While the Left was distracted…

Something wonderful happened!

While the MSM and the Democrats were distracted by the strike on Syria, a Constitutional Originalist was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

What happened to the endless temper tantrums by the Democrats on the floor of Congress?

“…in fact, we’re gonna win so much you might get tired of winning.” – President Donald Trump


10 responses to “While the Left was distracted…

    • Yeah, doesn’t that turn your stomach. I was totally disgusted when I first read that Gorsuch had said that, & any/all thrills/expectations re him dissipated.


  1. How can a constitutional originalist say that Roe and Obergefell are the settled law of the land and be a constitutional originalist? Scalia wrote that Obergefell was a Supreme Court putsch, an outright usurpation of legislative prerogatives. Reagan gave us Kennedy, Bush I Souter, and Bush II Roberts, and Gorsuch clerked for Kennedy. I wouldn’t be too hasty in hoping for a Supreme Court reversal of anything relating to abortion, sodomy, or homo marriages.

    On another but related matter LifeSiteNews reports that Ivanka, who’s now got her own office in the White House, secretly met with Cecile Richards to hear PP’s side of the story and secretly met with the heads of two other radical pro-abortion groups.

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  2. Meeting & Speaking with the Enemy is totally different than Eating Sharing, & Sleeping with the Enemy..Socialist Democrats take Notice..!!


  3. I have listened to Gorsuch several times and he is mesmerizing. He knows it isn’t his job to change the law, however he may disagree but to interpret the law as it stands. I find that refreshing, whether I like the law or not.
    He had rarely been reversed, and is held in high esteem. Unlike Kagan who should have recused,herself on the HC bill count, since she worked with BO on the bill and had served as BOs personal attorney on a case.
    I have trust he will serve us well.


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