NYPD has refused all ICE detainer requests this year


Claro que si.

From NY Post: Federal immigration authorities have made 109 requests to the NYPD to detain people since Jan. 1 — and the city hasn’t helped out on any of them.

Larry Byrne, the NYPD’s deputy commissioner on legal matters, revealed the figure Monday. “We’ve honored zero of them so far, none,” he said.

Byrne added that only three of the requests qualified for assistance under the city law providing sanctuary for undocumented immigrants.

Part of the law allows the NYPD to hold someone for 48 hours while Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents obtain a warrant. “In all three of those instances, the person was transferred to the custody of the Department of Corrections before the 48-hour time elapsed,” Byrne said. “So we honored zero detainers.”

President Trump has vowed to withhold federal funding to sanctuary cities that don’t cooperate with his efforts to deport more undocumented immigrants with criminal records.

Councilman Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) said the city should be more transparent about how it handles detainer requests. “The public should really be given the details of why these folks were arrested and allowed to make their own judgement calls,” he said. “These could be burglars, gang members and violent criminals. City Hall should own this entire policy and be held accountable if any of these particular people become repeat offenders.

Mayor de Blasio described the city law as “just and balanced.”

“It was never legally challenged by anyone,” he said. “It’s a third way in this whole national discussion because it protects the safety of people here without demonizing all immigrants.”



7 responses to “NYPD has refused all ICE detainer requests this year

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  2. New York City and its NYPD — as are all sanctuary cities and states — are in open rebellion against the federal government.

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  3. ICE needs to to get a Federal Judge to ORDER NYPD and its candy a$$ed chief to honor request from a Federal Agency or just keep the detainees in their jails until the decide its too expensive just hold the. If a request isn’t honored and the criminal is allowed to leave the NYPDs jail, commits another crime that causes some one injury the victim should sue the Chief and the Mayor PERSONALLY and not the city.

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  4. What’s wrong with demonizing all immigrants? When there’s just one citizen who can’t find work, it’s time to close the freaking borders!

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  5. Arrest and Prosecute the police commissioner/ mayor/city council/who ever is responsible for the release. 1 Charge per release. If nothing else interfering with a federal government investigation. Couple of hi-pocket liberals going to jail ought to do the trick. Of course if you don’t pull the plug on the game altogether they’ll be like pac-man monsters and just keep coming back.

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  6. I would suggest ALL FEDERAL FUNDING request be treated in the same manner.

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  7. It all comes down via policy set from above. Gov. Cuomo sets the standard.
    But blame the idiot “in charge”, Mayor de Blasio. Then NY City Council (and presidents + representatives of boards for the 5 boroughs & communities). County law enforcement figures in too, as do state highway etc. depts.
    Then the Chiefs of Police and their Commish, James P. O’Neill, who just replaced veteran leader William J. Bratton (who himself succeeded Ray Kelly — Bloomberg’s pick, the man who replaced Bernie Kerik — Rudy’s guy, after he — Kerik — was convicted of “nanny” tax fraud etc. post 9/11. Seriously).
    Tom Selleck’s “Francis Reagan” Commish character (“Blue Bloods”) would NEVER stand for this. Now, as “Magnum, PI”? Quite possibly. heheheh…
    If you can stomach the NYT, this article seems pretty apropos RE: the NYC Police Dept.: political and often scandalous. Here’s an exceprt:
    “The leadership of the N.Y.P.D., from Kelly to Bratton, has been too personality-driven,” said City Councilman Ritchie Torres, a Bronx Democrat who advocates police reform. Mr. Torres said he hoped a commissioner with a lower profile would be “…more accountable to the democratically elected branches of government. Gone are the days of the imperial police commissioner.”

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