Famed NYC bakery’s immigrant workers defy Trump

tom cat bakery

Provide proof of legal status or adios muchachos…

From Fox News: Workers at a famed New York bakery who face a deadline to produce immigration papers are instead defying the government in public — at President Donald Trump’s Manhattan home.

The 31 employees of the Tom Cat Bakery will be fired and could be deported if they cannot prove by April 21 that they’re working in the country legally.

They’re rallied Saturday afternoon in front of Trump Tower.

The Department of Homeland Security set the deadline for the workers to show their employment documents. Many have worked on the gourmet bakery’s production line for much of its 30-year existence.

Tom Cat covers a whole city block in Queens, churning out artisanal bread 24 hours a day and delivering it around in the New York City area.



12 responses to “Famed NYC bakery’s immigrant workers defy Trump

  1. Hit the road Juan.

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    • El Dominicano, the racing car of Trujillo Jr, son of the Dominican Republic dictator, had two mechanics, both named Juan. To legally drive it on the street one of them first de-tuned, then re-tuned the the car; the other Juan was lead mechanic on the racing team. In the Sixties we used to say they had Juan for the car, and Juan for the road. The Sixties, dontcha know….


  2. “They” are defying my parents who immigrated legally, and depriving citizens of employment. Really, blame the employer. How many laws were broken hiring these illegals?
    Don’t blame us or Trump if previously non enforcement was the norm.

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  3. I insist, respect the law and fear none, come in legally, as we did in the 60’s and any other time there has been a migration into the United States, any other country will literally THROW YOU OUT, no mercy on illegals.

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  4. Homeland Security audit at Tom Cat Bakery started during Obama’s administration — not Trump’s


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  5. “Course,as with everything ELSE Obama does,NOTHING is “above board”.


  6. I ordered a wetback LGBT sodomy cake from them, and they promised to put all they had into it.


  7. Tom Cat Bakery is in my neighborhood here in Long Island City; They’re just a few blocks away on Vernon Blvd. I see their trucks every day.
    I am not aware of buying any of Tom Cat’s products, but suffice it to say they sell to restaurants and the like. I’ve never seen their products for sale in the store.
    Be that as it may, if they broke the law “knowingly and willingly,” then the law must be followed. The only thing that galls me is that this seems like selective prosecution. The Feds really should go after the construction industry—thousands of illegals work in its various companies.

    Oddly enough, New York’s Taxi & Limousine Commission will allow legal immigrants to obtain licenses, but they are up on their paperwork and won’t allow an immigrant to obtain a license without the valid paperwork. So, again, this seems like selective prosecution. It sounds to me that some hep-cat is trying to scapegoat Tom Cat. Tom Cat Bakery is not out to destroy the Republic: Both political parties have already done a good job on that!


  8. Can Americans not bake bread?? Who cares, go home NOW!
    This IN YOUR FACE defiance needs to be dealt with pronto!

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