Seattle’s homosexual mayor Ed Murray accused of sexually molesting 3 teen boys

Seattle’s homosexual mayor Ed Murray, 61, one of Washington state’s most powerful politicians, is accused of having sexually molested a 15-year-old boy in the 1980s. At the time, Murray would have been in his early 30s.

Lewis Kamb and Jim Brunner report for Seattle Times that on April 6, 2017, a 46-year-old man with the initials D.H., a resident of Kent, Washington, filed a lawsuit in King County Superior Court, claiming that Ed Murray had “raped and molested him” over several years, beginning in 1986 when the man was a 15-year-old crack-cocaine addicted high-school dropout. Murray gave the teen payments of $10 to $20.

In an interview with The Seattle Times, D. H. said, “I have been dealing with this for over 30 years,” and that he’s now coming forward as part of a “healing process” after years of “the shame, the embarrassment, the guilt, the humiliation that I put myself through and that he [Murray] put me through.”

In his lawsuit, D.H. said he first met Murray on a Metro bus on Capitol Hill, and that Murray invited him back to his apartment, propositioning him for sex. The two haggled over the price — $10 or $15. Before first paying D.H. for sex in 1986, “Mr. Murray asked D.H. his age, and he responded truthfully, age 15.” Murray continued to pay D.H. at least 50 times during the next four to five years. The lawsuit says: “And there’s times he [Murray] would be doing certain things and I would tell him to stop and he wouldn’t stop, and I let it happen because I wanted that money so I can go get those drugs.”

Sex with a child under 16 — the age of legal consent in Washington in 1986 and today — constitutes rape of a child under state law. But the statute of limitations to bring any criminal charges based on D.H.’s claims expired long ago.

For civil cases, however, victims of child sex abuse are able to bring claims in Washington for years and well into adulthood, depending on when a victim recognizes the impacts such abuse has had on their life. D.H.’s civil lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, and notes that D.H. has not previously made “any financial demands” of Murray. D.H. initially took his allegations to Lawand Anderson, a Des Moines lawyer. She has teamed up on the lawsuit with Lincoln Beauregard and Julie Kays with Connelly Law Offices, a high-powered firm that has won major judgments in abuse cases.

D.H. said he is taking action now, in part, because his father’s recent death has freed him of a desire to keep the abuse secret. He’s also now getting counseling and participating in addiction-recovery programs.

Murray, who is running for re-election this year, vehemently denied the allegations and abruptly canceled a scheduled news conference about police reform.

A statement from Murray’s personal spokesman Jeff Reading read:

“These false accusations are intended to damage a prominent elected official who has been a defender of vulnerable populations for decades. It is not a coincidence that this shakedown effort comes within weeks of the campaign filing deadline. These unsubstantiated assertions, dating back three decades, are categorically false. Mayor Murray has never engaged in an inappropriate relationship with any minor. … Mayor Murray will vigorously fight these allegations in court.”

D.H. is not the first or only man to accuse Murray of sexual abuse that occurred decades ago. But the D.H. lawsuit confronts Murray with a formal public accusation of sexual molestation for the first time.

Two other men, Jeff Simpson and Lloyd Anderson, had accused Murray of abusing them in the 1980s when Simpson was 13 and Anderson was 16 years old. Both men had known Murray when they were growing up in a Portland center for troubled children.

Simpson, who is 49 and a public roads crew worker, says Murray — whom he thought of as a father — raped him over several years, starting at age 13, and in later years paid him. Simpson said, “I would really like for him [Murray] to admit it and to take responsibility. I don’t necessarily think that he destroyed my life, but I believe a lot of the problems I have stemmed from this.”

Simpson first made the accusation in 1984 when he was a teenager, and talked with a social worker and detective at the time. No charges were filed. In 2007, with support from Lloyd Anderson, Simpson tried to sue Murray, then a state senator, but the case fell apart when Simpson’s lawyer withdrew.

Anderson also said Murray had paid him for sex when he was teenager. Both Simpson and Anderson repeated their accusations in recent interviews with The Seattle Times, saying they would testify in court if needed.

The details of D.H.’s allegations bear similarities with Simpson’s and Anderson’s cases, which lend weight and relevance to D.H.’s lawsuit. The similarities include:

  • Details about Murray’s 1980s Capitol Hill apartment.
  • Murray’s phone number at the time.
  • A description of the mayor’s genitals: Both D.H. and Anderson describe Murray as having an unusual bump or mole on his penis and bright red pubic hair.

Speaking for the mayor, spokesman Reading dismisses Simpson and Anderson as “two older accusations [that] were promoted by extreme right-wing anti-gay activists in the midst of the marriage equality campaign, and were thoroughly investigated and dismissed by both law enforcement authorities and the media.”

All three of Murray’s accusers have substantial criminal records.

H/t National Enquirer

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23 responses to “Seattle’s homosexual mayor Ed Murray accused of sexually molesting 3 teen boys

  1. This is what the LGBT PERVERSION brings to the table-despicable seeing a man calling another man his marriage partner-people have become so dumbed down they have allowed TOLERATION to turn into EMBRACING this sickness

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  2. “But the statute of limitations to bring any criminal charges based on D.H.’s claims expired long ago.”
    there should NEVER be a statute of limitations on rapists of children/women…
    statute of limitations is a pass for rapists/politicians, esp in D.C./virginia…
    seattle is so messed up (like CA), they will probably throw a parade for murray, just like they do in CA for harvey milk…and they know he was a pederast and celebrate him anyway, because they are all deviants and worshippers of satan.

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  3. And his running again for the seat, haha! let’s hope that the people vote him out of office for being a lying bastard, and every penny he has made the lawyers take it. And he is convicted for rape of three minors. And he gets thrown in jail with REAL MEN, and maybe he can write a book on his cell adventures.

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  4. It should come as no surprise that these aging homos have skeletons in their closets that tell the tails of the seduction of troubled and vulnerable boys; after all homosexual men MUST bring into the “lifestyle” an ever fresh supply of young men to be victimized. I am not in the least troubled that each of these three victims of this bastard has criminal records, that’s the ling of thing that happens to young people when they are spitefully used in this manner. Why don’t we have panel of three physicians strip Mr Murray and look for the telltale signs these young men have brought forth ie bright red public hair and a bump on his penis. As far as I am concerned if these facts are proven to be true then there must be some validity to what the victims have said. This turkey needs to be tried, imprisoned with Bubba and his crew . . . therefore he will get all the weirdo sex he could ever want, and the City of Seattle could possibly get a mayor who is not a monster from the dregs of hell. I would consider moving to Seattle if they would let me sit on the jury that tries this case!

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  5. Go to jail! Go directly to jail! Do not pass Go, do not steal $200.00!

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  6. Typical…


  7. Seems Seattle’s swamp is growing daily. This would be a great place to start draining.

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  8. The worst thing working against the LGBT1@#$% communities all these years has been their collective proclivity for serious sexual transgression against others NOT volunteering for their “group identity, ” in particular, underaged human beings of any sex. With Ed Murray, “Here we go again.” If “they” would, for instance, really “settle down” into monogamous “marriages,” this would all go away and be MOOT…..BUT….when their sexual needs are satisfied daily or historically by a “port in any storm,” then, they are just users and whores…of any sexual preference, by definition.

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    This is a true story. Years ago, I lived in Richardson, TX. I just bought a nightclub and walking in the door for the first time when I saw a young man with many watered down drinks sitting in front of him. I asked the bartender, “please go with me to the liquor room. Why in hell are you you over-serving that man!??? Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (“TABC”) will shut me down!?
    The answer? A man in his neighborhood waited until the little girls were playing outside until dark. He pulled a little girl off away from the others; and raped that child.
    Frustrated the police did little to find out who it was ande arrest him.
    This young man waited outside in the dark until thatr pervert showed up again. Then he murdered him.
    Yes, he did go to prison. The tale is true that even the most violent criminals know you just don’t rape children. It IS TRUE tale that guards protect a man like this in prision from the other inmates who were there for rape charges.

    He was only in jail for “5” months vs. the Death Penalty or life in prison.

    He was at my club everynight until I sold it. I’m sure he remained coming into the club when someone bought it from me.

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    • upaces….pretty much you confirmed what I meant in the post before yours-LGBT etc etc….predators of any sexual persuasion or preference will seek sexual satisfaction in any age group, in any sex, or in any opportunistic sexual advantage no matter age or gender. All this knows no boundaries. ..that’s why is it is called PERVERSE. Thanks for your contribution!

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        They CHOOSE the weakest because if they tried those acts on a woman here in Texas. She’d probably shoot him…..and would not go to prison for it.

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  10. But isn’t that what they do? I thought that the previous President had the laws changed to accommodate the LGBT community and their previously frowned upon habits.



    It is never about sex. It is about “Power and Control” over another human being.


  12. This guy was in hi 30’s, he molested a boy! What is wrong with liberals that this means nothing to them and they just vote them right into power. OMG Liberals are so dense and brain dead! What do we do with them because they’re killing our children and youth and our wonderful country!

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  13. traildustfotm

    And yet, somebody voted for him. Sad.

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  14. And the plot thickens…
    “As allegations of sexual abuse continue to surround Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, he admitted Tuesday that he does have a connection with one of his accusers. “I was his legal guardian for just under two years,” Murray told KIRO 7 Tuesday, referring to Jeff Simpson.”

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  15. In case you missed it…

    Lawyer to Mayor Murray: ‘You’re not that important, sir’


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