Look who support Trump’s missile strike on Syria

In the early morning hours of April 7, 2017, the Trump administration fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from a U.S. destroyer in the Mediterranean Sea, at Shayrat Air Base in Syria, alleged to be the location from where the Assad government, on April 4, allegedly launched a chemical attack of sarin nerve gas which killed many civilians, including women and children, in the rebel-held town of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province.

Trump undertook this act of war against the legitimate government of a sovereign state who has the support of Russia and China:

  • without an official investigation of the alleged chemical attack
  • without the approval of Congress
  • without an act of aggression from the Syrian government against the United States
  • without Syria presenting a clear and present danger to the national security of the United States
  • without a prior consultation with Russia (or China), and in so not doing, risks WW3 with two world powers.

Trump justified the missile strike as being for the Syrian children allegedly killed by the alleged chemical sarin-gas attack. So it’s all the more ironic that his missile strike killed 18 civilians, including 5 children. (AFP)

Here are the prominent Americans who support Trump’s missile attack:

(1) Bill Kristol

He who supported a third-party candidate against presidential candidate Trump, who finds Trump’s “America First” nationalism vulgar and embarrassing, who openly advocates a deep-state coup against President Trump — now approves of Trump risking WW3 by firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria, without even an investigation as to who’d actually deployed the sarin gas attack.

(2) Brian Williams

The pathological liar and disgraced former NBC anchorman calls Trump’s missile strikes that killed 18 civilians, including 5 children, a “beautiful” sight:

(3) Pelosi & Schumer

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D–CA) said, “Tonight’s strike in Syria appears to be a proportional response to the regime’s use of chemical weapons.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D–NY) said, “Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do.” (Wikipedia)

(4) A Pack of RINOs

Senators John McCain (R–AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R–SC) said, “Unlike the previous administration, President Trump confronted a pivotal moment in Syria and took action. For that, he deserves the support of the American people.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R–WI) said the strike was “appropriate and just.”

Also Sens. Bob Corker (R-TN), Tom Cotton (R-AR), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Cory Gardner (R-CO), Orin Hatch (R-UT), David Perdue (R-GA), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ben Sasse (R-NE), and Thom Tillis (R-NC).  (Wikipedia)

(5) Hillary Clinton

Yesterday, April 7, speaking to a crowd of supporters in Houston, Texas, Clinton applauds Trump’s missile strikes and urges him to undertake even more U.S. military action to take out Assad — and open America’s doors to Syrian refugees:

“The action taken last night needs to be followed by a broader strategy to end Syria’s civil war . . . . So I hope this administration will move forward [and] . . . recognize that they cannot in one breath speak of protecting Syrian babies and in the next close America’s doors to them.”

(6) The Military-Industrial Complex

CNN Money reports, April 7, 2017, that Raytheon, the company that makes the Tomahawk missiles used in Trump’s air strikes on Syria, rose in early stock trading Friday. Investors are betting that Trump’s air strike means the Pentagon will need more Tomahawks.

The Department of Defense asked for $2 billion over five years to buy 4,000 Tomahawks for the U.S. Navy in its fiscal 2017 budget last February.

Raytheon(RTN) wasn’t the only defense stock rising Friday either. Lockheed Martin (LMT), which partners with Raytheon on the Javelin missile launcher system and also makes Hellfire missiles, gained nearly 1%.

And so, Donald Trump finally achieves bipartisan support . . . . Sarc/

I have a question for all the conservatives out there who support Trump’s missile strike against the Assad government:

Weren’t you adamantly AGAINST Obama wanting to attack Assad in 2013?

Then, as now, the conditions are the same. Then, as now, the excuse for U.S. military action is Assad’s alleged chemical attacks and those poor little children.

So what has changed to account for your enthusiastic support to attack Syria now?

And how does launching 59 cruise missiles at Syria — only 23 (or 40%) of which actually hit the target — at a cost of $114.5 million (each Tomahawk costs $1.94 million), Make America Great Again?

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39 responses to “Look who support Trump’s missile strike on Syria

    • My commitment, always, is to the truth because God is Truth — not to a president, and certainly not to Trump. To blindly follow Trump or any president is to be a sheeple (apologies to sheep for the undeserved metaphorical insult).

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      • Well said Dr Eowyn, my thoughts/aspirations too. Like many i like President Trump & the fact that he had the awareness of things (fake media,fake politicians etc..)Everything we could wish for in a good leader. Someone with his finger on the pulse.Who also was on same pathway to truth. That he was wise.Therefore these recent actions felt like a kick in the gut, or stab in the heart. It just doesn’t seem like him at all.It’s as if he’s been kidnapped & somebody else has been planted in his place to do someone else’s bidding. Yet, like in such times as these i’m reminded that only our Heavenly Father/God is perfection, Trump like the rest of us is only flesh in this life/world, and as such liable to err,and have frailties. We can only pray that he’ll kept on the good path & kept protected from sinister forces.
        Hope he’s ok & not ill in anyway or that someone may be blackmailing him in some way? Many Thanks for good article (am re-blogging) Ughh to think of his new admirers now, (esp McCain the pain) is disconcerting & depressing. Talking of McCain, wasn’t he in Turkey a few weeks ago? am sure i saw mention to this somewhere b’cos i remember asking at the time “was he there with President Trump’s blessing” or “authority” (words to this effect) I wonder what that business was all about.?
        Kindest & God Bless from pennine:-)

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      • Amen Dr. Eowyn! Truth is greater than any man.

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  1. When your Enemies, your Adversaries, & your Opponents Praise your actions, = be wary of their Duplicity, = make that “Double Duplicity.”

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  3. It’s time to stop calling those republicans RINOs since they are the Republican Party, and they work for the same Zionist interests as the Dems when it comes to foreign policy. These Dems and Republicans turn a deaf ear to the real life abomination in the eyes of God, the massacre of Arab babies, incinerated from the air and with their limbs blown off by the tens of thousands in acts of unspeakable cowardice and evil committed by the neocon junta in DC through its Pentagon and NATO flunkies, and yet this egregious hypocrisy means nothing to mainstream conservatives and liberals alike.

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  4. Mr. Trump will use this as a pivot point. While some of his supporters don’t support what he has done, many do. And while a lot of his usual detractors still don’t like him, he’s probably won over or at least got the attention of more of his opponents than he has lost supporters. And at his next pivot he’ll get them back. Net gain. Don’t under estimate! He didn’t get where he is by not paying attention and not knowing what his competitor’s next action will be.


  5. UPDATE:


    CNN Money reports, April 7, 2017, that Raytheon, the company that makes the Tomahawk missiles used in Trump’s air strikes on Syria, rose in early stock trading Friday. Investors are betting that Trump’s air strike means the Pentagon will need more Tomahawks.

    The Department of Defense asked for $2 billion over five years to buy 4,000 Tomahawks for the U.S. Navy in its fiscal 2017 budget last February.

    Raytheon(RTN) wasn’t the only defense stock rising Friday either. Lockheed Martin (LMT), which partners with Raytheon on the Javelin missile launcher system and also makes Hellfire missiles, gained nearly 1%.

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  7. To the tune of 70 million dollas. A pittance in Trump’s eyes, untill it turns into ww3 and Trump loses everything he ever had just like the rest of us.

    I didn’t vote for Kushner, Mnuchin, and the rest of the Israel firsters, did you?

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  8. My previous words re.: President Trump’s actions remain my words. But here is something I did not consider: The moral impossibility of doing otherwise.

    Just as Trump met with Chinese President Xi on the golf course, he informed him of his actions. Now here is his signal to Xi: Keep that maniac Kim Jong Un on a short leash. It also seems to be a signal to the Syrians and Russia: Follow my lead. An unconstitutional and illegal action, of course—one that renders Trump eligible for impeachment.

    I come to understand Trump, not to praise him: Did Trump have any other choice? As Un has made it abundantly clear, he will nuke anyone who steps on one of his toes, over and over again. So it seems to me we have to take this maniac at his word. Thus he sent Xi a signal: Keep this maniac on a short leash.
    But he also sent Syria and Russia a signal: Follow my lead. I know it’s a hostile action—suck it up. Take one for the team. In other words, Trump seems to know that the chemical attack was an act of the Deep State, a false flag event: Sarin gas does not injure—it kills, 100% of the time. White helmets and simple gloves don’t stop sarin gas, and it takes an awful lot of wind, for a long time, to blow all the sarin gas away. (The Nazis invented sarin gas, and, not to defend them, but they refused to use it).
    I said previously that it seemed to me that the “sarin gas” attack was carried out by the Mossad and the CIA. I don’t walk that back, because they are acting for others who would benefit by war.

    Trump is no dummy. And, again, not to defend them, but did he have any other choice? He had to do something. Thus, he was in a morally impossible situation: He had to do something—other than talk—and he could NOT do nothing. So he did this.
    St. Thomas Aquinas defines the double effect as permitting an evil as morally permissible provided one does not approve of the evil allowed. So then the question is, in this gambit, did Trump approve of the evil of launching of those 59 Tomahawks when he ordered the strike? It certainly seems so—until we look for and identify the greater evil, namely, who ordered the false-flag event.
    So although I do agree with Sen. Rand Paul on this matter, and although I still maintain that all his words that “we will not interfere with the affairs of other nations” still being “pure and utter bullshit,” I do understand that WHOEVER was President when this went down had to do SOMETHING. Everyone who has lived long enough will have to confront a morally impossible situation in which he must do something, rather than nothing.
    President Trump did the wrong thing here. But I’d rather face the evil of HIM doing the wrong thing than endure a President Hillary or a President Kerry doing the “right” thing. If Xi, Putin and Assad follow Trump’s lead, then we can live another day without a nuclear holocaust.
    Certainly the virtues of Putin and Assad are greater than the evil of the Deep State, that’s for sure.

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    • Even if you’re right — that Trump had 59 cruise missiles fired at Syria, at a cost of the lives of 18 Syrian civilians, including 5 children, and $114.5 million to US taxpayers, to “send a message” to North Korea and China — it’s the kind of American imperial arrogance that accounts for why the world rightly hates us.


    • Steven, you are far more than an average intelligence, so some of what you wrote here troubles me, as it seems a self-justifying realpolitik, something I previously thought unlikely ever in yr mind. If I quoted you out of context then readers can easily verify that.

      In the interest of keeping this as brief as possible and not so esoteric that normal FotM eyes glaze over, I will divide my response into three sections, this being the first.

      You wrote ‘St. Thomas Aquinas defines the double effect as permitting an evil as morally permissible provided one does not approve of the evil allowed,’ as a categorical imperative [c.i.], and I find this attribute a disturbing one, within St Thomas’ philosophic & ethical views, at least as I know & understand them. I’ve been wrong before and may be so again here, but I doubt St Thomas wished it as a c.i., especially as Kant had yet to be born!

      I’ll Internet search for more elucidation on this, but let’s turn to another remark you made which I found equally troubling.

      “Trump is no dummy. And, again, not to defend them, but did he have any other choice? He had to do something. Thus, he was in a morally impossible situation.” But is he?

      I’ll state the quandary as essentially as I can: What was his basic choice: to bomb, or not to bomb? If he does so, what are his justifications? If he does not, what does he intend to show by such restraint?

      Presumably his trusted advisors went to him stating this gas attack happened and was reason to attack a non-agressor nation not at war w/the USA. Setting aside the war crimes aspect of this, Trump had to consider this against all his earlier public statements in re his rebalancing the nation’s diplomatic stance w/Russia, Syria’s major ally against Islamofascism.

      We can continue this if you wish, as the above are my main concerns which I hope you can relieve for me, for which I thank you.


  9. Not only is Syria a monstrosity and a shocker — especially given the fact that President Trump’s tweets in 2013 goes against everything he spouted in the last few days, I’m also dismayed that he signed into law and scrapped the Federal Communications Commisions online privacy act. Now our information can be bought and paid for through ISPs.

    It’s also astonishing that President Trump was (is) willing to let RINOs take over healthcare. He had no problem trying to push through RyanCare. Thank God for the true conservatives (Freedom Caucus) that were willing to listen to their constituents and not let this pass. Trump’s entire campaign was built on repeal and replacing it with open state lines — creating more competition to lower costs.

    President Trump may have spoken about many great things on the campaign trail, but his actions are speaking a lot louder than the words he promised. And to me, he’s acting just like another bought off politician in Washington.

    I can’t figure out whose side he’s really on: the establishments, or the people’s.

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    • Oh dear! I didn’t know Trump had signed that anti-online-privacy law, grrrrrr! (Without a doubt Comcast will jump all over that in a heartbeat! $$$).

      I’m not the least bit surprised, though. POTUS tweeted in the past (over 1-1.5 years ago) that, due to all the “anonymous” haters, that everyone should have to use their real names on twitter! I knew that was a BAD sign re how Trump thinks.

      He has no reluctance re putting his own name “out there” & on everything. HE gets paid for his name. But he’s a big guy with gobs of money who can hire all the security in the world for himself & his family. Not so with the rest of us, which is why I do not use my name online. And WE will not be the ones getting PAID for OUR information/name/search histories, etc., but the same behemoth-greedy-monsters-ISPs will, who already charge way too much!

      I’m also sure Trump probably has no qualms about “spying” on people, their search histories, & in any other way, because he strongly believes (or is lying or is duped) re the supposed need for Peace & Security (mentioned in my below/earlier comment). So it also won’t surprise me if he uses his love of “police” & “military” & “technology” to further progress the TECHNOCRATIC POLICE STATE. I’ll be keeping my eyes open on that one.

      Will using a VPN help, I wonder? (Will VPNs be required to turn over search histories/identities FOR SALE to the highest bidder, etc.?) Are all VPNs owned/operated by Mossad/CIA anyway?

      (Thinking out loud.)

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  10. In the Regan era, Russia almost “first striked” the US over Syria, I imagine they feel the same today and will defend Syria, hence why they have moved more air defenses into position on land and sea. In the bible it tells of the forces united against the harlot (US establishment and probably NYC in particular) who destroy her in one hour. It says gog (likely Russia) doesn’t want to attack but the almighty puts hooks in their jaws to make them attack. To me this implies Russia doesn’t want to start ww3 but is forced to by fear. If 0bama had scared the Russians enough they would have attacked, if Trump scares them enough they will attack. Putin said not too long ago there will never be another 22 June 1941, ie they will strike first. He also pointed out a few years ago that they placed mobile nukes in Cuba for trying to win over eastern Europe into NATO, in addition to the Russian boomer subs off our coasts and those near the arctic region. The subs on our coasts can hit a coastal target in about 5 minutes or so. Just some pleasant musings for you all.

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  11. “This should speak volumes on why Trump should stay out of Syria.”
    Saudi king praises Trump for Syrian airstrikes

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  12. Thanks for the excellent coverage (boy, stay offline almost 2 days & all Hades breaks loose!)

    Crinnnnngggge at Bill Kristol, Ben Sasse, Lindsay Graham, McShame, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.! Shiver me timbers at the thought of those creeps being pleased about anything. I think I “liked” them better when they despised Trump’s every word, step, action.

    And Brian Williams is DISGUSTING! Beautiful weapons? INSANITY. (Would they EVER think any weapon is beautiful if it were aimed directly at their own nose?) Those people are already under the “strong delusion” it would seem (2nd Thess. 2:11). It also appears they, like the “antichrist persona” described in Daniel 11:38, “honor the god of fortresses [or “forces”; Hebrew: Mauzzim, or gods protectors, or munitions…” biblestudytools .com/dictionary/mauzzim ].

    You asked: “Weren’t you adamantly AGAINST Obama wanting to attack Assad in 2013?”

    Someone pasted together eight older Trump tweets re Syria, shame shame! This was in a reply to one of Roger Stone’s recent tweets. (It’s blurry: tweets can be read but dates are fuzzy):


    Trump during his campaign had said he wanted to build UP the military so it would NOT have to be used. Yeah, sure. I knew that was a long shot. Anybody who loves the military THAT much, like a kid with toy soldiers, won’t be able to resist making use of them.

    So the questions remain: Is Trump deceived because he has always believed the MSM & Intel & “historical” lies re the “big bad boogeymen” in the Middle East? Or is he merely getting bad advice from Swampcritters &/or (((Son-In-Law)))? Or does he believe his own “Peace & Security” promises? (Be careful what you ask for, President Trump > 1st Thess. 5:3). Or has he been “groomed” for this very day, an Israeli shill?

    It looks way too much like a set-up, with the timing of events (Tillerson pays a visit over there, China pays a visit over here, gas attack with death toll ranging from 100 to a dozen, etc.) And we all know it is Israel & only Israel who wants all the nations round about it to “disappear” so they can have their Ersatz Israel. So why doesn’t Trump yet know these things?

    Another thing, Trump previously wanted to get along with Putin, & would basically say, Let Putin take care of the Middle East so we can stay out of it, etc. etc. I liked that thinking. And what about the Syrian CHRISTIANS that Trump was so concerned about previously? Whaaat changed, Mr. President? SMH!

    Oh, & GAG ON HITLERY getting in on the “positive strike” commentaries! I guess she & Trump can now cozy it up again like the old days. She came out of the woods just in time for some “action.” :-/

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  13. Retweeted by Real James Woods: CNN did a live interview with a Syrian, showed him Hitlery’s brief clip re How Can We Say We Care, Bomb Them, but Not Let Them Come Here, etc. etc.

    The CNN reporter got an ear full > no doubt the exact opposite opinion of what she was hoping for.

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  14. Somewhat related (refugees): From Ann Coulter’s twitter:

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  15. Also re-tweeted by Coulter, re Syrian attack … (I see the link says Pam Geller; I have always heard she’s a disinfo agent; if true, no wonder she’s providing “proof” of the “attack”):

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  16. It’s gonna hurt POTUS! 50,000 negative comments!

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  17. Question:

    She should know the answer:

    For “Greater Israel.”

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  18. Does THIS really explain Trump’s U-Turn? What say ye?

    If true, how many does Ivanka think died from 59 Tomahawks?

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  19. Has Damascus, Syria, ever been wiped out totally since the days of the OT minor prophets? CuttingEdge.org has been “preaching” this scenario as a future event for decades. This quote is from a 1996 article of theirs (caps in original):

    “BIBLICAL PROPHECY OF ANNIHILATING JUDGMENT AGAINST DAMASCUS, CAPITAL OF SYRIA: Isaiah 17:1 ‘The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.’ When God begins a pronouncement with the word, ‘Burden’, He is signifying calamitous judgment. In this ‘burden’, God is foretelling that Damascus, the capital of Syria, will be reduced to a ‘ruinous heap’, and shall cease being a city. This kind of devastation has never befallen Damascus. Archeologists call Damascus the ‘longest continuously occupied city in the world’. In its long, long history, Damascus has never, ever been so thoroughly destroyed that it has ceased being a city. But, certainly, in this coming war with Israel, Damascus could be this thoroughly destroyed if she were attacked with Israeli nuclear weapons.” [Me: Israel’s or USA’s weapons!]

    I know these current Tomahawk missile strikes were not aimed at Damascus but toward some “base” somewhere over there. And I certainly hope Trump doesn’t take this mess any further. But someday, if Damascus has never previously been destroyed, then maybe the above prophecy will occur in the fake modern Israel’s “latter days.”

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  21. Go way back and look at who Trump was and is in his own words. This is why I couldn’t vote for him. He will do 10 times the damage of Obama. He will accomplish more destruction to this nation (and the world) posing as a powerful, rich, white, male leader, hailed by all as savior………..than the 1/2 white Obama ever could.

    The Simpsons predicted his rise to power long ago, long before he decided to run, during the 11th season of the now famous TV show in the year 2000. This was supposed to happen.



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