3 reasons why the latest Syrian chemical attack attributed to Assad is a false flag

In the early morning hours of April 7, 2017, the Trump administration fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from a U.S. destroyer in the Mediterranean Sea, at Shayrat Air Base in Syria which is alleged to be the location from where the Assad government, on April 4, had launched a chemical attack of sarin nerve gas which killed many civilians, including women and children, in the rebel-held town of Khan Shaykhun in Idlib province.

The source of information on the April 4 chemical attack is the White Helmets, a supposedly impartial, Syrian-created NGO. In an op/ed in The Guardian on April 4, 2017, the head of the White Helmets, Raed Al Saleh points the finger at the Assad government as the instigator of the chemical attack:

[T]his morning we have witnessed a suspected chemical weapon attack – one of the most horrifying in six years of this bloody conflict. At least 60 civilians were gassed to death and more than 300 are still being treated; many are in a critical condition. Members of my team sought to wash the deadly chemical from the eyes of the affected children. Soon afterwards our centre in the town was destroyed, along with all of our life-saving equipment. Then a local hospital where victims were being treated was also bombed….

The central architects of the destruction, the Assad regime, continue their bombing campaign against Syrian civilians….

I am therefore horrified at reports in the news, and from personal briefings I have received, that certain leading European politicians want to consider a deal with the Assad regime. It is beyond belief that the perpetrators of most of the violence could effectively be rewarded, and even propped up, for their crimes.

There are several things we should consider before we climb aboard Trump’s war wagon as too many conservatives are doing, as seen in a Grassfire Nation poll, wherein a vast majority (who undoubtedly had opposed Obama wanting to attack Syria in 2013) agree with Trump’s decision to strike Syria.

(1) Timing

Daniel McAdams is the Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity. He is a former foreign affairs advisor to US Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) from 2001 until Dr. Paul’s retirement at the end of 2012, and a former journalist (1993-1999) based in Budapest, Hungary, including as editorial page editor of the Budapest Sun.

Beginning at the 3:58 mark of the video below, McAdams said:

“The fact is . . . we’re . . . literally on the eve of peace talks, Assad has the upper hand in these talks, he’s almost, essentially with his Russian and Iranian allies, wiped al-Qaeda and ISIS out of the country. So on the verge of this great victory that they’ve suffered for all these years, he decides ‘I think I’m gonna go out and kill some people with gas’. You know, if you just wanted to kill people, there are a heck of a lot better ways of doing it than using gas, which just guarantees that the entire world community, including your allies, are going to turn against you. He would have to be the most insane leader probably in the history of the world….”

(2) White Helmets is A suspect Source

The source of report about the recent gas attack incident is the White Helmets, aka Syrian Civil Defense, which claims to be an impartial NGO (non-government organization). But as the video below explains, the White Helmets:

  • were not created by Syrians, but by a former British Army officer named James le Mesurier.
  • operate solely only in terrorist-held territories in Syria — Aleppo and Idlib.
  • call for a no-fly zone in Syria which would only benefit those who want regime change.
  • are a propaganda tool for the U.S. and the UK to justify military action against the Assad government.
  • are armed and partial, contrary to their self-description.
  • were seen celebrating with terrorists holding the ISIS flag.
  • are funded with $23 million “in assistance” from the U.S., contrary to the White Helmets’ self-description as “fiercely independent and accepts no money from governments, corporations or anyone directly involved in the Syrian conflict.”

In other words, the White Helmets are neither Syrian, nor impartial, nor independent, but are “al Qaeda with a facelift”.

Here’s a video of Syrian civilians saying the White Helmets never help civilians but instead help terrorists:

(3) White Helmets’ Gas Attack Video

In the video below, Swedish Professor and Doctors for Human Rights (SWEDHR) points out that a video of an alleged chlorine gas attack on Syrian civilians which the White Helmets provided the UN Security Council on March 16, 2015, and which was then broadcast by CNN on April 20, 2015, is not believable because:

  • They faked an adrenalin injection to the heart of an infant: the “doctor” who administered the injection never actually injected anything.
  • As with the sarin gas attack on April 4, 2017, rescue workers in 2015 also did not wear gloves although, like sarin gas, chlorine gas is toxic to touch. From Wikipedia: “Chlorine is a toxic gas that attacks the respiratory system, eyes, and skin.”

SWEDHR publishes The Indicter magazine, where you’ll find a longer, more detailed article, “Analysis of evidence contradicts allegations on Syrian gas attacks“.

H/t FOTM‘s josephbc69 and Thought Crime Radio

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37 responses to “3 reasons why the latest Syrian chemical attack attributed to Assad is a false flag

  1. William Brandon Shanley

    Trump’s attack is devastating news to enemies of the NWO who believed Trump was smart enough not to fall for more of the same phony provocations, WMD, etc., that are the familiar hallmarks of the forces of evil anxious to once again set the world on fire. Of course, we can’t know what Trump knows, but I would have thought he’d know better than to attack this innocent country named as a target for regime change 17 years ago by Project for the New American Century war criminals. I’m deeply, profoundly disappointed.

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  2. Reblogged this on Cinderella's Broom and commented:

    Anyone who still believes the MSM (and WH) malarkey on this move by Pres. Trump needs to educate him/herself. Start here.

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    • Right. While America’s conservatives of convenience decry fake MSM news as if they’ve discovered something new they uncritically accept the outrageous neocon propaganda on Fox News as the antidote.

      I watched what few minutes I could stomach here and there on Fox News today and cannot for the life of me understand how anyone could accept that relentless evil and say they’re a Christian. The deaths of millions of innocent Arabs to further the Yinon Plan are swept under the rug while this country commits mass murder, often by incinerating entire families, villages, schools, hospitals, and even weddings from the air. I’ve pointed out to lifelong friends that this is inimical to the Christian faith and these friends, who’d call themselves traditional Catholics, will no longer speak to me.

      What’s ironic is that Fox News’ parent company’s entertainment shows have been found to be the most immoral, disgusting, and subversive of children on all of TV, yet Fox News’ viewers think this single company can be trusted with defending American values and interests.

      Another study I read show that Fox also has more minutes of commercials per hour on both its news and on it’s overtly Satanic entertainment shows than any other network’s news or entertainment shows, suggesting Fox’s viewers are also the biggest suckers out there. Their hero is Bill O’Reilly, but don’t offend their high moral standards by directing them to Smoking Gun’s Mackris file proving he’s a sexual degenerate, because they’ll never speak to you again. There’s something seriously rotten at the core of what passes for conservatism in America today, that’s for sure.

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      • As of last night, 4-7-17, O’Reilly, in his smug, sanctimonious manner, was accusing people who doubted Assouds use of chemicals ‘insane’. He never let Col. Hunt, who disagreed with him, make his point or finish a sentence.

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  3. IMO, it’s all lies by the globalist cabal. We are in the hands of their insane warmongering puppets. Pray for our country.

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  5. I have serious doubts about the facts concerning this incident. If you are going to use WMD that could alter world opinion why use such a small amount? The Iraqis took out one town killing 6,000 people in the 80s. So why use them on a insignificant target and why so few casualties?

    Next what can be accomplished by a one time strike that was puny? How puny? 59,000 lbs were delivered or about as an airstrike by 7 aircraft. Does that sound awe inspiring to you? To Assad? North Korea, China or Russia?
    Do you believe Teheran can’t mass 10 aircraft for a strike of this type?

    Finally how were our national interests threatened and how does this strike improve anything rather than complicate and worsen a messy situation we have no business being involved in.

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  6. Assad is one crazy dude?Ya think. The sarin was delivered by air.who would have that capability other than the Assad’s military or the Russians. Trump would REALLY chance it if he wasn’t 100% convinced who actually did this? Putin and Assad are having a huge canary. All i need to know.


  7. btw not everything in the world is related to the globalists.


    • Understood! Unfortunately, far too much depends on their machinations, and we then become dependent in our pathetic turns. How many of us grow even a SMALL amount of veg at home? Potatoes grow very well in FREE nursery pots on balconies; soil can be used indefinitely if renewed w/compost.

      Our municipal compost program is absurd, so we don’t get involved: we put kitchen scrap into our small but bountiful veg garden strip. By the way, it is my understanding any food one raises from beginning to consumption is 100% kosher/kashrut and not subject to further rituals.

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  8. Trump did not attack Syria per se . it was a very limited strategic air strike meant to send a message.


    • Exactly. Also, Xi from China was in town to witness Trump direct our American armed forces to decisive action. You’re right: this was a very limited operation, but IMHO a sufficient display to show Xi that unless they rein in Fat Boy in North Korea, “here’s what we are capable of.” I have to keep reminding myself that I spent a good portion of my working years as a PA to top executives like Trump in Fortune 50 & 100 companies and believe me, they are ten moves ahead on the chessboard at all times.

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      • So in order to show “here’s what we are capable of,” Trump had 59 cruise missiles fired at a cost of $114.5 million to taxpayers, which killed 18 innocent Syrian civilians, including 5 children — and he tells us it’s for the children.

        What imperial arrogance. No wonder the world hates us.

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  9. What a freakin’ joke after reading about the source-white hats-this is an intelligence front for UK/US, funded by US-what an absolute joke our elected servant dished this out to Americans-Trump is a liar, a traitor and a murderer-time to form militia and depose these Pedophiles in government-we keep going through this cycle every 4 years, people get their hopes up, and see them dashed again-when will society learn? The 2 party system is evil-l what did we expect-the same SOBs that brought us the Bush Crime Family brought us the Clinton Crime Family, Obama/PIZZAGATE and now a stooge from idiotic game shows

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  10. The saddest part is that innocent people have been poisoned. This is a way of extermination for human beings. It’s been done before and will continue, all in the name of POWER.

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  11. Think milo minderbinder anyone. Look for the back story on who gets what, pipelines gas distribution yup may be Rex tillerson, can be known as t-Rex for exxon and not getting his share of the pie. Assad is in a sorry spot almost winning but not. Chump says usa should keep Iraqui oil for the favor of liberating the poor Iraquis from that terrible sodom insane. Me thinks Putin and Ji are in on the joke and of course dindu nuttin yahoo needs to sell Palestine and Golan oil and gas. And the beast goes on, i mean beat


  12. So-is it time to invoke the TRADITIONAL rendering of “NUCLEAR”? I guess everyone should flip a coin and choose a side to support,since our beloved Trump has suddenly become the new “Criminal of the Century”. Even the BEST information is not infallible,and even the WORST information will have some degree of truth. Pick and sort,take an average and choose a side. This makes me SICK.

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  13. Well, everything connected to all of this is certainly confusing. Did it really happen?
    What bothers me is, how do we know Trump is getting honest Intel. Who, in this admin do we really trust?
    I could have sworn one of the videos I saw from this attack, was one I had seen before.
    I have complete faith in the President financially, but we all know since he has spent his life in construction and finance, he has got to be lacking in world affairs. Is he he putting his faith in the wrong people?
    If Assad is the guy behind all this grief, why not attack him? Sure, there might be collateral damage, but those surrounding him must agree with his actions and know the risks. I say go to the source and maybe the next guy will go with caution.
    Leaders of those countries don’t care if innocents are killed, only their immediate group.
    At this point I don’t know if West is West or East. I feel there is a lot of chain jerking going on.

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    • “I could have sworn one of the videos I saw from this attack, was one I had seen before.”

      I agree…that is a frequently used tactic. They will show old film footage and claim it’s new.

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  15. Thank you josephbc69 for this short, yet precise primer. The first casualty of war is truth. I can not stomach any more intel lies, and watching all President Trump’s enemies praise him is nauseating.

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  16. Dear Mr President,
    I am writing to you in order to complain about your decision to bomb Syria for the alleged chemical attack on the Syrian people.
    You went ahead without any proof as to what had really happened saying that saran had been used. This is an impossibility as saran is so lethal no one could have gone anywhere near the bodies without protective clothing. It appears that chlorine was used in a false flag attack by your friendly terrorists and those humanitarian white helmets. No one believes the America government lies these days.
    Sadly you have betrayed all those wonderful American citizens who voted for you. You have broken your promise to put America first and bring back your troops from around the world where they are not wanted.
    You swore your oath of office on your Mother’s Bible and I am absolutely sure that she would have been ashamed to see her son break his solemn promise to the people of the USA and the World. We had such high hopes for you Mr President, we really believed you would bring Peace to our world.
    Your with great sadness,
    Anne Evans
    My contribution from the island of Jersey UK

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  17. It now looks as if Donald Trump the man was set up and cornered with bogus neocon-directed intel and then told he had to act now to appear decisive on the world stage, without his realizing what an insult the timing would be to Xi, among other calculated fall out Trump didn’t comprehend. Apparently only about half the cruise missiles made it to the vicinity of the target where little damage was done, with the real damage being to Trump whose attempt at another “Shock and Awe” response can now accurately be called “Splash and Crash,” and maybe of his presidency even to his domestic promises.

    In just the handful of minutes I could tolerate of neocon propaganda on Fox News yesterday I nonetheless heard the “send a message” meme repeated over and over, so awkwardly timed and enough times to suggest it was being flashed in front of the talking heads on their script screens by their controllers off camera. Because the neocon cabal, of which Fox is its mouthpiece, literally hates his guts, it suggests nothing quite like Hoffman’s “grinning mockery,” signaling that while Fox pretends to be supporting Trump they’re subtly working to take him down, insinuating to their dullard viewership another sort of message that Trump is as ineffectual as this $100 million waste of missiles and now has to let the big boys imposed upon him by the neocons take over. I hope I’m wrong.

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  19. Sarin can be broken down by water, but is retained by exposed but dry clothing for a time after exposure, It’s highly evaporative compared to persistent nerve agents like vx where it’s much more like an oil in consistency and effective for a longer period of time. I suspect sarin is a weapon of choice as it can dissipate in a much shorter time frame than other nerve agents, wich makes sense in close combat areas like Syria. Also each batch must be very pure and fresh to have any shelf life, so who made this batch and got it to isis? Last time it was the saudis who were fingered as the makers and distributors, but that time the isis fools released it accidentally, this time Russia bombed the isis ammo dump where the agent was present, and was distributed by the explosions and winds to the nearby community.

    I suspect from now on Trump will be betraying his electorate and his mandate.

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  20. I am not a heartless man, but photos and videos of children in hospital beds do not stir my pity—WHEN I SUSPECT B.S.
    Sarin gas does NOT injure—it kills, 100% of the time. I maintain that this was a false-flag event, which means it had to have been done by deep state operatives. Thus any photos or videos would be part of the never-ending propaganda for war.
    This is what we’re not being told: Qui Bono? Who benefits? We’re not being told that this was a Deep State operation, that intelligence operatives executed this maneuver. The Deep State operatives are provoking heads of state in the public eye to do something. They’re not doing this for fun. They are executing the orders of their masters, who have ulterior motives.
    I maintain that we are not being told of the plans and hopes of Israel for a “Greater Israel.” We are not being told that Israel would stand to benefit by our fighting their battles for them. THIS is what the Fakestream Media WILL NEVER admit to in open court. I state this for a reason: For all the ISIS attacks and terror they inflict upon people, why is it they just haven’t gotten around to attacking Israel—especially when they know of the persecution of the Palestinian people?
    The talk of getting rid of Assad has been going on for years. Yet he has yet to start a Third World War. He hasn’t announced his desire for one. Could it be that Syria does not have a Rothschild central bank have anything to do with its trials and tribulations?

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    • A good working hypothesis, that US, Israeli or Saudi operatives expecting or tipped off to a Russian/Syrian bombing run on the IS ammo depot placed the sarin canisters in the ammo depot beforehand or had them in place for immediate use after such a bombing run. That surely is a more reasonable explanation than the preposterous alternative that Assad would risk losing Russian support and bring down worldwide condemnation on his head to intentionally “kill babies” with sarin.

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  21. The motto of the Israeli Mossod is,.

    “By deception thou shall do war”

    Enough said,..

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