The real Trump hat

It was never #MAGA Make America Great Again.

It’s about #MIG.

Fooled ya!

Still not convinced?

Here are my trump cards (pun intended):

Bill Kristol — he who supported a third-party candidate against candidate Trump, who finds “America First” nationalism vulgar and embarrassing, who openly advocates a deep-state coup against President Trump — approves of Trump risking WW3 by firing 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria, without even an investigation as to who’d actually deployed the sarin gas attack. Here’s Kristol’s tweet:



18 responses to “The real Trump hat

  1. New boss the same as the old boss.
    I was hoping he’d be the new Elliot Ness.

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    • So were we all, so were we all! The sorrows of empire circumnavigated the planet and now come home to roost. Our Nemesis was to allow ourselves be seduced by a false secular Israel, created by the Rothschilds to make it the first global megabank. In this it has suceeded, at the cost of more than a century of wars.

      Now the US must pay the price for this folly, as Heaven will not be mocked. Unless the nation turns to the one and only true spiritual Israel, which will be a comfort & refuge for all the nations, save the Satanic ones set against her, then this new Rome must decline as all the others before have.

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      • Very well said Joseph.

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        • Thank you, Lana, but it comes out of a grieving heart. I –like all of you– had hopes that true patriot conservatism was at long last [I’m 74] making roads into the quagmire the seat of government’s become.

          It now seems that in a very short time, like the title of Joseph Heller’s 2nd novel, ‘Something Happened’, and Donald Trump was compromised by vast evil forces we can only imagine. He’s a worldly man of immense wealth surrounded by the physically attractive ikons of our day. This leaves him as vulnerable as was Job. And I’ll leave you with what that might mean for us all.

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  2. What a disappointment. But not surprising. Let’s see, we’ve got Satan at the top. Then the Invisible Evil Emperors. Then the Pedophiles-That-Be. Then the Council on Foreign Relations, Bliderberg, etc. Etc. Etc. It won’t end until the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Let’s hope that happens soon. Come, Lord Jesus.

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  3. Souls that bleed have nowhere left to run
    blind the crucifix and shoot the gun
    generals speak, we leave a trail of dead
    keep on killing ’til theres nothing left


  4. Dar & POTUS TRUMP Retweeted
    Chris‏ @okflowtester
    Replying to @JustSayn2000 @DarLovesAmerica
    I prefer the tomahawk missiles being delivered by Trump over the pallets of cash Obama sent.


  5. Nutty-Yahoo, the prime minister of Israel, allegedly told super-spy
    Pollard “When we’re done with the US, it will blow away in the wind.”
    Americans are being played as suckers.

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  6. Steven Broiles

    I am convinced that Trump was absolutely wrong to do this, and in order to “Make America Great Again,” Mr. Trump will have to promote, “Stop America Being Israel’s Bitch Now.”
    Something really fishy is going on here, because there are forces within Israel to investigate and nail Netanyahu to the political wall. Why he keeps skating is beyond me.
    It is beginning to appear to me that Dr. Henry Makow was more prescient than I gave him credit for. When I have two or three free hours, I will go back to his archives about the Campaign.
    In the meantime, at least we can THANK GOD that Hillary is not President, and take it from there. Hopefully, God Willing, Nature will work her magic with Mrs. Clinton, and it cannot happen soon enough!

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  7. Lol oops sorry wrong link, here’s the link I meant to post above;

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  8. My concern is that this might have been a false flag operation by the rebels. Or Syrian government bombs may have hit a rebel weapons cache and released the poison gas. Proper time should have been allowed to investigate and positively identify just exactly what happened. I realize that pictures of dead children are horrific. However, that doesn’t mean we should react in haste.

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  9. “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” Matthew 6:24
    Not even 100 days in office…
    He could tell the “attacks” against the jews earlier this year were false flags, but he doesn’t see the “invisible hands” all over this syria “event”?
    Who does Trump serve? The first response, IMHO, should be Jesus, then the American people. He told the American people he is for them and they ‘will not be disappointed’, but he has a pro-israel SIL and daughter who are pushing and influencing israel foreign policy and social agendas under his name and he has surrounded himself in his administration with goldman sachs jews and zionists who want war and are influencing/controlling the stock market.
    bannon and kushner did not get along…guess who’s no longer in Trump’s administratrion?
    It should be very telling that both POTUS 2016 candidates (and cousins) needed israel’s approval to be POTUS…they bowed before the altar of israel multiple times and embrace political correctness with lgbtq… rights.
    I believe if hellary had won we would have this exact scenario plus abortion.
    we had bill clinton as the first “black” president
    we had obama as the first “gay” president
    now, we have Trump as the first “jewish” president.
    Trump isn’t president of the usa, he is a puppet for israel, and the kushners, AIPAC, and goldman sachs are the strings.
    Here is a link to an article from the jewish times:
    “Lawmakers press Trump administration anew on bias crimes, anti-Semitism”
    They put out these types of reports to make people think trump isn’t doing enough, when in reality, he is doing more than he should.

    May God watch over and protect those who believe and trust in Him.

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    Attitudes like that is the reason we are in so much trouble.


  11. I have never supported Trump or any other lying piece of vagabond filth in government. Anyone that could not see that he is the same snake shedding the old skin deserves to be conned. And CONNED you were. Just proves the sheeple are always looking for a “leader” no matter how they lie or how grotesque they are. What? You can’t lead yourselves? DRAIN THE SWAMP GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. WE DON’T NEED EITHER ONE AND NEVER HAVE. UNTIL THEN AMERICA WILL NEVER BE GREAT.


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