Women in Elizabeth Warren’s office make less than men


Shocker, not: Fauxcahontas is a hypocrite.

From Fox News: The gender pay gap in Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s office is nearly 10 percent wider than the national average, meaning women in the Massachusetts Democrat’s office will have to wait longer than most women across the country to recognize Equal Pay Day.

Equal Pay Day, created two decades ago by the National Committee on Pay Equity, is scheduled by using the Census Bureau annual unadjusted gender pay gap to determine how far into the next year women would have to work to match annual earnings of men. Last year’s figures, showing that women earned 79.6 percent of what men earned, put Equal Pay Day on Tuesday April 4, more than three months into the calendar year.

However, women working for Warren were paid just 71 cents for every dollar paid to men during the 2016 fiscal year, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

The median annual earnings for women staffers, $52,750, was more than $20,000 less than the median annual earnings for men, $73,750, according to the analysis of publicly available Senate data.

When calculated using average salaries rather than median, the pay gap expands to just over $26,051, or about 31 percent.

Click here for more on this from the Washington Free Beacon.



12 responses to “Women in Elizabeth Warren’s office make less than men

  1. Da, pay no attention to man behind curtain, comrade! (Leftists for ya.)

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  2. She pays her bimbos more that hitlairy pays hers.

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  3. This gal is a self righteous B _ _ ch. I hope that this news goes round the world, so that these feminists who fawn over her get a dose of reality.

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  4. Elizabeth Warren: FAKE feminist, FAKE native American!

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  5. I like “Fauxcahontas,” but I also read another commenter on another site refer to her as “Liawatha.” I like that, too, because if the mocassin fits . . . . .

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  6. Almost as big a lie as her claim to be part Cherokee is the Dems positioning this mean-spirited, radical leftist as a “champion of the working class,” which also reveals how much contempt for working class Americans the Dems actually have. I’d say just that hilarious image by itself, of her dressed as an Indian squaw, should make her presidential chances non existent.

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  7. Back when I started working in offices, in the olden days. It was understood women made less and you better not talk about it. And if you out worked the men, you were an instant threat and might be fired.
    I see she has advanced the descrepancy not one bit. Way to go Warren, you vicious, nasty hypocrite. Way to go.

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  8. ManCavePatriot

    But just look at those ‘high cheeks’ with her head firmly squeezed between them.

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  9. The very worst thing abt Elizabeth Warrens,Hillary Clintons, & Susan Rices of our culture/government is that they believe they are so far above us common folk & that, furthermore, since we are so stupid compared to them…..they are never going to be caught in their lies, deceit,& over-the-top mismanagement of the trust of the electorate/people they claim to “serve.”

    For instance–Here’s a really hilarious thing about the Elizabeth Warren “Pocahantas” claims….Having worked on an isolated Reservation for many yrs, prior to my teaching career, in Indian Health Service for US Public Health Service, I KNOW Warren’s been working in the US Gov’t for all these years….in a STATE that has registered Native Tribes (Martha’s Vinyard, for instance) who are legally by our Constitution “Autonomous Dependent Nations.” Because they have made treaties with the US Government that are enforced up to this day…..and because they are autonomous as to their own lands, in government, law enforcement, jails, judges, courts….AND the dispersal (sharing tribal-wide) of common dividends–think “oil, water, natural gas, or casinos—” ..ea tribe in this country has “blood quantum” requirements for anyone to be registered as a member of the tribe. EAch tribe sets a different percentage of blood quantum….it can be fairly low, like the NC Appalachian band of Cherokee (the ones who hid during the Trail of Tears removals…& did not reveal themselves until many years later when it was “safe”)….at something like 1/16–or pretty high–like the Utes in CO/Utah that require 5/8….. nonetheless, someone claiming to be, for instance, “Cherokee” would have to search records available to prove their blood quantum percentage…back even to the Indian Removal Act & beyond….or perhaps in Oklahoma, to where the Cherokee were removed fr the Carolinas/Georgia, et al…& deposted in a (pretty unbalanced) land swap w/US Gov’t. In that era in particular, the records were copious b/c land parcels were assigned to the removees individually. The gov’t kept records of these parcel assignments, their heirs, etc …& even to this day, keep records of how & when they changed hands….either fr family member to family member….or if a particuar individual “sold out” for a one time big fee back to the gov’t…….

    So, Elizabeth Warren thought I was a dumbass….and so was most everyone else in the USA—including all bonified tribal members in the USA who know what blood quantum is and can PROVE theirs, and for that matter, at the Ivy League college that hired her years back, probably with a “minority preference” just on her Cherokee “say so” ( and BAD ON THEM, TOO! If they are going to give preferences for any “diverse” class ….they should do DUE DILIGENCE in following up on those applicant claims!!!! This liar took the postion that some other actual, truthful scholar might have deserved).

    Bottom line….if I had a nickle for every person who romaticized their “Cherokee roots” to me through the years when they find that I worked for Indian Health Service….I’d have been able to retire, rich, many moons ago. Warren’s family “lore” and the fact that her granddaddy had high cheekbones (as she weakly whined on TV in response to being “caught”) made her the village idiot in my eyes….as well as a cheat, liar, shameful example of a public servant (right up there with Hillary and Susan….).

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  10. CalGirl . . . Bless you for providing such an informative history of Native American history. I agree 100% with your assessment . . . “Warren’s family ‘lore’ and the fact that her granddaddy had high cheekbones (as she weakly whined on TV in response to being ‘caught’) made her the village idiot in my eyes…..as well as a cheat, liar, shameful example of a public servant (right up there with Hillary and Susan …..).” The thing that really is most puzzling to those of us who know what a liar and cheat she is . . . yet, she is first I line to call our Trump and his allies for their “duplicitous acts.” I guess that just shows us that those who indulge in certain low brow activities are the very same people who see these traits in those around them. Every time I see her on a news cast, it just turns my stomach . . . all the while I know she is a liar, a person who cannot be trusted to tell the truth no matter what!

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  11. Allow me to be the first: HA, Ha!


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