Palm Sunday: Beginning of the week that changed the world

Mark 11:1-4, 7-10

When Jesus and his disciples drew near to Jerusalem,
to Bethphage and Bethany at the Mount of Olives,
he sent two of his disciples and said to them,
“Go into the village opposite you,
and immediately on entering it,
you will find a colt tethered on which no one has ever sat.
Untie it and bring it here.
If anyone should say to you,
‘Why are you doing this?’ reply,
‘The Master has need of it
and will send it back here at once.’”
So they went off
and found a colt tethered at a gate outside on the street,
and they untied it….
So they brought the colt to Jesus
and put their cloaks over it.
And he sat on it.
Many people spread their cloaks on the road,
and others spread leafy branches
that they had cut from the fields.
Those preceding him as well as those following kept crying out:
Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! …
Hosanna in the highest!”

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, the beginning of the holiest week in Christianity.

It is the week that changed the world. The week in which the Son of God willingly sacrificed Himself, was tortured horribly, nailed to a cross and left to die — for our redemption.

That’s how much He loves us wretched, puny, selfish, ever-quarreling humans.

If you go to church today, you will receive a long piece of palm leaf. This video gives very easy-to-follow instructions on how you can make a cross from your palm!

May the peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, and remember to tell Him that you love Him very, very, very much — with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind, and with every ounce of your strength.



10 responses to “Palm Sunday: Beginning of the week that changed the world

  1. Because He Lives, we can face Tomorrow.

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  2. This is the time for us to reflect in His Glory, I wish to all Peace in Our Hearts. Glory to God and to the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amén.

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  3. “By their fruits Ye shall know them.”

    Christianity is the ONLY phenomenon in History that, the more it is persecuted, the more it GROWS.

    Much is wrong in the world. And much is wrong in the Church Jesus Himself Founded. Be that as it may, “the battle is the Lord’s,” and we must never lose heart.

    Many members of other religions regard those not members of their sect to be the problem. The real Christian begins with HIMSELF, where he is, and not where he would like to be. Christianity is hated almost universally because it takes every natural impulse and suppresses it. This is absolutely fundamental because, at heart, we are sinners prone to evil. We are not, by our fallen nature, “nice”: We are a race of marauders, killers and thieves!

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  4. traildustfotm


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  5. beautiful…gives me chills just thinking about it…

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  6. TY

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  7. While it is a noble act to remember the final days of Jesus’s ministry here on earth, the timeline is not Biblical. Firstly, according to archeological studies, Jesus would have rode into Jerusalem on a donkey according to what the modern calendar show as April 6, 32 AD. And Jesus never died on a Friday, as what the churches would have us to believe. I admit though, that traditions​ strengthen our faith, as long as traditions don’t surpass our faith.


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