Shia LaBeouf Freaks Out at Jerry’s Deli, Calls Bartender a ‘Racist’

shia labepouf

Shia’s new movie, appropriately titled, Man Down

LaBeouf should probably enroll in anger management class. Or lay off the beers.

From Yahoo: Shia LaBeouf went off on an expletive-laden rant, calling a bartender a “fing racist” and “fing racist b****.” So what was the argument over? French fries.

TMZ has video of the verbal altercation that took place at Jerry’s Deli in Studio City, Calif. The 30-year-old actor was reportedly bowling next door at Pinz, where he had been “pounding back beers” for three hours, according to the website.

It’s not clear how the incident began, but when the footage starts, the Transformers star is clearly upset that he isn’t being served fries.

“I’m asking you about why you won’t serve me French fries,” LaBeouf yells. “I’m asking you about the French fries, and you wanna hit me in the head with a Grey Goose bottle!”

The bartender in question can be seen holding a bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

“He wanted to hit me with a Grey Goose bottle about French fries,” LaBeouf rants. “You fing racist b… you f***ed up!”

After becoming unruly, LaBeouf was obviously asked to leave. On his way out, he hurled more profanities, repeatedly calling the bartender a racist (and also said something about Tennessee). It’s unclear what prompted the accusation. The temperamental actor left but then returned after realizing he was still wearing his bowling shoes. He sprinted away down the street after exchanging his footwear.

Hey, if your new movie, Man Down, sold only one ticket in the U.K. during its opening weekend — yes, one — you’d be upset too.



16 responses to “Shia LaBeouf Freaks Out at Jerry’s Deli, Calls Bartender a ‘Racist’

  1. Saw a headline on Drudge Report yesterday that LaBeouf’s movie sold more tickets in the UK – a whopping THREE more tickets.

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  2. Jeez, if he’s going to be a flake, could he party too much and wind up in rehab like how other Hollyweird folk do it?

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  3. I really didn’t care if this pathetic example of today’s millennials called the bartender a racist.

    When he said some about Tennessee, that was going too far!!!

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  4. Actually, I liked his movies when he was a teenager. It’s too bad he lost his way.

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  5. Being drunk is no excuse for anyone; don’t get drunk…period. People are responsible for their actions whether drunk or sober. Being angry is also not an excuse. He couldn’t have been too drunk if he had enough wits about him to realize he was still wearing bowling shoes.

    I also wonder, considering that he was a young boy in Hollywood, if perhaps he was a victim of pedophilia and/or mind control.

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    • Have you no compassion, Mary? This man was denied an order of fries because of his race! Would it be all right to deny a drunk black guy, or an Indian, some frites simply by virtue of their ethnicity? What does their level of inebriation have to do with it?

      Anyway, they kick people out of bars all the time because people have had too much to drink. This poor young thing was denied a meager snack simply because he’s WHITE. A scandal!

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  6. This is very good news. I am so tired of hearing that white people can’t be victims of racism; here we have a lily white millennial admitting it’s a lie, angrily. Let’s hope everyone from now on agrees. Obviously, this poor fellow was discriminated against because of his pale skin color, and we must stand up for him.

    The idea that hatred of white people can never be “racism” because whites by definition have “power” is annoying, obviously, but movie stars by definition are more “powerful” than most people. Here we have the apotheosis of “power,” and he’s hated simply because he’s a white guy.

    All of Hollywood needs to get behind this scandal. Make some of those goofy videos where a bunch of them speaks each of them a single word, with utter earnestness, revealing a political message as the sentences become completed. White guy, big shot Hollywood player, denied an order of fries because of his race. IN HOLLYWOOD.

    A scandal I can get behind.

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    • I think the main thing here is that he was denied french fries not because of any race related issue,but because he was getting drunk-n-disorderly. Even I would have escorted him to the door,because I DESPISE loud obnoxious drunks.

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  7. One of these days some Hollyweird jerk is going to get into the wrong persons face and get his features rearranged and a few chiclets knocked out. That just might be worth 90 days to bust these pricks a good one.

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  8. Perhaps, on second thought, I spoke too quickly. Maybe, the victim’s name explains what happened. Maybe the bartender knew the sad little man is named “LaBeouf”–which is obviously French. He might have thought he was being asked to serve a “cheese-eating surrender monkey,” and refused. Poor Shia, naturally, interpreted this as an attack on his “race,” even though the French are in fact white people, so it wasn’t about “whiteness,” but about “Frenchness.” If so, I stand corrected.

    This has a precedent, of course. Didn’t restaurants in decades past change the name of French Fries to “Freedom Fries” because the Frenchies did something someone didn’t like? I can’t remember the details, but in THIS incident the boy was indeed ordering that snack food, and he DOES have a French name. Maybe.


  9. Shia started acting out several years ago and I think I remember he was actually given a warning or something along that line.
    A serious intervention is needed on this young man, although he may be too far gone. Is his family around? Are they too scared of correcting him? Do they accept money and turn their heads?
    If there is no family, perhaps his agent or studio. Someone needs to get involved before something really bad happens. It is escalating.

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  10. So done with him. This not only does not make sense to me…it is unworthy. This is a broken/wasted human being who has decompensated in public. If he does not seek help on his own, down the line LAW will remand him to some sort of help or some sort of consequence. And then, we’ll hear about all his whining excuses/apologetics ad nauseum in the “HollyWeird” news.


  11. Shia LaBeouf Hit With $5M Lawsuit After Calling Bartender A “Fcking Racist Btch”

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