President Trump ends $75M funding of UN abortion agency

On his first full day of work in the White House on January 23, 2017, a day after the 44th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, President Trump signed his first executive order reinstating the Mexico City Policy that bans U.S. funding of at least half a billion dollars to international organizations that perform abortions or provide information about abortion. (See “Trump fulfills 3 promises in first day of work as POTUS, including defund International Planned Parenthood”)

President Trump kept his word.

Reuters reports that on April 3, 2017, the State Department informed Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker in a letter that the U.S. is ending taxpayers’ funding of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) because the agency “supports, or participates in the management of, a program of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization.”

In so doing, President Trump is saving taxpayers as much as $75 million — the amount the Obama administration had given UNFPA in 2015 in core budget and earmarked contributions, which made the U.S. the fourth largest donor to UNFPA.

In a statement on its website, UNFPA said it regrets the U.S. decision to end funding, which it said is based on an “erroneous claim” that the agency supports coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization in China. UNFPA said its mission is “to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. The support we received over the years from the government and people of the United States has saved tens of thousands of mothers from preventable deaths and disabilities, and especially now in the rapidly developing global humanitarian crises.”

Blah, blah, blah.

The end in U.S. funding of UNFPA is President Trump’s first move to curtail funding for the United Nations, to which the United States is the top donor.

There is a bill in Congress, H. R. 193, to end membership of the United States in the United Nations. The bill was introduced by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) and referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on January 3, 2017. Tell your Congress critters to support HR 193!

And so the next time someone — as Red State and Vigilant Citizen did — says you shouldn’t bother to vote because Trump is no different than Hillary Clinton, show them this post.

Note: It is noteworthy that Vigilant Citizen (VC) has since taken down its post of September 23, 2016, “Why the Trump vs. Clinton Election is a Complete Sham,” instructing VC‘s readers not to vote in the upcoming Nov. 8 presidential election. But the post is reproduced on many websites, including The Seeker.

I had read the post when it was first published on Vigilant Citizen and was utterly disgusted by VC‘s grandiose know-it-all and plain irresponsibility. I wrote a comment questioning how he knows Trump is no different than Hillary, and proposed that the only way to verify his claim is precisely to  vote for Trump. If President Trump turns out indeed to be no different than Hillary, that proves VC to be right; if President Trump turns out to be different than Hillary, that proves VC to be wrong. My comment was never published. Instead of admitting he is wrong, Vigilant Citizen chose the coward’s way out by deleting his “Why the Trump vs. Clinton Election is a Complete Sham” post from his website. This is why I no longer read Vigilant Citizen.


24 responses to “President Trump ends $75M funding of UN abortion agency

  1. I do not understand, really not get it no one, is that a nation such as the United States of America allocate money abroad when the American nation suffers from all kinds of evils and high taxes its citizens.

    Similar in other Nations Western, first House, and spend taxpayers money to their needs.

    I have no complaints this man since has come to U.S. power. That means that: being well.

    When over money in Nations around the world, then yes would agree to help other foreign Nations, but the first household.

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  2. Thank you for posting this one, Dr. Eowyn. It proves my support for Trump was substantially wise.

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    • For this reason alone — ending US funding of international abortion, not to mention saving $75 million of taxpayer dollars — I consider my vote for Trump to be worthwhile.

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    • Yes, those of us who voted for Trump, stepped up to the plate and did something of real importance for this nation. I know that Trump has his warts and all, but he has stood firm against the tide of liberals who would give our nation away. As I think about this election, this particular vote, was probably the most important vote I ever cast in all my years of voting.

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      • DITTO all that you said, Auntie 🙂 On election night I fell asleep, weary after a day’s work at school, thinking that no matter what, no matter my vote, or my husband’s or the LITERAL LINES of obvious construction workers, marginal workers who worked 2-3 part-time jobs that day, whom I’d NEVER EVER seen before at my polling place (I usually only saw my same-old, same-old neighbors)…some of them placing “provisional votes” (which I’d ALSO never seen before–& THAT is when I suspected that SOMETHING might be “going on” contrary to the “sheeple” media), Hillary was likely going to be our President…4 or more years of Obama…OR WORSE…..and then, my husband awakened me very late PM/early AM to Trump’s election speech & I was so overwhelmed that certain portions of our population that NEEDED TO COME THROUGH to save this country had, indeed done so (including my state of birth, Pennsylvania…) I literally jumped for joy and cried and cried……

        California might be so far left of center that no one “beats us” (except for NYC DiBlasio voters)….BUT, there are pockets here that can’t be “bought” and we live in one of those small pockets….the one that turned away Obama’s “underage immigrant” buses on the 15 freeway in So CA when he tried to dump his future Democratic illegal voters here—with NO FEDERAL FUNDING, NO BACK UP FOR THEM>>no housing/ medical/ food/shelter/clothing ……etc…into our ill-equipped neighborhoods…..There are businesses here that, despite the Democratic “Trump derangement sydrome” and it’s accompanimnets (riots, looting, burning, destruction…) STILL IN YOUR FACE display a TRUMP flag in their windows…….GLORY BE!

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        • CalGirl . . . I was truly moved by your contribution above. I have little doubt that the prayers of righteous people across this land, petitioned the Heavens for help. So many of us knew that it was now or never, as far as trying to save this country. I do not question that the Holy Spirit prompted so many to get out and vote, even though the odds of pulling off a victory seemed perhaps unachievable. I am thrilled that Trump is some what like the Ever Ready Bunny, he just keeps going, and going. He has had major set backs . . . yet he forges ahead. God Bless him for the faith and courage to continue to try to fix the things that are wrong in our country.

          God Bless America! God Bless Donald Trump, and God Bless all of those who voted for change in this past election!

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        • I remember when 15 was blocked. We lived not far away and almost bought a house right there. I have to say when the people stood up and pushed back, I was so proud of those taking a stand and pushed back. They made it great to be an American.


  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Could it be that Trump is really trying to be true to those that put their last hopes in him, but the media will just not let us know??

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    • Kevin . . . you are right. The media is to busy railing about those of us who voted for Trump . . . which tells us that the wisest thing to do is I-G-N-O-R-E the media and all the hype they put out.

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      • As I keep seeing evidence of,”When you REALLY piss off the Democrats,you can be SURE you’re doing the RIGHT thing.” The more they come unglued,the closer to home you’re hitting.

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        • truckjunkie . . . I believe that you have just stated an “Eternal truth.” When the Democrats are in an uproar over the actions of Conservatives , , , we know we are following the right path.


  4. Way before, I knew he was going to be elected. There is one thing I like best: he continues with his agenda regardless of the liberals, the press and the RINOs, he pushes forward, meets with world leaders and surprises everybody by removing the obstacles along the way. He is a world leader, a business man and a true American. There’s more to come, let’s watch!

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  5. ManCavePatriot

    Please don’t tell me that one of my hero’s, George Carlin, was wrong. Although I knew he was waiting for someone to prove that HE was wrong.

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  6. I fully support the Rogers bill. The UN does not have our best interest in mind yet we pay more than any country. The UN is ran by people the majority of us have nothing in common. Why give them billions to use against us and our values?
    I am all for shutting down the UN building in NY and use it for something worthwhile.

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    • Glenn47 . . . the first time I heard the adage . . . “get the US out of the UN, and the UN out of the US.” I did not fully comprehend the full extent of the treacherous dealings the UN always deals to us the citizens of the US. Get the UN the H _ _ l out of our country, and let’s take care of our own business first.


  7. Love his photo… “The Eagle has landed!”
    One giant step, indeed.

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  8. Steven Broiles

    I am very proud of President Trump for signing this executive order, and I think we should get out of the UN—and kick it out of the U.S. if we can.
    Again: We must examine the ABSOLUTELY EVIL legacy of Harry Truman.

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