Rachel Dolezal speaks out: ‘I am not a fraud’

rachel dolezal

Rachel Dolezal: Her label is too complicated…

I have a label for her: delusional.

From MyNorthwest.com: Nearly two years after the world discovered that the head of Spokane’s NAACP was not a black woman, but a white woman passing as African-American, Rachel Dolezal maintains she is not a fraud.

“I have an authentic identity,” Dolezal told KIRO Radio’s Jason and Burns Show. “Even though I was born to white parents, I have an authentic cultural and philosophical, political identity, and that is described as ‘black’ within the terms we have in our society right now.”

“If there was a more complex label allowed, I would describe myself as trans black … born into a white category and identifying as black, maybe even Pan-African, pro black, bisexual, activist, artist, other,” she said. “I really am a human being. I am a mom. I am a woman. The last thing that describes or defines me is a fraud.”

That’s a sentiment delivered in Dolezal’s recently-released book, “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.” What readers will likely find is that there is more to the story behind Dolezal than reported. For example, Gerald Hankerson, NAACP president of the Alaska Oregon Washington state area is quoted on the back cover:

The storm of vitriol Rachel received in the national spotlight was as cruel as it was undeserved. Her deep compassion for others shines through every chapter of her life and has clearly motivated her truly outstanding advocacy work.

Albert Wilkerson Jr., the man who Dolezal describes as her non-biological father, wrote the forward. He describes how her “vibe felt black” and how he was unaware of Dolezal’s white parents, but it didn’t matter to him. He cared more about her social justice work.

But not everyone is as accepting as Hankerson and Wilkerson, as Jason and Burns found out when they interviewed Dolezal, pressing her on issues of fraud and comparing trans-racial experiences to that of the transgender community.

Rachel Dolezal: Early life

Dolezal briefed Jason and Burns on her life story, starting when she was very young and she did not feel white. By the time she was 8 years old, she learned to repress her non-white feelings.

“I felt like I had been born wrong,” she said. “I had something wrong with me and I had to atone for that whether it was in the religious sphere I was in; sometimes it was labeled as being demon possessed, or just even dancing to music was not OK as a girl. I really repressed my entire childhood. When I got to college I was still, in many ways, repressed and heavily socially conditioned and brainwashed into believing race was biological.

Things began to change when she attended college in Mississippi, she said. She thinks it was then that many people began to feel as if she was light-skinned, but African American.

“The way that I moved in the very racially polarized Mississippi culture, people were, ‘Well, she can’t be white if she is comfortable in this environment,’ or is doing with x, y, z; fighting for civil rights,” Dolezal said. “…so people started assuming that I was black. And I let that assumption be and carry. But I didn’t assert or feel personal agency to name my identity until after my divorce.”

Her identity was put on hold again, Dolezal explained, when she was married after college. Her husband had no interest in black culture. Her religious upbringing kicked in and she submitted to her husband. But at 26, she was divorced. She took on four jobs, raised her kids, started therapy to deal with sexual and childhood abuses, and the PTSD it left behind. She continued on as a black woman and met her non-biological father. And eventually she became involved in the Spokane NAACP.

Some of her community has faded away, and others close to her have stuck around through the hard times. “When this all happened they had whatever reaction they felt,” Dolezal recalled. “Some people were bothered and felt a sense of betrayal that I hadn’t disclosed everything to them. Those relationships I lost. Other people were not bothered by it … Those relationships with people who knew me better than the surface, who knew me more than a casual relationship, they lasted.”

And since the fallout in 2015, Dolezal has found support in other corners of the world. People have reached out to her.

“In the public eye, I think I am on a little bit of an island, but I hear from people every day who feel the way I feel; in the same direction, in the opposite direction across the color line,” she said. “An Asian man who feels white and has done surgery to his eyes to transition; a white man who feels Mexican and has done surgery to his nose and has altered his appearance and is living in Mexico; a black woman who feels white and has altered her appearance. I hear from people all the time who have a sense of plural identity, but are handling it in a very private way … I think people are scared. They don’t want to be mocked and shamed or ridiculed into isolation or be treated the way I have been treated.”

“I don’t see myself as a victim,” Dolezal said. “I do feel like I’m a survivor … I’ve survived a number of things throughout life and I’m doing my best to make it through another round of challenges right now.”



21 responses to “Rachel Dolezal speaks out: ‘I am not a fraud’

  1. If she is not a fraud, she is mentally ill.

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    • she is mentally ill and a fraud…she didn’t present herself as caucasian…she deliberately presented herself as “black” and was awarded a position and paychecks for it…fraud is fraud.

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  2. “When I got to college I was still, in many ways, repressed and heavily socially conditioned and brainwashed into believing race was biological.”

    Has anyone asked her parents what “race” she is?

    Has anyone performed a DNA test to determine her genealogical history?

    If race is NOT biological, I am now claiming that I am American Indian. Oh wait, Elizabeth Warren has beat me to it.

    P.S. my great grandmother was 100% Cherokee which puts me well ahead of Lie-a-watha Warren.

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  3. She gats dat ghetto nose tho, so that’s a plus in her argument.


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  4. The heck?

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  5. Although born and raised in Montana, she went to college in Mississippi and surely picked up a nice southern accent to go along with her African American lingo. Later, she went to Howard, getting a scholarship meant for African Americans…….they didn’t know she was white.

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  6. Despite her rather elaborate explanation for her “trans-black narrative,” Doozie’s rant makes her no more Negroid than a man chanting, “I am a jelly donut!” a jelly donut.
    Now onto the matter at hand. Why is it that many relatively good-looking white women date black men? Is it out of sympathy, or some form of identification? NO. Here are the reasons:
    1. They want to get even with their parents.
    2. They are ashamed of being white.
    3. For pornographic reasons (nudge, nudge, say no more).

    Seriously, and with no disrespect intended for any women reading this. I do not claim to know everything about women. I do not claim to out-Freud Freud regarding women. But there is one thing I have observed: If there’s one thing that truly frightens women, it is the possibility of becoming irrelevant.
    For a woman who seems to be very fearful of losing her 15 minutes of fame, Doozie sure seems to be announcing her irrelevance to me. Don’t go away sad, Doozie. Just GO AWAY.

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    • /steven . . . Amen to that!


    • “I am a jelly donut!” a jelly donut.

      Well, if anyone is a jelly donut, their “other half” is out there somewhere waiting to “blossom” into his/her/it/zit “true self”:

      “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner,
      That is what I truly wish to beeeee,

      ‘Cause if I were a Oscar Mayer Weiner
      Everyone would be in love
      Oh everyone would be in love
      Everyone would be in love with me.”

      1965 Commercial/Song 😀


  7. Rachel Dolezal and Hillary Clinton are both fake sistahs.

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  8. Once upon a time people like her were quietly put away in a special place, where special doctors tended to them and their family came for brief visits on Sunday afternoons. Families understood but were distreetly guarded about their ‘unfortunate’ relative and a bit embarrassed that one of their own was ‘special’.

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  9. Us “whites” don’t like her because she is a dumb ass, blacks don’t like her b’cous she a dumbass and a wacko. In her next life she’ll be smitten and return an albino snake.

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  10. She’s got a story and she’s stickin’ to it…🙄

    Rachel Dolezal Claims She’s “A Woke Soul Sista” in New Autobiography


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  11. Kevin J Lankford

    Her every word, her every excuse makes it all the more clear that she is mentally unstable and deranged, and more strangely, all self induced.

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  12. “I’m not a fraud!,” says the fake-black fraud. Too funny.

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  13. I’m holding my breath for the day the first person claims they are a Zebra, black+white striped!

    I’m thinking the “talk shows” of the 1980s-1990s was the beginning of this madness, including the gobs of “self-help” psychology books that flooded in along with those TV shows. Add a dose of “cosmetic surgery” to whiten your skin, shave down the nose, un-slant the eyes, & only the doctors know what else people are asking for. Good grief!

    The talk shows & books went from “get in touch with your inner child” to now getting in touch with “your inner black child” (Dolezal), your “inner Mexican child” (white guy), your “inner white child” (Asian guy), etc. SMH.

    Fanciful imaginations those people must have had since they were kids. I do NOT buy the reasons Dolezal makes, not one bit. Developmental Disorder, lack of validation, etc., is more like it.


  14. Dear friends, all people of good, think of one thing.

    The woman went to a clinic, there engaged the services of some DNA testing. Doctors told him that their ancestors confirmed results from Wikipedia, where it appears that has ancestors from Turkey, North Africa, etc.

    Within weeks, it was decanted for signing up as black, black, because Wikipedia and other sites of DNA said that she was black.

    The truth is this:

    She was deceived, and portals are Zionists, with propaganda anti-Western, misrepresenting the scientific information.

    And, there was no way to change your opinion.


  15. I was born into the body of an “average , female, white American” but in my mind, I FEEL LIKE I am a privileged ruling class of Medieval Europe. I’m feelin’ kinda’ Frenchy-English right now….as though I was a male warrior & took over the crown in England….yeah….that whole Norman Invasion thing…..So, from now on, call me “William (the Conqueror)” Please kneel before me before you post anything further. And, PS…I think I need a new SSN.

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  16. You peoples should be ashamed of yourselves. Ridiculing and mocking this person. She is clearly mentally retarded , delusional , psychotic and probably has a big fat black ass…So leave her alone…or I’m going to my “safe place” to rock back and forth in the fetal position… whilst sucking my thumb.


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