Scarlett Johansson attacks Ivanka Trump as ‘cowardly’ and ‘disappointing’

scarlett johansson

I doubt Ivanka is losing sleep over Scarlett being “disappointed” in her.

From Daily Mail: Actress Scarlett Johansson has launched a scathing attack on Ivanka Trump as ‘cowardly’ and ‘disappointing – weeks after playing her on Saturday Night Live. The 32-year-old used an appearance in New York to lace into the president’s daughter and adviser, accusing her of ‘standing behind a man’.

Johansson played Ivanka in a skit on SNL last month, advertising a perfume called ‘Complicit’.

On Thursday she appeared at the Women in the World conference in New York, which is run by Tina Brown, the former magazine editor who is a close friend of Hillary Clinton.

The actress was there to take part in a discussion described as ‘breaking up the boys club, an intimate conversation with Scarlett Johansson about her work, her activism and motherhood’. She was interviewed by Ariana Huffington, the founder of the liberal website Huffington Post, who began by playing the SNL sketch.

Johansson immediately weighed in on Ivanka, 35, who used an interview with CBS earlier this week to say: ‘If being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit.’

The actress – who had endorsed Democratic presidential loser Hillary Clinton – told Huffington that Ivanka’s interview with Gayle King on CBS was ‘baffling’.

Ivanka had said on the interview ‘I would say not to conflate lack of denouncement with silence… I think there are multiple ways to have your voice heard’ as she emphasized that she did not always agree with her father.

But Johansson said: ‘You can’t have it both ways. If you take a job as a public advocate, then you have to advocate publicly.’ She added: ‘It’s such an old-fashioned concept to stand behind a man – what about standing in front of him and beside him?’

And she called Ivanka’s position ‘uninspired’ and ‘cowardly’, and said she was ‘disappointed’ in her.

She also suggested that it must be hard for Ivanka, whom she knew from growing up in New York, to find herself in the position she was in. ‘She has the power to make a big impact just by being vocal. She’s very well spoken, smart and intelligent woman and engaging. It baffles me.’

Johansson, who recently split from her husband Romain Dauriac, was not asked about their custody battle over two-year-old daughter Rose, despite the panel being about ‘motherhood’.

She was however asked about running for office, and said ‘I would never rule anything out.’ 



16 responses to “Scarlett Johansson attacks Ivanka Trump as ‘cowardly’ and ‘disappointing’

  1. S. Johansson is such an empty shell who’se opinions mean absolutely nothing to anyone but herself. She really needs to get over herself and move on.

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  2. She attacks Ivanka because she is envious, jealous, she wishes she would have been born a Trump. She can’t stand Ivanka’s success, her looks, her appeal, and now the position she holds at the White House, next to her Father! I like Ivanka because she brushes away all negatives with a beautiful smile. Silence is Gold.

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  3. Just another Hollyweird type who cannot keep her mouth shut because she likes the sound of her own voice. Unfortunately, she is the only one who likes the sound of her voice!

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  4. The fact that anyone cares what Johannson says is baffling to me!

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  5. Ding Bat!!!

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  6. leeann Springer

    Ivanka isn’t only beautiful, she is also a highly intelligent young woman. She doesn’t feel compelled to trash others, like Scarlett J. the narcissist. Ivanka is a lovely person . The green eyed monster of jealousy is evident in S.J. Leeann

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  7. Well, it was Scarlet’s first error to even think Ivanka stands behind any man. She is her own woman and has proven herself numerous times. Ivanka has developed an empire, can Scarlet say the same thing?She has been very vocal about things she disagrees with her dad on. She is in the WH because she wants to bring women’s issues to the front and because her father needs to surround himself with people he can trust. Right now, I feel some around him do not fill the bill.
    BTW Ivanka is working for free, how many movies has Scarlet done free of charge?

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  8. In case you missed it… 😂

    Scarlett Johansson’s Whitewashed ‘Ghost In the Shell’ Flops at Box Office

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  9. Scarlett who??


  10. Kind of ashamed to admit this but I once thought Johannson was one of the most beautiful women in the world, now I wouldn’t touch her with John Possestas little finger tied to a telephone pole. She’s plain ugly.

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  11. “She also suggested that it must be hard for Ivanka, whom she knew from growing up in New York, to find herself in the position she was in.”
    she knew a billionaire’s daughter while growing up? I guess they all travel in the same circuit don’t they?

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  12. I used to give ivanka the benefit of the doubt because she is trump’s daughter, but the more I learned about her, the less I saw any reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. she is a liberal, a progressive, pro-lgbtq…, pro-israel, a converted jew…she does/says nothing to push pro-America values or pro-Christian values…just like her husband….yet, she (and her hubby) is in her daddy’s ear pushing pro-israel everything everyday at the white house. the kushners are the reason trump didn’t move towards an executive order protecting Christians’ faith from lgbtq… assault or remove obama’s lgbtq…. mandate.
    she is a pretty face all wrapped up in the mire of progressivism

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    • Hear hear! I’m afraid what you say may very well be the truth of the matter.

      What good is having around “people you can trust” when they will pressure you to do the opposite of what Trump “preached” during his campaign?

      There are hashtags now, which I saw late last night round about twitter: #FireKushner #FireIvanka

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  13. At least she can keep a man!! Marriage 2 Scarlet 0.

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