Black woman attacks man with hammer: ‘I’m sick of fancy white people!’

On the morning of April 1, 2017, at an Exxon gas station off Interstate 95 in Central Virginia, a black woman named Angela Jones, 26, attacked a white customer and his boat and Porsche with a hammer, screaming “I’m sick of fancy white people!”.

The incident is being investigated for a possible hate crime, according to Caroline County Sheriff Tony Lippa.

As reported by Scott White and Laura French for CBS 6, the victim Bob, who asked his last name not be published, and his wife had stopped at the gas station while driving back home in their Porsche SUV from Florida to Massachusetts, hauling a boat.

Bob said that while he was pumping gas, a woman started screaming at him:

“This lady was a couple pumps over and talking to me and yelling at somebody about having a message for her. I had no idea what she was talking about. I was coming around the side of the car and next thing I know a car blocks me in. She comes out of her car, gets in my face and yelling at me about some sort of message I got for her.”

Bob said he tried to ignore her, but she threatened to put a hole in his “fancy boat” and grabbed a hammer.

Sheriff Lippa said Jones “actually took a hammer and she hit his vehicle and the boat. She actually clawed him. He took her down to the ground to prevent her from doing any more damage.”

Bob said, “I let her go and she grabbed the hammer again and hit the boat again. [The hammer] broke. That’s when she figured out she better get out of there because she didn’t have a weapon anymore.”

Bob’s wife, who had been in the gas station bathroom during the attack, returned to find her bloodied husband.

Bob and his wife said that during the attack, Jones said she was “sick of fancy white people.” Sheriff Lippa said “According to the victim, there were racial slurs that were yelled at [Bob’s wife] before [Jones] spit at her and that’s what we’re looking into as far as it being a hate crime.”

Bob said, “I have no idea why she started going after us, but I guess she thought we were some rich people.”

While Bob and the woman were struggling with each other, a witness snapped a photo of the woman’s vehicle. Investigators used that photo and surveillance footage from the Exxon station to identify the assailant as Angela M. Jones, 26, of Newark, New Jersey.

Four days later, on April 5, 2017, CBS 6 reports that Angela Jones was arrested on charges of malicious wounding, assault, and destruction of property.

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27 responses to “Black woman attacks man with hammer: ‘I’m sick of fancy white people!’

  1. Investigated as a possible hate crime?? If this wasn’t one, I don’t know what is. Sometimes, I think some people just hate who they were born as.

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  2. Helene Pineau

    Imagine if the roles had been reversed and a white person did this to an unarmed black man – the MSM, Black Lives Matter and other social justice warriors would be all over this story. This ‘woman’ or animal whatever you want to call her, deserves jail time, should not only apologize to this man and his wife, but reimburse him for all medical and property expenses.

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    • Worse than that,the White person would have been chased,followed and watched by a whole neighborhood of the victim’s friends and family until someone worked up the nerve to actually kill him.
      On the rest,you’re absolutely RIGHT,and it SHOULD have been handled as a HATE CRIME. Maybe those involved in the prosecution should ALSO be indicted for hate crime,since they failed to PROPERLY identify and prosecute this crime for what it IS.

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  3. Possible Hate Crime? if Bob had attacked this racist maniac I have no doubts it would be called a hate crime. Just another hateful racist brainwashed Obamabot.

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  4. Oh it’s a hate crime alright but only whites can be racist!

    Black hate crimes against humanity is an epidemic in America and at pandemic levels world wide and yet the liberal media press’titutes twist, distort, and manipulate the truth.

    We are experiencing a media
    “black out,” just like the Nazi propagandists established so successfully and destroyed the Jewish people in the 1940’s; although, today in America the
    Blackzi LIES matter group is it’s replacement!

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!”

    Wake up America!!!!!!

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  5. C’mon investigating what? Do they really need it? Next she will be found not guilty because she went insane. Hahaha. Throw her ass in jail and make her pay for restitution to the people and property. Let’s see if this incident is reported in NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX news.

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  7. This is why we need universal background checks for hammer buyers.

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  8. Did this witch hit the man with the hammer? The photos look like she did, but it was said that he was clawed. If she did hit him, I call that attempted murder, or at least, assault with a deadly weapon.

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    • Not knowing if she had any infectious disease,the attempted murder charge could stand,at least until she could bring forth a clean bill of health.

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  9. In Summer 1987 I spent 4 months near Newark, NJ as a management consultant for Snipes Farm & Nursery, the oldest in Pennsylvania, operated by two families since 1767. The owners were members of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as Quakers; I attended Meeting for Worship in historic Meeting Houses.

    Newark, a depressing city clearly in decline, was across from us on the opposite bank of the Delaware River; I first went there to attend Meeting for Worship in a late colonial era Meeting House, for me a strange experience. There were only 5 or 6 others in a fairly large structure, suitable for 100+ attenders. Afterwards I asked a member why attendance was so low here in Newark, which had an enormous sign nearby: “Newark makes; the world takes”.

    There was a significant pause; clearly I was so new that I didn’t know what this decadent state was about. “Well,” he answered finally, choosing his words with care, “the city’s been on hard times for a long time, but it seems to have bottomed. Members moved away; those left could not afford to leave, so we grow older and fewer.”

    Angela Jones is ignorant as to history in general, her people in particular; of herself, the less said likely the better. I understand why she’s filled with rage of what she sees & feels as personal loss and an imposed denial of her society’s ideal goods. She’s not yet realised that “the city’s been on hard times for a long time,… Members moved away; those left could not afford to leave, so we grow older and fewer.”

    Instead of seeking to understand why she is as she is, she lashed out against being left behind; overwhelmed, her struggles reduce her to mindless violence against innocents whom she sees as her oppression. And here we are. Of course, under the neo-con mythos, she feels ‘entitled’ as we old timers never did.

    LBJ tried to smother the flames of protest & discontent as the Obamination did: promises of hope & change that could not be fulfilled, backed by more dependence on a welfare state to garner votes. Here, I think, we can see how well those experiments worked out.

    But what if the 100 TRILLION or so dollars since WW2 had been spent not on War Against the World, or creating a perfect Security State, but on health, education, and the general welfare instead? Could the now USSA have not become at least as domestically stable as Canada? Oh, I forget: the Fed Res Bunco’s seven mega-banks, five of which are foreign, MUST be given their profits first, Weans secondly. If only we could all be so well-allied!

    Divide & conquer, divide & conquer: And Lo, behold! It is done! So we grow older and fewer….

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    • Very apt response Joseph….I say if she hates her life so much (at the ripe old age of 26) that she’s willing to attack an innocent person (who was obviously trying to enjoy the fruits of his labor with his wife), then she should have moved, relocated, like others have done.
      Regardless, she is mental, a follower of obama, no doubt.

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    • I consider you are bit too kind in trying to understand this woman’s hatred Joseph. She has been trained to think she can act this way from the media etc. I’m going to take a guess that she has been soaking up a hatred for Whites in some White Privilege Class taken in school along with the general environment created by Obama and the Jewish owned media the last number of years. Black folks, and there are far too many, who are incapable of ever rising above the level of a janitor, are now being taught that their situation is all Whitey’s fault- if Whitely didn’t have it the goodies, then they would. Of course this is pure fantasy is only possible in Marxist theory but never in the real world as we all know that Communists never deliver.

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    • Joseph . . . you have really outdone yourself in that most excellent post! Bless you for the magnificent insight.


    • Newark NJ is nowhere near the Delaware River.


  10. What a racist fool.

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  11. This is what happens when the Holy Spirit is not in your heart. A vacuum is created which is filled by the devil and you will believe any evil.
    What a shame to blame others for your own failings and attack someone who is probably more than twice her age and had nothing to do with her situation in life….that poor man. I pray his scars heal and I pray her emotional wounds from hate, poverty, jealousy heal through Jesus….while she is in prison.

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  12. Sadly, I do not see any righteous thing to come of this. ‘Hate crimes’ have always been against ‘poor minority’ victims, not white victims.

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  13. I’m just glad the man’s wife was in the bathroom when it happened, although she was yelled at and spit at by this black bruha. I’m surprised she didn’t get hammered too.

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  14. Well,..this is what you can expect after 400 tears of slavery & oppression,.yackity, yackity,. yackity, yack,..,..

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  15. Monkey madness running wild. He should have put a .40 round in her coconut.

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  16. When looking at the picture of this black woman . . . I could not help but think, this is what one of Obummer’s daughter’s would look and act like!

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    • I understand your sentiments, Auntie Lulu, but that snowflake has SS bodyguards who will foolishly defend or possibly die for her, daughter though she is of an enemy of state.


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