Bernie Sanders, Pramila Jayapal introduce bill to make college free for many

bernie sanders is santa claus

From Seattle Times: Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal has teamed up with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to introduce a bill that would make four-year public college free for families making less than $125,000, and make community college free for all.

The $600 billion cost would be funded by a tax on Wall Street speculation.

The College for All Act would also reduce student-loan debt by cutting all student- loan interest rates for new borrowers in half; enable existing borrowers to refinance loans based on the interest rates available to new borrowers; and prevent the federal government from profiting off the student-loan program.

Its sponsors say the bill would reduce student debt by allowing existing federal aid to cover other college costs, including books, housing and transportation. It would require states and tribes participating in the program to cover the full cost of college for their poorest students. It would also increase the size of work-study programs.

The bill’s co-sponsors, all Democrats, include Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. It’s been endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers, the National Education Association and the American Association of University Professors, among others.



13 responses to “Bernie Sanders, Pramila Jayapal introduce bill to make college free for many

  1. Free is never free, someone has to pay and it is usually the middle class taxpayer.

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  2. For many years American students have borrowed money to attend colleges. That makes them work harder to get good grades and then a good job. Those same people learned to budget their money so they could pay back those loans and then get on with life. It also made them learn what was a financially responsible way of living and made them stronger. If we give them free college they will learn nothing and will not work hard to graduate. Last, but not least. Since Mr. Sanders wants free college is he also going to have the TAXPAYERS pay back the money spent by students from the past? How far back will that go?? You can not tax those that will work to please those that won’t work. Some where the money will run out!

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  3. Will socialist millionaire [what an oxymoron!] Bernie Sanders contribute some money toward this free college tuition fund? SARC

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  4. Show me a college where professors work for free and the buildings spring up like magic mushrooms and I will show you the possibility of a free education.

    If you do not pay, you have no investment in the process. Those who receive a FREE education will get exactly what they pay for.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    So 12 years of free grade school is no longer enough time to waste a mind.

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  7. It ought to be free (it isn’t worth anything-ask a college grad trying to find a job), I have a better idea DESTROY THE FEDERAL RESERVE and take back our money!

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  8. We can sit here all day and debate the merits and economic realities of offering free college tuition to all comers, however, the sad reality is this: college students today are graduating (if they make it through) with less on the ball than was required of this Baby Boomer to graduate from high school! Does anyone even remember, like me, when you worked hard and fought to get accepted to college? I am retired now, but spent the past 20+ years managing the latest crop of university graduates and their lack of intellectual vigor, real world work skills, their refusal to start at the bottom (and learn the business and work their way up) and inability to problem solve was disheartening to say the least (and this was a Fortune 100 company). The moment it was decided that it was everyone’s right to attend college/university, the standards and requirements were lowered to accommodate them and the result is that we have created an entire generation of sheepskin bearing young people who cannot intellectually punch their way out of a paper bag. Combine this with the (I believe) orchestrated and planned decimation of our manufacturing base via offshore to China et. al. and we are now, IMHO, one generation away from a nation of seemingly well-educated paupers. Try explaining to one of the Millenials why their degree isn’t an automatic Open Sesame to $100k per year and a corner office (with the implied ability to repay thousands of $’s in student loans) and you begin to understand why so many are falling to the siren call of Bernie Sanders and the socialist ideology.

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  9. Kids nowadays have the mindset, they are owed, it is their right. Gone are ideas, you have to actually work to achieve anything. That goals are foreign and not something to work for.
    I am not convinced that a college education is the way to go these days.
    Do you want a doctor that might do surgery on you, that has this mindset?

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  10. Here’s my view as a college professor earlier in my life:
    Make it affordable for those who APPLY themselves… read the textbook, do the homework, attend class, take notes, review for quizzes & exams, participate in class. be prepared for labs, etc. Get the grades, or at least make the effort and show responsibility and accountability. And don’t think you deserve to “live large” at the taxpayers’ expense… I’ve had kids who didn’t have time to study because they worked full time to pay for their new car — right out of high school. I drove a $1,500 used, rusted Toyota until graduate school. Manual transmission, no a/c, crank windows, AM radio… Shared my apartments with roomies and cockroaches. Ate PB&J for lunch.
    But make it free and you’ll have nothing but freeloaders there to be stoned and partying 24/7 until they flunk out (unless grade inflation gets so bad nobody fails anymore… gotta keep that tuition coming in, regardless of who pays it!), get arrested, or die. No responsibility nor accountability = no reason to even try to make an effort to LEARN. Anyway. Bad memories. Disillusionment. I learned there really aren’t that many kids going to college out of a deep desire to better themselves intellectually. And unfortunately, there were several kids with whom I went to high school who were really hard working and who wanted to go further academically, but unfortunately didn’t have the means. I was fortunate to get scholarships, have a family that valued education, and one with barely the means to help send me. But many that should have gone couldn’t, and many that did go should’ve done something else with their lives, because they didn’t value their education enough to really work for it (either academically or at a job to pay for it).
    So help pay for it, sure. But only for those who work for it themselves too. Don’t just give everybody a free pass to summer camp for 4 years.

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    • I agree with you whole heartily. My first car was a used 59 Chevy, family car, that my parents gave me in high school. My dad told me ASAP that I needed to go to Sears and buy a tool box as it was going to be up to ME to keep it running. I also had to use it after school to help my dad do his job so he could feed the family. Bought my own gag, changed my own oil etc. I did not finish college for financial reasons. BUT I did learn to appreciate every thing my dad taught me about life. I did well in my job. I served in the military in Vietnam, saved all the money I could so I did not have to rely on others to pay my bills. I was given nothing in life except a great appreciation for the things I did have and the will to earn the things I wanted. I had one other instructor my parents introduced me to early in life. GOD! HE taught me everything else.

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