Student gets into Stanford after writing #BlackLivesMatter on application 100 times

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Twofer: Ahmed played the victim and racism/Muslim cards.

From CNN: If you’re applying to college, you can spend hours crafting the perfect admissions essay. Or you can just write the same word 100 times. It worked for Ziad Ahmed.

The Princeton, New Jersey, high school senior was recently admitted to Stanford University after writing #BlackLivesMatter 100 times in response to the application question, “What matters to you and why?”

Ahmed has been flooded with attention since posting his essay answer to Twitter. “First, there was a word limit on the question prompt — you couldn’t have less than 100 words,” he explained in an interview with CNN.

“As I completed my application, my academic work, volunteer activity, extracurricular and activism created a picture, but it became apparent to me as I neared that final question that the picture lacked my voice,” he added. “It was important that to me that the admissions officers literally hear my impatience for justice and the significance of this issue.”

Ahmed, 18, is a practicing Muslim and a self-described activist. He says much of his passion stems from him experiencing racism of his own.

He says he decided to use the hashtag because it conveyed his frustrations with the judicial system’s failure to protect the black community from violence, systemic inequity and political disenfranchisement.

CNN reached out to Stanford to confirm Ahmed’s story. A university spokesman said the school does not comment on student applications.

As a freshman in high school Ahmed founded Redefy, a nonprofit organization that advocates for social justice. Its mission is to defy stereotypes, defeat hate and promote tolerance through workshops for young students.

Ahmed says that as a Muslim who has faced bigotry in the United States he feels an affinity for African-Americans. “The Islamophobia that is heavily present in this country is connected to the legacy of racism and oppression that the black community continues to face,” he said.

Ahmed told CNN he has been bullied online by white extremists since his successful Stanford application made headlines. But he says he’s also been overwhelmed by an outpouring of support and congratulations.

He hopes his story will encourage others to fight intolerance and social inequity.

Ahmed is still deciding which school he will attend. But wherever he goes to college, he said it’s his goal to listen, develop and innovate to become a better advocate and a better citizen. “I am many things, but I am an unapologetic progressive activist first and foremost,” he said.



20 responses to “Student gets into Stanford after writing #BlackLivesMatter on application 100 times

  1. This was a slap in the face to every person that worked their rear off and passed their college exams to get it.
    I don’t consider being an activist for BLM, a terror group, anything to brag about.
    Sounds like he plans on his whole college career to be an AA one.
    He wants protection for the black community, maybe he should have addressed his letter to the Mayor of Chicago. That is a good start.
    He claims to have been harassed, poor baby. Life is going to be rough for him, he had better learn to suck it up and fast.

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  2. During the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in Communist China, the Great Helmsman and Never Setting Sun In Our Hearts Chairman Mao Zedong, who disdained intellectual achievement, lauded a student for submitting a blank sheet of paper as his answer to an exam. What Stanford U. did is no different.

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    • Mao knew what he needed for his regime; unthinking matons incapable of understanding. This is why regimes always try to teach children not how to think but what to think. Teach a few generations that reading is lame, boring, and nerdy and they’ll fall for anything. Lots of Americans right now, not just millennials, fit into that category. Some hate reading, others hate thinking for themselves and questioning the official narrative, preferring being spoon fed pablum created by the fabrication media.



        When you have the time, go to any search engine:
        1) What is the Abortion rate among African Americans vs. White people.

        2) Go to the FBI site: Crime rates by White People vs. Black People,

        I worked for the City of Dallas the year “Affirmative Action” was implemented. What never reached the morning TV news OR in any of the newspapers.
        I’ll just give four examples out of many, many experiences working with the African Americans at that time.
        !) We had to clear the building due to a bomb threat. The next day, there was a note taped inside my desk drawer. There was no bomb threat. The was a threat to rape all White Women at City Hall.
        3) The Mayor had been watching over me and asked me to leave that department and work for her. I was walking to the ladies room. It was one floor down using the stairs. Suddenly I was yanked into the stairwell, slammed my body and head against a brick wall by a very large Black Woman. She had me pinned to the wall with her forearm as she was stabbing between my eyes with a “double-acrylic fingernail saying, “Don’t you dare take that job at the Mayor’s office, She really didn’t want it because you worked long hours with no Time and 1/2 pay. She just didn’t want me to have it. I reported her to personnel. She was to go to counseling. Geee, she received 3 entire hours! That was it!
        4) I worked late hours when an important issue would be presented to the Dallas City Council. When I finally got off work, all “4” of my tires were slashed.” I started having to park BEHIND City Hall. There was no bright lights there; however I never had slashed tires again!


  3. In my opinion that just put Stanford University at the bottom of acceptable Universities I would want a degree from. In fact that puts it below Middle School levels. I wonder if another students did the same thing by writing Blue Lives Matter if Stanford University would turn him down as a raciest? Bet that would make a discrimination law suit a hundred attorneys would bid on!

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  4. Stanford loves highly literate applicants like this little fraud, whose extracurricular creates a picture but lacks his voice, and Stanford’s admissions officers were apparently astonished by the depth and cogency of his argument that justice is best served by BLM rioting and violence. He’s probably already fast-tracked for Stanford Law School.

    The reality is that white students with superior grades and intellects can be and are passed over at elite schools on the grounds that certain after school activities, virtual pass keys kept secret from middle American white kids but circulated among the Left, count more than grades. One way this works, for example, is that these Asian kids’ parents already know that having their kids do their homework in a quiet office while pretending to be volunteering after school at the social justice front du jour will not only get their mediocre offspring rave recommendations, but into these elite schools and with a package of free tuition to boot. Anyone who thinks of these Asians as fellow Americans needs his head examined.


  5. The mind boggles– this is why graduates have a Starbucks career now.

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  6. I want a million dollars. I want a million dollars. I want a million dollars. I want a million dollars. I want a million dollars. I want a million dollars. I want a million dollars. I want a million dollars. I want a million dollars. I want a mil

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    • LOL. If only it were true… We write it out enough times & it comes true. Only in LaLaLand.

      You need to have Michael Anthony knock on your door.

      In the 1950s (TV show) he used to deliver $1 Million checks to unsuspecting miscellaneous people.

      The intro is about 2 minutes. At 12:30 minutes Anthony makes a visit to a young Charles Bronson to surprise him with a Million dollar check:

      As for the BLM dude, isn’t it Stanford that produces all the programmers & techie guys? Will Mr. BLM/SJW write software code based on BLM BLM BLM BLM BLM BLM BLM… coming soon to an app near you…


  7. The time was when a degree from Stanford merited some respect,..

    But that was then,..& this is now,..

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  8. BLACK PANTHERS = BLACK LIVES MATTER. Another one that will be “given” a diploma for being stupid. Michael Obama got one!!!

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  9. What makes you so sure this is true? It WAS taken from a CNN story,ya know…

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  10. DEPORT!!!!

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  11. Says he’s still deciding. Bets on him ending up here in Stanford, in the land of “fruits and nuts,” CA? I’ll wager 5 bucks on it. Anyone else game?


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