry and use a weapon.
    throw the legislators in prison and kick out the refugees….tell them to rape a hole in the ground in the middle east (on a side note, I do wonder what will happen to all that freed up land the refugees have given up…who will take it over?).
    the “boyfriend” should wear a skirt and call himself a “girl” because he lost his balls by sitting there and allowing some piece of acrobatic filth with a knife to “threaten” him, brutalize his woman, and orgasm inside her, all at the same time, and all the while the “eunuch” was too scared to protect or fight for his woman.
    A real man would have fought the coward with the knife to protect his woman. He would have risked his personal safety to protect her, not cower in the tent.
    This is europe, where the legislators are rich from open doors and rape/abortion profits, the men are emasculated, the women/children are violated, and the rapefugees are the “victims” all in the name of “diversity”…which is code speak for ‘national suicide’.
    By the way, I wouldn’t be surprised if the election was rigged.
    But, it doesn’t matter who wins (just like in usa), because it’s always the lesser of 2 evils…either way, you get evil.

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  13. Breaking News: Just Another Rapefugee in Germany: 10 Days Before the Rape in Bonn’s Siegaue Nature Preserve, the Ghanaian Had Received His Deportation Notice!

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