Trump touches face of amputee vet

FOTM‘s loyal reader josephbc69 sent this very moving pic of Donald John Trump, a self-described germaphobe, tenderly touching the face of an amputee veteran with no arms.

Trump could have shaken the vet’s artificial hand. But he knew the vet would not have felt the handshake. That’s why Trump touched the man’s face.

I searched for a source for the pic, but could find no news site that reported on this incident. The only sites I found which posted the pic are online chat forums like Reddit. The pic first surfaced about 11 months ago.

Would Hillary Clinton have done this?

God bless President Donald Trump.



16 responses to “Trump touches face of amputee vet

  1. My first reaction was how special was Trump’s gesture.
    But almost simultaneously I wondered how this would be twisted and used to slander President Trump.
    That’s all they are about. SlanDr him and destroy America.
    We’re being reprogrammed to react defensively.

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  2. Way better than Obama.

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  3. This is a wonderful photo, but as Trump moves to the establishment way of doing things, like his call yesterday against Assad for what is more than likely another fake WMD I heart is cooling. This was a man who just a few months ago said we had to stop interfering in other peoples countries and now here we are.

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    • Trump’s stance on the recent sarin gas attack in Syria is worrisome. Past incidents have turned out to have been perpetrated by Syrian jihadists. Recall that Obama had tried to use one incident as pretext to go to war against Assad. Also worrisome is the removal of Steve Bannon from the National Security Council. NYT says Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka & an orthodox Jew (Ivanka converted), objected to Bannon. Kushner is now acting as a de facto Secretary of State.

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      • Yes I saw that too and my heart sunk. I was cautiously optimistic when Trump was elected, but now that about 99 % gone. Kushner as I am sure you know is a rabid Zionist who believes in the expansion of Israeli settlements, and for that matter probably the Yinon Plan. He is also affiliated with the Lubavitcher movement and the late Menachem Schneerson who was a vile racist. I’m no fan of Muslims, but dammit they have a right in their own countries to be secure too. As Jews destroy one Islamic country after another with their proxy the US, they simultaneously destroy the West with more ” refugees”. What a deal, the bastards get a twofer out of it. Destroy all the surrounding Arab countries, and destroy all the Christian countries too. More American blood and money in wars for the Zionist Jews to destroy everything they don’t own or control. I’m sick.

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  4. He’s the best we could have hoped for, God bless him!

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  5. Right now, the fact that Trump is not Hillary Clinton is all we have going for us. It seems he has sold out to the globalist agenda. He got rid of his only good picks, Mike Flynn and now Steve Bannon, and he’s drawing red lines of war everywhere orchestrated flare-ups occur. We should never have gone into the Middle East. It has destroyed the M.E. and Europe, and it will destroy us. The U.S. military industrial complex and CIA created al Qaeda and ISIS, and now it is their excuse to wage perpetual wars of profit. Oh yes, AG Sessions, we gotta’ come down heavy on those pot smokers .. while, at the same time, we keep troops in Afghanistan to protect the CIA’s quadrupled poppy crops. Does anyone buy this BS and poppycock?

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    • So-are YOU offering any constructive solutions to what Trump is doing,or just “armchair quarterbacking”?


      • What of what Goldbug stated is incorrect? Solutions or no (and where are YOURS, by the way??), they’re expressing their disbelief at what is unfolding.


  6. I would love to offer Trump some constructive ideas, but we “little people” don’t have his ear. Nothing we write gets to him. Yes, I have solutions; do you? Have you found a way to personally communicate with Trumo? If so, please share with us. Why do you criticize others’ comments?

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  7. According to and (which, nine times outta ten is TRULY a “fake news site”, unless it’s about celebs and then, who knows the truth w/ them anyway?!) this pic was part of an aborted Trump campaign video/ad, as part of the time they show RUSSIANS soldiers as vets, as opposed to AMERICAN vets for their shots. <- Only what the articles said, not because I know this for a fact, btw.

    A head’s up for anyone who uses Chrome or Firefox browsers (or maybe others, I don’t know), you can get an “extension” called “Search by Image (by Google)” and that action then becomes part of your right click context menu. I simply right clicked on the pic, Google chose the closest search terms it could figure from the pic, (it DOES have to be online – even as part of FB – but online nonetheless unfortunately) and searched images using those search terms. This time Google chose (minus the quotes) “donald trump with veterans” and I found the Gawker article. I changed the terms to (minus the quotes) “donald trump touches veterans” and I found the DailyMailOnline article. I’ve tried other permutations of the search terms but no other pic or link yet. It can be frustrating when you KNOW you got a certain pic off the web but then lost it, say, and want it back, and even Google can’t find it again – spoken from experience!

    Hope this helps! I wouldn’t absolutely say that’s a vet either, we (the US) use digitized camo, this lamentable-but-luckily-still-alive gentleman is all dressed in simple “hunter’s best”. I should hope to God that ONLY war would have led to the loss of his two arms – and maybe more – but still, that’s not “official” camo. I don’t, however, think the man is lying either.

    Sorry this is so wordy, but the extension is GREAT for hunting any number of reasons why you’d want to find the source, or use, of a pic. It rocks!

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  9. I was there at this rally as a volunteer. And, I pat myself on the back for this man being seated where he was – next to his Dad. I was responsible for several rows of reserved seating and took it upon myself to use two of those seats reserved for special “big wigs” to seat this man and his Dad, and knew that knowing how then-candidate Trump felt about our Vets that he would want them to be seated up front, and would not mind that I took two of the reserved seats. Took place on January 8, 2016, in Rock Hill, SC. I know there’s video of it. If you locate the video [CTH, maybe? YouTube?], the woman with the long blonde [out-of-control] hair [I just didn’t have time to do my hair that day, and it was rainy out – thus the “frizz” effect], wearing a fairly form-fitting [tight!] navy blue turtleneck maxi dress – pacing back and forth as she texts on her phone – is me. I was directly behind the podium where now-President Trump was speaking. The video will show this man and his Dad seated one section over from where I was pacing… I wasn’t playing with my phone. That is how we were communicating with other “in charge” people at this event. [I also know something about this that others aren’t aware of… Someday, perhaps I’ll share, but for now, just not necessary.]

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    • Woah!!! I stand in awesome wonder of you, M’Lady! I think I had kind of a bit of a hand in Trump coming to Hagerstown MD (biggest thrill of my life, even if I didn’t get to see him in person, I did online!) and now to have “met you” in a manner of speaking! I still have hope that once he’s done being (purposely?) overwhelmed by the job, he’ll remember “what (and whom) brung him” to the WH and will return to his promises. Yeah, I know, I’m an optimist, but… big, goofy smile We’ll see!


  10. P.S. That last part of my comment? Never mind. Others know.


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